6 Problems with our School System

6 Problems with our School System

– [Narrator] There is
a growing feeling today that something is wrong with
our system of education. But what is it? Well, we send our children to school to prepare them for the real world, which is changing very, very fast. But our schools haven’t changed much for hundreds of years. In fact, thought leaders
from around the world agree that the current system of education was designed in the Industrial Age, mainly to churn out factory workers. And this Industrial Age mentality of mass production and mass control still runs deep in schools. Industrial Age values. We educate children by batches, and govern their lives by ringing bells. All day long, students do
nothing but follow instructions. Sit down, take out your
books, turn to page 40, solve problem number three, stop talking. At school, you’re rewarded for doing exactly what you’re told. These are Industrial Age values that were really important
for factory workers. Their success depended
on following instructions and doing exactly what they were told. But in today’s world, how far can you get by simply following instructions? The modern world values
people who can be creative, who can communicate their ideas, and collaborate with others. But our children don’t get a chance to develop such skills
in a system that’s based on Industrial Age values. Lack of autonomy and control. At school, our children experience a complete lack of autonomy and control. Every minute of a child’s life is tightly controlled by the system. But in today’s world, if
you’re doing important work, then you’re managing your own time. You’re making your own decisions regarding what to do and when to do it. But life at school looks very different. The system is sending a dangerous
message to our children, that they are not in
charge of their own lives. They just have to follow
whatever is laid down, instead of taking charge and
making the most of their lives. Experts believe autonomy is incredibly important for children. It’s no wonder then that our children are bored and demotivated by school. Can you image how you would feel if you were told exactly what do to for every minute of your life? Inauthentic learning. Most of the learning that
happens in schools today is not authentic, because it relies on memorization and rote learning. The system defines a
generic set of knowledge that all children must know. And then, every few months, we measure how much has been retained
by administering exams. We know that such
learning is not authentic because most of it is gone
the day after the exam. Learning can be much
deeper and more authentic. It can be so much more than
just memorization and retention. But that’s the only thing we measure, and test scores are the
only thing we value. This has created an
extremely unhealthy culture for students, parents, and teachers. Children are going through
endless hours of tuitions, staying up all night
memorizing useless facts that they will forget very soon. No room for passions and interests. We have an extremely standardized system, where each child must learn the same thing at the same time in the
same way as everyone else. This doesn’t respect the
basic fact of being human, that each of us is unique
and different in our own way. We all have different
passions and interests. And the key to fulfillment in life is to find your passion. But do the schools of
today help our children find and develop their passion? There seems to be no room in
the current education system for the most important
questions in a child’s life: What am I good at? What do I want to do in life? How do I fit into this world? The system doesn’t seem to care. There are so many greatly talented people who failed in the
traditional school system. Fortunately, they were able
to overcome these failures. But not everyone can. We have no measure for how much talent, how much potential goes
unrecognized in the current system. Differences in how we learn. Each of us is also
different in how we learn, in how much time we
take to learn something, and what tools and
resources work best for us. But the system has no
room for such differences. So, if you’re a bit slow
in learning something, you are considered a failure, when all you needed was a
bit more time to catch up. Lecturing. In the current system,
children are lectured for more than five hours a day. But there are a few big
problems with lecturing. Sal Khan from Khan Academy calls lecturing “a fundamentally dehumanizing experience. “30 kids with fingers on their lips, “not allowed to interact with each other.” Also, in any given classroom, different students are at
different levels of understanding. Now, whatever the teacher does, there are bound to be students who are either bored
because they’re ahead, or confused because they’re behind. Because of the Internet and digital media, our children have at their fingertips all the information in the world. Technology has made it possible for anyone to learn anything, but for fear of losing control, the system is not leveraging
these incredible resources. Our system of education, which evolved in the Industrial Age, has become outdated and ineffective. If we want to prepare our
children for the modern world, if we want learning to be
effective and engaging, then there’s no doubt that we need to fundamentally change
our system of education.

