8 New Features in Microsoft Teams

8 New Features in Microsoft Teams

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Keep Productive of YouTube channel today, we’re very lucky to have our regular guest who is Matt from Collaboration coach now Matt today is going to be diving into a few of the updates at ignite 2019 which was one of Microsoft software events He will be going over what’s gonna be coming to Microsoft teams in 2020 Also talking about and talk you through a lot of the new features. So there are 8 features. He’s gonna focus on a big Thank you to Matt. If you’re watching this video, please make sure to subscribe to him He has a fantastic channel which gives everything 365 and dives a lot into the Microsoft team line of products So he is the expert you need to know. So guys. Thank you very much to Matt. Let’s dive into today’s video Hello, it’s matt from collaboration coach You may have heard that recently Microsoft held its ignite conference and at that conference There was a number of really exciting announcements for Microsoft teams so in this video, I thought I’d round up the best of the announcements and Let you know what’s new in Microsoft teams I’ve chosen eight new features to talk about I’m going to talk you through Why I think they’re cool and why you would use them and at the end of the video, I’ll let you know when they’re available This was just my pick there are loads more so I’ll put a link in the description so you can check out the rest and If you like videos on Microsoft teams and office 365 in general then why don’t you check out my youtube channel? Collaboration coach where we’re posting videos like that every week My first pick is private channels If you use teams, you’re probably aware that if you’re an owner or a member of a team You basically have access to everything all teams are split up into channels So you’ll have access to all the channels and what customers have been asking for a long time is to have private channels So you can have a private space within your team and private channels are now available in Microsoft teams You can create a private channel just like you would a normal one and you can add the special permissions to it And then it’s only visible to those people that you’ve given the permissions to My next pick is multi-window Believe it or not in teams today You have to do all your work within one window and you click around between your channels and teams But it’s always in one window. So what’s coming is support for multiple windows at the same time if you wanted to have a chat and pop that chat out as another window you could do that and allow yourself to switch between the existing windows in the chat Same for meetings and channels and so on so multi window support will make your life a lot easier and using the team’s app My third pick is the messaging extensions Often within a team meeting or just in general conversation you want to ask people questions and get their feedback So Microsoft are going to add what they call messaging extensions to Microsoft teams So when you’re in a chat window You’ll be able to start a poll or a survey to ask people questions And get responses and feedback and you’ll be able to do this in the chat window and also in meetings so you’ll get real-time feedback During the meeting Hennig has become pretty popular across all of office 365 so you probably notice that you can pin documents in Word Excel and PowerPoint and Microsoft is adding the idea of pinning to teams So you’ll be able to pin the team’s that you care about and that you want to access quickly within the team’s app Just a Productivity saver. So you don’t have to go clicking around trying to find the team that you want access to Microsoft also showed off some cool outlook integration with teams. So they’re adding a share to team’s button So if you receive an email message and you want to share it with your team Then you just hit the share team’s button choose the team you want to share with and then it’s done Another integration with Outlook is the ability to reply to messages within Outlook So when you receive a team’s email saying that someone’s mentioned you or someone’s made a comment You can actually reply to that team’s conversation within Outlook So you’ll be able to type with an email hit the reply button and it will send your reply to teams Next is a feature that I know a lot of my customers are interested in and that’s tasks in teams So now you’ll be able to access your to do outlook planner and teams tasks all from one window within the team’s app You’ll be able to choose the view that works for you like lists boards charts and schedules Pick number seven is Microsoft whiteboard integration. So this is dear to my heart. I’m a big fan of whiteboard I’ve done a few review videos over on my channel and Microsoft whiteboard integration with teams means that during your meeting you can fire up the whiteboard and you can make notes and You can invite people to the whiteboard after the meeting as well So you’ll keep the whiteboard forever so you can always refer back to it if you need to And my last pick is live captions So this means that as people are speaking in teams meetings It will caption their words in real time So if you want to follow along by reading in a particular language, you can do that So they’re my eight picks of what’s new in Microsoft teams and just before we go let’s run through when they’re available Private channels are available now Multi window support will be coming in early 2020 Messaging extensions are coming at the end of 2019 pin channels – at the end of this year outlook integration early 2020 alongside tasks in teams Whiteboard support is now available and live captions. Should be here by the end of 2019 So that’s it from me. Thank you so much for listening It’s always a pleasure to talk to you the key productive community If you like this video and you want to see more then head over to my youtube channel collaboration coach You

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  1. Okay, I have no other word for it. I am EXCITED. Finally Francesco is featuring something different in the productivity space. My company is switching to Teams. It is a surprisingly good product. I really want to learn it and increase the productivity of the people I work with. Many of the start-up company products featured on this channel will never see the light of day on in larger companies. Teams will soon be as ubiquitous as Outlook.

  2. I have an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I tried Whiteboard and was blown away. In a conference room I’m always “getting up to the whiteboard”. But remote people can’t see the whiteboard. So I’m finding that sometimes it makes sense to use Whiteboard on my iPad, project it in the room, and remote people can see it. I see this as a huge potential game-changer for group meeting improvements. Unfortunately the limitation is that only a few people are likely to have pencil-capable input devices. You can use a mouse (or even your finger on a smartphone or tablet) but it’s crude. But it’s a start.

  3. Popout windows are a must have. Tired of having a spreadsheet open only to switch to a chat and have it close.

    Tasks are another big want. I'm in teams everyday. Hopefully there will be sharing ability within tasks.

    Would like to see some baked in solutions such as a CRM or help desk product.

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