6LACK – Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole (Official Music Video)

6LACK – Pretty Little Fears ft. J. Cole (Official Music Video)

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  1. Cole verse ? words are nearly not enough to explain the complexity yet simple lyrics that made this verse so damn fire

  2. One of the best songs J COLE ever did, but still people think that he used the site AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M for fame.

  3. I have been in love with a girl for over year. She is all over my mind every minute of the day. I know that we will not be together,but I still love her with all my heart. I still want the best for her and try to make her happy in every way I can. I feel very disappointed and depressed. This song reminds me of her but in a happy way. It makes me think of all the happy times we had together and I thank the lord that put this beautiful creature in my life. After hearing cole's verse I love her even more and makes me think that there are better days coming in my life. Cole's verse is one of the best in hip hop history. Thank you j cole for making great music.
    PS:I love you and i always will

  4. I remember when this song first came out…I think the rewind button broke on my phone and people thinks that all of his fame came through the site AUTHENTIC VIEWS D O T C O M

  5. ..yeah so I know they're both wonderful urban poets n influential figures, n roles models, but can we just appreciate how cute they both are for a sec?x)

  6. Godamn… this song has all of the characteristics of being an incredible track

    Cole’s verse is seriously Z-Tier
    Made me tear

  7. 6lack…j cole… How DARE you put these dark brown chocolate women in your video who look like the cuties youd actually see at the mall on a saturday… How dare the both of you… Next time you confer w/ chris brown and ty dolla sign on which women to cast…

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