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About the Author: Oren Garnes


  1. I literally get anxious before every class because there’s a chance I have to talk in front of the class/talk to people I don’t know. Im fuckin scared of school dawg

  2. 5:26 dude my school uses the internet ALL the time so idk what ur talking about, and some of my teachers bring something new to the table bc teachers are human too so it’s not like we all get the same treatment and not being tailored to individually heck the teachers will even help ya with ur homework, and yes some teachers methods are useless but for the most part it’s fine and one of my teachers are the main reason for me wanting to be a scientist when I get older and teachers will let students talk that’s why we have group things and partners it’s only when ppl try to talk OVER teachers is when they get mad or we’re doing a silent read

    So honestly it feels like your talking about less fortunate schools rather than all schools in general but the vid is talking about all schools if you know what I mean 🙂

  3. Of course it is like this. It serves the interests of the Elitist class of society, they control the education system. Because remember; A dumb person is an easily manipulated person. They won't fix the education system, cause the current one serves them with grunts for their wars and slaves for their factories.

    Slavery never was truly abolished, it just took a new face.

  4. Classwork: 1+1=2
    Homework: 6×6-9+5+2
    Exams: 34896^2^2*45-7*2863+2927b, solve for b and then find the total mass of the sun and figure out why your dad didn't come back for 13 years, make sure to critical thinking and analyzing skills.

  5. Fuck the education system, 9-5 system, news, radio, social media… They are all out there to program you. Delete the virus. We manifest our own lives.

  6. I would have a passion or idea for what I want my life to be by now. If my shit school didn’t have my thoughts filled by “what’s this test gonna be like?” And loads of other worries that are crammed into my brain instead of what they want me to learn AND my ideas for my future..

  7. i learned english (not fluent yet) but around 45% i learned here in youtube. And reading books, but not books from school. I will have a great job even without school. i will learn how i want to learn.

  8. I only want to be good at school so I get a good job when I am older. I will drop it when I find that it doesn't help me in anyway.

  9. This legit happened at school yesterday:
    Teacher: ok nobody talk! starts video
    Teacher:SHUSH SHUSH SHUUUSSHH while video is still going
    Teacher: did you understand?
    Student: No because you kept shushing us for no reason?
    Teacher: but everyone was talking (nobody was talking)

  10. I feel like teachers are so power-hungry so they have to turn to schools to get their power fetish out because in reality they don't have any power

  11. I would get a medal at school for getting an average of 90% higher, but I admit that school systems just screws your childhood… I don't know like, I have friends, I'm doing good in school yet I feel sad and just every negative effects sometimes comes at me… Maybe because I learned something on the internet that really teaches you about something that the school never had? Sure, Math or English is needed but all they say is about the history, a bunch of weird problem solving craps like "x=ym" hell why do we even need to do that. But all I could do is shut up and do what they say just to pass.. School like holds your future jobs that prevents you from getting that job if you don't do what they say.. The corriculum really sucks and I wish someone would change it but seeing the situation right now I bet it can't be fixed unless someone is sacrificed

  12. Here I go again…

    but I'm eqquiped with THE POWER OF BOB ROSS (oil paint, oil paint remover [coffee grounds + dish soap + water], water)

  13. Us: having fun and socialising
    Also teachers: Cmon now! Where's your spirit and attitude!

  14. school wants students to always memorize shit….they always think that students immediately remember the shit…so fuck school..I might sign up for private school cause private school education is much better than public school education I don’t even care about the 2x the amount of homework that private schools will give u…I just want a better fucking education system..also they teach u damn shit that isn’t even important in life…

  15. schools when you use wikipedia as a source as it correctly displays information with reliable sources: do it again
    shools when you use some abandoned website from many years ago with seemingly no reliable sources:good job

  16. My teacher ( which I fucking despise ) called my friend retarted and wasn’t normal because the teacher wasn’t writing slow enough.

