9 Answers Every Business Person Needs to Listen to

– Hey Gary, quick advice
for the Hispanic community. – The same fuckin’ advice
I give everybody else. Hard work, patience,
bring value, patience, hard work, bring value, patience, hard work, bring value. (slow music) You’re talking to somebody
who had 90% open rates, and 68% click to cart rates in 1997. That doesn’t exist anymore. But you know what else
doesn’t exist anymore? Getting fuckin’ 50% of your
Facebook page to see something with your organic reach. Or so, I think it’s a very viable option, but I do think that email, thank you, email is a mature platform, which means it’s going
through mature things. Which is it will continue to subtly decline in the
macro, but it’s not dead. People love dead. Prints not dead, it’s overpriced. And my big thing with email is it’s not my favorite thing to be, I only like to be one dimensional when that thing is the hottest
and best thing of the moment. I’d much rather be one dimensional social, and when I say one dimensional on social I mean really good at it, and really good at social and only social than I’d like to be really
good and only email. And then eventually when
social’s not the hottest thing, then I won’t wanna be that, I’ll wanna be only one
dimensional in voice, or VR or blockchain, or
whatever, text, got it? That’s the answer. I make pretend that my parents died. – Say that again. – I know it’s a little weird, it’s actually the truth. I don’t know if it works for everybody, but I recalibrate my perspective if I’m frustrated in the micro, and say if this was great,
and I bought the Jets, and I’m Time man of the year, and I invest in the next Facebook, but I got a phone call that
my parents were going to Miami and the plane crashed and they died, how would I feel? Horrible, worst ever, fuck everything. Makes me not worry
about losing the client. It’s because I don’t think
I’m building an agency. I’m building a human infrastructure to scale all my ambitions
and wants and needs in the next chapter of this mission. I have a 150 million
dollar company in revenue, and highly profitable, and it’s not even the
business I’m building. My plan is to wait for
the economy to collapse, and buy underpriced assets
that were over-leveraged, and then run them through the
IP that I’ve been creating. – Legit. It’s like banking on
the economy collapsing? – I am. – In like what, 10 years? – Whether it’s tomorrow, or
whether it’s 31 years from now, I’ll be ready. – Crazy. – So I thought that my super power after meeting super men and super women was oh, I’m better at this
one thing than everybody, ah fuck, the way to really
scale that is humans. Thank God I love humans
and I’m good at HR, and the vulnerability you have in that is actually mitigated by who I am. Let me build it. My ability to push
awareness around a disease, to sell a sneaker, to make you the governor of Texas in a decade is gonna
be uncomfortably large. – Right on man. – And I’m almost like, a lot of superheroes comic books start with the doctor by accident doing it on themselves, that’s literally what I’m doing. I’ve deployed my thesis on myself to create brand awareness, aka fame. – [Man] Seems like it’s working. – It’s absolutely working. What’s that? – [Woman] Did you wanna be famous? – Not necessarily. The answer is no. I wanna be right about my thesis, and it’s the collateral of that. If I wanted to be famous, I wouldn’t have been a
wine merchant, right? My behavior proves that I didn’t. I would’ve went to Hollywood. I was 34 years old before I
made a single piece of content. You know what I mean? No I don’t wanna be famous. – It’s like baked into you though right? – What’s baked in to me is I like people. What’s baked into me is I’m charismatic. What’s baked into me
is I have gift for gab. I’m creative, like I got it. But it’s not my agenda, the machine and the strategy of creating, I am far, and I mean far more fulfilled that I’m the person that created me, not that I’m me. Because it proves my thesis’s. It’s also why I’m such a
hard core practitioner. Do you know how good it feels to sit amongst people that are doing and know you’re doing and you know what you’re talking about. You know how hard it is
for fearless leaders, and sales or CEOs, or whatever it is to actually still be practitioners? You know how many people
get an inch of success and then wanna sell how to be successful? I don’t sell that. People sometimes elude to me doing it. I don’t do that. There’s nothing for sale. You’re not giving me money. I’m actually the reverse, I’m giving the best shit away for free. I think both. But a personal brand will
always outpace a business. – [Man] So I need to start with one, because of course I have a Facebook page which has got a lot of followers. So if I need to make another one, then I start from zero again. – Your Facebook page is
probably at zero as well. Because even though you have followers, not a lot of them are seeing the content. – [Man] Yeah they see my, it’s at my personal name, so Instagram and Twitter and so on, it’s only my Facebook
is my company Eficado. But I changed it in my own name. – Yep, understood. – [Man] So I just now know, because I hire again, and the person I hire says
okay I work for Eficado, which is my company, but at the moment I
don’t use a brand anymore because I’m focusing on my name. So I’m now struggling, what should I do? – There’s no right answer. I think if you have the
bandwidth and the capital you build up both because you’re building up brand during underpriced attention. I don’t think Facebook is
underpriced attention anymore. I think Facebook is
appropriate priced attention, and if you’re the best at it, and you can do long tail
Facebook, it’s incredible. – [Man] And would you also
do it on Instagram, both? Because now I’m only using
it personally on Instagram. – I think so, because there’s
things your business can do that you don’t wanna do. – [Man] Yeah, of course. – A business can throw more right hooks. A business, when you want, by the way, when you get
burnt out for a month maybe, a business can continue. So I think both if you can. Osmosis. I’m not crippled if
