7 idées de business très étranges

7 idées de business très étranges

Hi internet here is my cat, Albert, once a month we meet him on a channel with an unlikely name, “The statistics explained to my cat”, it’s cute, it’s Belgian and it challenges everything you think you know about the stats Albert wishes you a good time with Doc Seven and for the curious, go to the end of the video. Thank you my friends, I will of course talk about you at the end of the video. I think you know it now after more than 130 videos, our world contains a lot of crazy stuff, especially people with ideas crazier than the others and sometimes it happens that these ideas end up earning them a lot so let’s go for 7 business ideas really very strange. 7 really strange business ideas The man who whisper to the donkey’s ear We will start this ranking with Marc Ineson a British who founded his start up “Real Donkeys” around an idea and an invention really very strange ; well, Mark, has been working permanently with donkeys for 20 years he knows his animals on his fingertips to such an extent that he says he can chat with them calmly like that having a drink, ok, the drink is me being delirious a little but on the subject of chatting, Marc Inenson has a super power. Just by listening to it bray, he can detect the intentions or feelings of any donkey. We agree with a power that sucks that much, our buddy Donkyman should not join the Avengers so soon but at least the guy found a way to make it a business, he partnered with an audio electronics company and created this technology : the donkey whisperer it is a device that the donkey wears around his neck and which captures his braying to translate them live. I know it’s a super cheesy technology you have to want to talk with a donkey to buy this stuff and I confess I’m skeptical, there is still no way to prove if this donkey whisperer really translates what the donkey means, or if they just prerecorded catch-all sentences that have nothing to do with the emotions of the animal, but anyways, true or false the technology worked well commercially since Marc started a business of rides on a donkey and they have to pay extra to be able to understand what it says during the trip The plush business In Japan more than anywhere stuffed animals are ubiquitous, we consider that about 85% of Japanese women adults own at least one it took no more to give ideas to several entrepreneurs and rather crazy ideas in 2015 one example is the opening of the “Nuigurumi café” in Tokyo, a teashop strictly reserved for stuffed animals, so yeah if you’re a living creature forget it you’ll be stuck at the entrance. However for $ 40 plus shipping you can send them your stuffed animal by mail they will be happy to receive it, to pamper it, to prepare good dishes for it and even to tuck it in the evening before sleeping while telling it stories and then they send it back to you on the next day. And no it’s not a joke at all the guys are super serious and they send you back your stuffed toy with a photo album and the assurance that it made lots of friends among the other soft toys. I do not know if in France this kind of business could work though, I would actually even doubt it, but in Japan it works great. It takes a lot of time early to reserve a place for one’s stuffed animal, because all nights were full for two years. It’s a crazy thing and if your stuffed animal is still not satisfied, you must turn to “Unagui travel”, travel agencies for stuffed animals they simply offer you to send your stuffed animal a little bit around the world for a price that varies between 20 and $ 95 depending on the destination. In return you get plenty of photos of its trip. Well, why not I mean if it enables to be a purveyor of dreams for those who cannot go themselves. ok it’s cool but it’s still a strange business Ad The pub is an industry that handles a lot a lot of money the best example for this is the “million dollar homepage” an idea which is as crazy as it is brilliant. It’s 2005 and Alex Tew needs to pay for his studies so he decides to invest 50 small dollars to own his own website milliondollarhomepage.com the concept is simple a large white square composed of 1 million pixels he sells to anyone who wants to advertise by small square 10 by 10 pixels at a price of 100 dollars, which makes it cost 1 dollar the pixel if the math is not your thing, and then you know how the internet works the idea buzzes on American social medias and quickly the site becomes one of the busiest of the year, with tens of thousands of brand new visitors every day, after just a few months all of the pixels of the site have been sold and Alex is a millionaire. To give you an idea about the hugeness of it all, the last 1000 pixels were sold on on ebay for more than 38 thousand dollars because of the too many requests and then since the site is just a giant billboard, completely messy with some gems hanging around here and there including a guy who spent $ 5000 to basically write “I am rich