7 Steps To Building A Million-Dollar Business – Systemize Your Business Ep. 3

7 Steps To Building A Million-Dollar Business – Systemize Your Business Ep. 3

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  1. Dan maybe this helps maybe it doesn’t but I like more the videos where I see your picture or you in action in the thumbnail I don’t know why but I avoid watching the ones with the blue color or someone else’s picture on it

  2. Are you able to step away from your business for a few weeks and
    find it more profitable from having a proper business roadmap?
    If not then, watch, apply, and comment below on your insights about this video.

  3. Dan, what would be your list of top 10 books to read for entrepreneurs or people who want to become good communicators?

  4. Sir Den Lok thankyou so much, I am your youtube student, your videos are oxygen for me.i learn lot of things from you.i only say thankyou thankyou thankyou……my dear Sir Den Lok

  5. Dan thank you very much for all your information… you’ve really helped me as a beginning entrepreneur (I build now my high income skill first) thanks Dan the man

  6. I always laugh when amateur or ignorant business people say you have to setup your business structure to get things working right… yet as Dan said in this video concerning systematization, what the fuck are you trying to build structures from a startup business that has no revenue traction or no tested data to measure from stupid?!!! Lol

    Thanks for the insightful and awesome upload Dan!

  7. hai Dan….i really like and enjoy your videos….
    i hope one day you can come to Indonesia and do seminars for us..

    keep awesome

  8. Now I am teary. I have so focused on my success as a technician – Thanks for highlighting that I need to work on my business.

  9. Great, I think I am in debt with you I feel that I need to send you money, because I would pay for this kind of mentoring.

  10. Don't manage the people, manage the system – great insight again. Can see why in failed in the past because I put things in place in the wrong order (like first try to systemize things before attraction and optimization). This goes back to the beliefe "be busy and you will succeed" – its the one who understands the principles and apply it correctly who will succeed.

  11. Very subtle how you first captured the audience's attention by showing them your Japan video and telling that fun Hot Spring Story. Like this you drive way more emphasis on the actual relevant question you asked after that. It's a very powerful point as there is a stark contrast between the positive and fun vibe you first created and the usually negative connotation with leaving your business alone.

    Btw I visited the Hot Springs near Mt Fuji this winter for the first time and I felt the same.

  12. Dan you Poped up and asked. I will happily reply. The first video of yours I watched was like listening to myself. Income producing assets! Yes but How? Now there is the trick…Yet not a trick when information, Knowledge and wisdom are focused upon an implemented in a system. That is what I am doing now. Putting that system together is critical before I spend the money I have saved. It will be a daily lifelong process that will be the difference between gambling and investing. I don't gamble because I hate to lose. Better to give my money away than to gamble because a gift can give you pleasure…being robbed seldom elicits happiness. I look forward to taking more of your gifts that you are offering. Just letting the ears hear and understand for now. Feeding my hungry ears and preparing for success. Thanks Dan!

  13. Dan Lok! When is your next event happening in London ? I would love to come and learn from you ! 😊

  14. LOL…!!! @ 13:00 People Walking around with Nothing On it Sounds Like a Swingers Club with Out the Sex…

  15. I realized I have a job, wahhhhhh. But i'm working formyself. I like that than working for anyone else. I want to have a business though. I got to think big. I also realized I need to work on retention of customers. I hope you have videos on that here, I will look on your playlist. 🙂

  16. Excellent Insights…I assume your audience almost forgot their cellphones during discussion..All ears were to unto you..Find it amazing…

  17. Wow Sifu, I never had a solid foundation in selling in order to market effectively to attract. What few customers i did close, I had little to no retention. I Can't Thank You Enough Sifu, for Creating HTC, It is that Solid Foundation. Not only for Business but for Life. I look Forward with Gratitude and Confidence Toward my next Venture, Knowing I have the Ability to Close. My name is Eric Rodriguez and I Am A High Ticket Closer. #HTC4LIFE

  18. Hey Dan, how does a company in the construction industry get attraction? My company bids RFP's from owners and municipalities, we win some we lose some. We do not have an acquisition cost for a customer, we do not have "attraction", but we do have a good estimator… Can you clarify how the first step applies to a company like mine?

  19. Thank u.
    Boss and all the entrepreneurs here, what system do you advise me to put up for a cosmetic business (body lotions, oils,soaps…)?

  20. If you cant spend on gaining a client, you don't have a business you have an expensive hobby. A lot of persons get excited about being a business owner and an entrepreneur for the image of it. But they are not running a business, I have almost been in this situation but fortunately, I believed in social capital and now have a team thank God. But seriously Dan writes like a Doctor. lol, 🙂

  21. Yet again, you are 100% right, Dan! I love your work, so much so I am a current student of series 7 of your High Ticket Closer course.

  22. Hello Dan.I have been following your content since last year and I have learned a lot.I also read your book F. U. Money and learned that there is another way of doing business than scrambling for pennies.I am working on a fashion business and would like to learn more from you

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