6-Patty Bacon Cheeseburger Challenge in Albany, Georgia!!

Hey everybody!! This is Randy Santel, Atlas, and i am very very excited!! Tonight for the first time, I am in
Albany, Georgia and I’m going for overall win number 783. I am here at The Rocket.
I’m taking on their Big Moon Burger Challenge. This thing has been going on
for a couple years, over 60 people have tried. Only four people have been able to finish. I’ve got one hour to finish everything here. I just watched them cook
it and it looks delicious! We’ve got six 8 ounce or half pound burger patties, so 3 pounds total. Then there are 12 slices of bacon. There are six slices
of American cheese. There are seven slices of Texas toast, and then we’ve got
one pound of their battered french fries. So like I said we’ve got one hour to
finish. If I fail it’s gonna be $45 but if I win, I’ll get the meal free. I’ll get
a sweet t-shirt, and I’ll be like I said, the fifth person up on the wall of fame.
Let’s get this challenge started! Alright, big thank you to Tim the owner
here at The Rocket and all of his staff for having me in. Like I said, four people have won. The record is around 47 minutes, so gonna
smash that. They made the burgers medium-rare just like I asked so this
should be a fun one. Leonidas you ready? I thought so! Alright, 1, 2, 3, Boom!! Two minutes and 22 seconds in. These burgers are amazing, perfectly
cooked! Four minutes and 50 seconds in, My stomach still coated with chicken
wings from last night, but we’re gonna get this, this is so good! Seven minutes in, and we still have 40
minutes left to break the record. 8 minutes 50 seconds in, we’re done
with the burger. Fries are gonna be the easiest part! I don’t think we’re going to beat 10 though. That burger, the whole burger, especially
those first three patties, was amazing, so big compliments for the chef, but I’ve
got the new record. I beat the old one by quite a bit, 12 minutes and 28 seconds. Big thanks to all of you guys for coming to watch. My first time in Albany, Georgia. Like I said earlier, I am here at The Rocket in
Albany for their Big Moon Burger Challenge, but just finished in 12
minutes and 28 seconds. For winning I’m going to get the $45 meal for free. I’m
going to get another sweet t-shirt to add to my collection, which is right here
that says The Rocket on the front, and then it’s got a cool looking back, just
says The Rocket and their location and some other details, but I’m also going to
be the fifth person added up on the wall of fame, as the new record holder. So it
was overall win number 783. Delicious, I’ll be back up in the Atlanta, Georgia
area tomorrow, but big thanks again to everybody here at The Rocket and thank
you guys for watching!!

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