they’re off a little bit. – [Man] You’re not expecting them to be like you, basically. – I prefer it, I think I’m
right about what I’m saying. I’m just not crippled by
them being a little bit off. Not a lot off. – [Man] So if I was an employee,
you can’t really control. – Media I want to be more
on, because they’re math. Creative, I don’t wanna
over-impose my will. I’ll let them lose. As long as I feel like we’re a better deal for the customer that’s paying
us than the alternative, then I can put my head on the pillow. But I’m okay if the
company is an 84 to my 100. Because I think if they
spend two million dollars on somebody else they’d get a 39, got it? You hunt. And the way you hunt is you network. Have you gone to your phone and texted every single person that’s in your address book and asked them do you have anybody that needs marketing services? My business is young. Whether you met them once
and put your phone in, or whether it’s your best
friend from four years ago, I’m sure you haven’t. ‘Cause nobody does that. But that’s the ghetto shit you have to do when you’re at your point. You hunt, right? You need customers. – [Man] I mean, yeah. – You have a phone book with address, both of you have it. You just, like everybody, me included, it feels uncomfortable sometimes to ask. – [Man] It’s just not
everybody in my phone can really afford. – No no no, you didn’t hear what I said. I didn’t say do you, I said do you know anybody. This is where I’m very fascinated by the way I give advice, versus the way it’s consumed. Words matter. Notice how I said, notice how you, this is very interesting. Notice how the subtlety of you asking everybody on your phone, do they know anybody who
needs marketing services means that you can hit up everybody. But when you thought I
said to you asking them, it made you say no for a lot of people. I’m in the business of yes. And so everything I do
gives me a chance for yes. By me changing the little subtle word that you might have not
heard ’cause it was loud, or your brain heard it a different way of you hitting up everybody on your phone and asking do you know anybody
who needs marketing services, my agency is young and I need customers. Versus you hitting up somebody and saying do you have money? Now you didn’t ask them for money. You asked them for a referral, which means you can ask everyone. By making it about them, not about you. You have 20 people, sit down with all 20. When you get home, let me give you something very tangible. When you get home, I want you two, you guys
are partners you said? I want you two to take
every single employee out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. – That’s happening tomorrow actually, we’re planning our whole team tomorrow. – Love, love. When you get back home, I want you to sit down
with them individually. I want you to have 20 meetings that are an hour and a half, and I want you to start the meeting with we are building a big
company for the long term, we need you to be here in
five years for that to happen. If you actually thing all 20 are great. Even if you don’t, you have a different conversation, ready? This is our company. I think this guy’s great. I sit down and say bro, I need you, we’re building something real. What do you want? Are you motivated by
challenges, money, title? Don’t be scared, we don’t have it all to
give to you right now, but I need to know you. And by the way, in four years, you may fall in love and get married and start a family, and then it might change. But right now, the way you’re living, what are you about? What are you about? And then you go to the next person, and the next person, and by the way, you go to this person and you’re not as pumped about them and say hey, Karen, I feel like, so we’re
building a real thing here and we wanna have dinner,
we wanna talk to you, couple things. We’d love for you to be here, as you probably know, like we know, it’s not perfect right now. We control this company, what are we not doing well that isn’t allowing you
to be pumped or on fire? 100% accountability, and 100% about them is how you build a big thing long term, that’s all I know. I don’t know anything else. It absolutely works. Firing them. After I take on respon, – [Man] Exactly like you then. – But, so we call
VaynerMedia the honey empire. The Honey Empire, so firing is empire, you gotta build the business. But honey’s first, honey over vinegar. So how do I deal with it in the macro? Firing them. In the micro, before I get to that, taking on full accountability
for their non-success like I told them, and seeing if I can fix it. And if they don’t, it takes two to tango, it’s my company. Like if they’re not willing to help me make it better for them, then I’m willing to move on. We fire very slow, but very comfortably. ‘Cause we’ve exhausted, and we’ve gone radical candor. We’ve gone optimism and honey, then it’s not working, we go into, then it’s the reverse, Claude, our chief hard officer tomorrow has a difficult conversation. We’ve tried extreme honey on somebody, tomorrow’s gonna be radical candor, this is not gonna work. – [Woman] What’s been the
thing that you look for when you’re hiring people? – Kindness. – [Woman] That’s nice. – I think so. I think skills are
commoditized, I really do. I do. And I don’t wanna underestimate craft, but shit can be taught. It is much easier to
teach somebody a skill than to rewire their childhood. The end consumer. All of you. My mentor, and my
inspiration, and my oxygen is the collect of everyone. That’s why I don’t know a lot of shit about things that people think I know. I mean I had Tillman
Fertitta today on my podcast, who has a multi-billion,
owns the fucking Rockets, owns like all these
fuckin’ restaurant brands, I knew nothing. I’m interviewing like I
interview you right now. I know of him. Because I know of, because
I live in the world, but I never go deep, ’cause it’s not gonna inspire
me or tell me anything. Your actions, that’s why I’m
always so good at what I do, I see it first because I’m in it. (upbeat music)

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