7 Tips For Small Business Success Online

7 Tips For Small Business Success Online

Today, we’re going to take a walk down memory
lane. I’m Denise O’Berry and you’re watching
the “Little Big Show.” Your place for bite size tips that can have
a big impact on your bottom line. What do you wish you’d known about doing
business in the online world when you first started out.
Whether you’ve been online for six weeks or six years, you can always go back and say,
“Gosh, I wish I’d known that when I first started out.”
I know it’s been a real adventure for me these past years.
And there are plenty of things I wish I’d known in 1998 that I know now.
Of course the technology has advanced so much that things change by the minute but there’s
still other things that aren’t technology related that I wish I’d known.
So I asked some colleagues what they’re thoughts were about what they wish they’d
known when they first started out. Here are a few of their responses.
Start small with an idea and make it happen. Yep, actions still trumps it.
You must have a mailing list, so you can build relationships with people.
For sure, it’s still all about people. People are still behind every e-mail address
and deserve to be treated with respect. Always.
Yep, seen to many instances where that’s not the case.
Publicity is a powerful tool and when you get an opportunity, you need to seize it.
Most definitely, I’ve been so lucky to get some great publicity while I’ve been online.
It’s vital to trust yourself enough to put yourself out there, so you don’t miss opportunities
that come your way. Yes, you have to do it.
Take the leap. Take the first step.
You’ll be amazed at where it’ll take you. The value of passive income, not trading time
for money. Most definitely.
Your most precious commodity is your time, so you want to be very very selfish with it.
Passive income can help you out. And last, unless it’s making money, dump
it! Oh gosh, I’ve been guilty of not doing that.
Hanging on to something for so long because I just think it’s really going to make it.
What would you add? I’d love for you to leave your “What I
wish I’d known…” in the comments below. Let’s hear it.
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Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next week.

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  1. One of the greatest constants in life is CHANGE. It happens. Be prepared, always, to change with the times. Stagnant pools stink because they are not going anywhere.  They need to be moving…going…DOING something than just remaining stagnant.  Bring in NEW and different ideas, perspectives, people.  CHANGE is a good thing!

  2. One of the things that I learned is to not take things personally.  Keep a gracious attitude at all times.  Keep going even when things look "not so good".  It takes "time" to make a success of your business.  AND, don't believe the "nay" sayers.  Even loved ones are not always encouraging.

  3. I wish I had known how search engines work before building my website. It would have saved a lot of time later on if I had made it search engine friendly to begin with. My advise to people starting out online is go to the book store buy a few books on search engine optimization and read them before building a website.

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