and not you” and by the way if you like the “where’s Waldo” thing you can go check out the site there are two of them to find. Otherwise there are other people who have understood that everything absolutely everything can be used to advertise, like your own body for example. Oh yeah, just a needle, a bit of ink and you can become a traveling ad for life. The first significant case happened in September 2001, boxer Bernard Hopkins was paid 100 thousand dollars by the site Golden Casino to display a temporary tattoo with the name of their brand during a deeply mediatised fight and Golden Casino did not stop there, they even paid people to do streaking, I’m not so sure about the prononciation whatever but I think you know about it : it is the people who snag in and run naked on the field during sport competitions the first one was a girl topless at the open golf in 2003 followed by a guy at roland garros in the same year. Finally, well, so far it was about pretty cute tattoos that faded after a few days, but as you can guess once the thing was started, things quickly degenerated, and it ended up with a lot of people who agreed, for a few thousand euros or dollars, to get brand tattoo anywhere as long as it’s visible because of this, today, there are still some people who have brand logo tattoos that do not even exist anymore here’s Carolyn Smith who has a Golden Palace tattoo on the forehead since 2005 so yeah… or Hostgator Dotcom, the big boss of the game who sports 37 tattoo ads, a good part of it on the face, and yes the guy is called Hostgator Dotcom and obviously it’s not his birth name. No, before that his name was Billy Gidddy, except that, in addition to his skin he also sold his name. Granted, it’s all a bit weird. The *hmm hmm* business Among all the strange jobs that exist there are necessarily some of those which are, well, hot, if you know what I mean. So I naturally grouped them in the category Palm trees. First of all, you have the tits slapper in Thailand, it’s in a video of ‘Une histoire sur terre’, a channel that I love and which was once in our “Hi Internet” lately that I discovered this thing. The girl is apparently unique in the world, she gets paid several hundred euros for a few sessions of 10 minutes, to hurt some chests. Of course it’s more of a service for women and you really have to want it to go for it because she’s not doing things by half, but actually- it’s not just for the sake of making you suffer it is actually to firm the chest, and it seems to be working pretty well, and yes I start to know you now I am sure that some of you are already looking for the schools that teach this know-how. Okay, kidding aside, you got also a profession that develops enormously and is not sexual, ok, but still really sensual I find. I’m talking about caliners professionals, people you will pay 60 to 100 euros an hour to make you hugs in all well any honor attention, it may seem super weird but in fact that’s understandable, cuddles it’s super important, their beneficial effects on our health has been proven many times so yes we can say that it is a kind of therapy a little special what. Come on, a last business a bit sexual but a lot more unhealthy this time it’s the distributors of used panties in Japan, a business entirely turned to the perverts who want to sniff underwear , I think I do not really need to say more. the itinerant shocker of Mexico In France when we drink glasses on the terrace with friends, we are rather chill and then if we really want to get lit that night having fun, we go out playing cards to play a little game but in other countries like Mexico people do not have the same design of the game to drink. Los toques electricos is the name of a challenge very common among Mexican youth, especially when she drank. It’s all about holding a battery as long as possible with discharges that become more and more intense. It’s very dangerous because they do not hesitate to raise the thing very high up to 100 or 120 volts Well, you know what humans are, especially when they’re drunk, they like to challenge themselves totally stupid, and suddenly the essort of this game, it allowed the birth a brand new business, a brand new job. We at night in the lively neighborhoods we have flower vendors who wander Well them in Mexico they have guys who carry a battery in the back and offers a small part of electricos toques to the groups of party-goers they cross in the street. Yes you heard me, you have guys who get paid for electrocute people. Well, you’ll tell me, it’s been around for a while, but to my knowledge This is the first time that electrocuted people pay voluntarily for the discharge. Jokes that paid a lot Do you know Gary Dahl? In the world of entrepreneurs, it’s a bit of a myth this guy, because in the middle of the years 90, this Californian has become a millionaire by offering only one product for sale, a “Pet Rock” literally a pet pebble. Initially the idea is of course a joke, and as gary likes delusions, he decides