  17. I always hated when teacher said "whe have to do it for the team" when only one kid got in trouble it's just the most annoying thing

  18. "I HATE SCHOOL" IM TIRED OF IT. IT'S A COMMON PHRASE TO SAY YOU HATE IT EVERYONE HATES IT. IT SUCKS, SUICIDE, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY ETC. I'm about to die but I hold it because this world beats me up all the time and all we can do is fight back

  19. I love history my self, All Im going to say, Is I leaned more about history by playing games and watching youtube videos, In 8th Grade, My History teacher did not know about the county inside of South Africa nothing that big, But I learned that from google fucking maps, Im in the 10th grade and still have learned more about history form youtube

  20. I'm a natural leader I one time rallyed 15 or so students to go to the principals office and demand change in our school (mainly becuase the lack of democracy, sexism girls were definitely favored over boys, and lack of Justice there is a difference between defense and attacking someone)but we were shut down quickly after the security arrived but no one saw our faces clearly so we got out now back to the other story so I was a leader and I always was creative and an outlier from the cookie cutter students except Thomas he rocked and I got in trouble alot for "fighting and shouting" while what I was really doing was defending myself and the people I care about and wanting fair Justice so HAHHAHA FUCK YOU BABY BOOMER SHIT WADS

  21. Me: what’s the difference between taxes and bills? What about debit cards and credit cards? What is a mortgage and what does it do? How do I buy a house? How do I cook food? What does it mean to invest in a stock market?

    Teacher: Tree make air, we breath air.

  22. I hate when you ask to use the restroom and the teachers are like “AHEM YOU SHOULD HAVE WENT DURING PASSING PERIOD!”

    Like sure I can walk across the whole school, use the restroom, walk to my class on the other side of the school all in five minutes

  23. “It’s because of video games you’re failing”
    Learns the entire 20th century because of the internet

  24. The problem is that ever since our sorry ass government got there filthy hands on the school system it's been total donkey dick. Suffolk (a city in Virginia) is trying to make school start three weeks early starting next year. And let's not change the fact that all the government cares about when it comes to school is the SOL test scores. So fuck the government.

  25. school is a factory that basically makes us robots.
    may sound weird but if you think about it school makes us think the same, act the same, do orders, and more.
    I'm making a story about a exaggerated version of it. I like writing about dystopian worlds and I think ones that are close to real are the best because they make you question how fucked up the world is.

  26. most of the shit I learn isn't very useful. I think we could pack all the important stuff into k-4 and everything would be ok. because we learn the majority of stuff in those years and the rest we can learn from society anyways. I learn more things on the internet, games, social interactions, and real world experience than I do from school.

  27. I'm a adhd I just hate it I want learn what I want to learn an move an talk when I want to move an talk

  28. The problem with some of these problems is that they are only problems for particular people. Some people don’t want to talk; not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to. Forcing students to engage with one another, if anything, can be just as much of a problem as lecturing them considering that some students just don’t function well at all in social circles.

    Additionally, the ways school systems have tried to combat these problems simply don’t work at all or have existed for a long time (at least since the early 2000’s). The problem all boils down to teachers trying to force people to “think critically” on simple things (common core math, for example), which only results in more confusion rather than actually getting them to think critically.

    If you want to actually improve the education system, vocational education would be better suited to get students to think creatively and socialize. For example, getting students to engage in extracurricular activities (Band, workshop, arts, etc) often helps them find what they are best suited at and helps them flex their creativity muscles, since they have the options to do more creative things.

    Back in the day, this void was usually filled in with things like work outside of the classroom (farmwork, community work, General teenager jobs, etc), but that has been phased out due to laws and competition in those marketplaces by cheap labor from foreign countries and, with the breakdown of communities in inner cities, actually getting them engaged outside of school is hard to do.

  29. 2:50 I was just studying the battle of panipat right now and this showed it in the video….
    this is a bad MESSAGE :O

  30. Me: breathes

    My Friend: also breathing


    This actually happend to me and my whole class literally told the teacher i was talking when i wasn’t.

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