6 Secrets For Growing Your YouTube Channel

6 Secrets For Growing Your YouTube Channel

In this video, I’m going to share with you
six secrets for growing your YouTube channel. For several years, video marketing has been
on the rise. Consumers today spend billions of hours every
day watching videos. If you want to leverage the power of YouTube,
the world’s second largest search engine, here are six secrets to help you do that. If this is your first time here and you want
to build a successful video marketing strategy and grow your business’ YouTube channel
start now by subscribing and clicking on the bell icon so you don’t miss anything. Let’s see what’s coming now:
1. Create Your Videos Based on a Single Topic
or Keyword Similar to a blog post, you need to identify
the keywords you want to target when you are planning your video. Picking a keyword before you create your video
will allow you to better plan the content you want to share. Another reason to choose your keywords beforehand
is so you can incorporate them into your video script. Repeating your keywords multiple times will
help you rank higher. 2. Optimize Your Title and Description
If you want your videos to rank high on YouTube’s search feature, then you need to optimize
both your video title and description. While your title needs to be catchy, it also
needs to have the keywords that you want to be ranked for in the title. This goes for the video description as well. You need to treat the description of your
video like a summary blog post. 3. Leverage YouTube Cards
The longer someone stays on your YouTube channel, the better ranked they will be. You can see the exact point where viewers
tend to abandon your videos with your YouTube video analytics. You can use this information to add recommended
videos with YouTube cards at the precise point where viewers are leaving. This allows users to check out your other
videos and stay on your channel. 4. Leverage Playlist URLs
At the end of your videos, YouTube will show a list of recommended videos for the viewer
to watch next. Sometimes they will be your videos, other
times they’ll be for other channels. You can use well-crafted playlists to keep
users on your channel. When a viewer starts to watch one of the videos
in your playlist, the platform will auto-queue the next video in your playlist to keep the
viewer engaged. The best part is that they can be triggered
anywhere in the video with a unique URL. 5. Engage with Your Audience
If you have high engagement on your YouTube channel, you’ll be rewarded with higher
rankings. It is incredibly important to engage with
your viewers in the comment section of your video. You want to try to respond to every comment
that you receive. This not only helps with your video engagement,
but it will also help you mold your community as you see fit. 6. Keep Your Related Channels On
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is turning off YouTube’s related channels feature. When you turn this feature off, you end up
removing yourself from YouTube’s recommendations. This means that you will lose the network’s
effect that makes YouTube the powerhouse that it is. If you are on YouTube, then you are probably
looking for good ways to grow your business’ YouTube channel. These six secrets will help you optimize your
YouTube channel and increase your subscribers. Thanks for watching. Hit the thumbs up if you enjoyed today’s video
and let’s know what you think in the comments below. I’ll see you guys on the next one.

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