to get into marketing pebbles a little remastered, for a price of 4 dollars a piece. It’s just huge, with inflation it would be $ 18 today. And then Garry himself does not really know how success could have happened, but it’s clear that people loved it his sense of humor not for a very long time certainly, after six months no one spoke about it and at that moment Gary was already a millionaire, as it was already possible before internet this kind of story but I must admit that the internet has allowed even more daring trolls, like the famous “Reserve a spot in Heaven.com”, a parody site landed in 2007 where you can book for $ 12 your future place in paradise you will even receive by mail a ticket that certifies your reservation to present it to Saint-Pierre when you arrive in Purgatory $ 12 for a place in paradise, insured whatever you do, it’s still the business of the century. In any case I do not know if it’s because people believe in it or because they like the humor of the thing but the places sold like hotcakes. The next product is not really a joke that’s gone, but it’s not far. Ken Ahroni wanted to please his kids, he had noticed that every Thanksgiving, his kids loved to play lucky bone games, Well, I do not know if it’s called like that, but you know it’s the little v-shaped bones found in turkey or the chicken. Everyone takes one of the branches, you pull it towards you and it is supposed to bring luck to the one who has the biggest part to the end. Here and by the way it’s free and it does not eat bread, this little bone characteristics of the birds, it is called the furcula, good and well to please his kids Kane came up with the idea of ​​building plastic furcula, so these kids could play it every day that there is poultry on the menu or not, these children just loved it, so why not make a business.out of it The same year he founded the Lucky Break Wishbone Corporation and starts selling these pieces of plastic 4 dollars each, today with his plastic bones Ken is just a millionaire. The number 1 in this ranking, it is also part of a joke, and it made me so funny that I wanted to dedicate the first place. I present to you Steve Gadlin, an American entrepreneur comedian completely crazy the crazy projects he made there were tons, but the one that met the most success was six years ago with his website “I want to draw a cat for you”, everything is in the title “I want to draw a cat for you” it deserves to be clear what is less clear, however, is his drawing skills. In short, for 10 dollars, he draws you a cat, do not expect a work of art on the other hand, but at least he draws it in the situation that you describe him, you want a cat in a bow tie in the space that chat with a crocodile with blond hair, no problem or maybe you prefer a couple of cats skeleton in love absolutely no worries. Unless you want a pussy that fart and you explain that she likes it, finally, you understand the idea he really accepts everything to draw as long as there is a cat in the story. so I have trouble understanding the why of the success, maybe its great advertising clip yeah maybe not actually huh, but in any case it has worked so well for him this story, it worked so well that 2012, the guy participated in Shark Tank, an American show where entrepreneurs come to present business ideas in front of a panel of billionaires hoping to be financed by one of them well Steve he managed to convince one of them, Mark Cuban, to invest up to $ 25,000 in his website. All this obviously made it even more famous and today Steve has sold almost twenty thousand drawings of cats while he has tripled prices since 2015. I let you do the math eh, 20 thousand drawings to 30 dollars piece, it’s still not bad. And this cat story is perfect to introduce you to the channel “The statistic explained to my cat my friend, I warn you it’s heavy the chain is held by a doctor of science, please, but also by a talented graphic designer and a genius composer the trio is Belgian and talks about social issues around statistics. I do not know what else to say to you, except to go out and subscribe exactly with this kind of channels that I tell myself that the internet is still a very very beautiful place oh yes I also wanted to talk to you about a super business that involves pressing the blue thumb of each of my videos, it will not bring you money but some satisfaction, and if the heart tells you, let me your best comment for example if you always had a crazy business idea without daring to launch it’s time to share it with everyone! Come on, subscribe if it’s not already done, and see you soon for a new video, hi internet.

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  17. Découvrez ce Pack de 70 idées pour développer Votre Propre affaire sur le Web dès demain … http://go.dekur.smc.43.1tpefb2.com

  18. Découvrez ce Pack de 70 idées pour développer Votre Propre affaire sur le Web dès demain … http://go.dekur.smc.43.1tpefb2.com

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