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hello everybody I’m Sarah and I’m
a recorder player today is a special day because this morning team recorder hit
50,000 subscribers there are 50,000 people in this world who like the
recorder I had no idea that the recorder world was this big and none at this
channel would be possible without you the viewers the subscribers the people
who keep it going keep sending me questions keep giving your comments and
keep forming this beautiful community so thank you ok ok calm down let’s start the
video so in this video I have a few exciting announcements to share with you
new team recorder products I’m releasing some updates and a giveaway so let’s get
into it but first I just wanna reflect a little bit on the past few years team
recorder has been going for about 3 and a half years now it grew from me filming
videos in my bedroom to me filming me filming videos in the hallway outside my
bedroom ok wait I just made a video with my phone on a whim I didn’t know if
anyone would want to watch it and from there this is grown into a big part of
my life and I just love making these videos so much and that’s the main thing
and I’m gonna continue to make these videos until I stop enjoying it so we’ll
see I really want to thank all of you genuinely I see people getting in
contact with each other and people finding the confidence to start making
music and that just means that absolute world to me that is the reason I make
these videos the first of my announcements set as you know last year
I released my debut album constellations minimal music for recorders hold on to
your hats I have decided to release the sheet music for some of the pieces yes
so you can listen to my album play the music as well I started with
two pieces the first is the opening piece of the album O virgo splendens it’s my arrangement of a 14th century
melody where you sing and play the recorder at the same time so if you
download the sheet music you can choose just to play the recorder part which is
quite easy or you can do the voice part as well which brings it up to
intermediate and some of the bars are quite advanced I’ll give you a little preview
of what you can expect I love this piece so much if you’ve
never sung and played before it’s a nice way to get into it I’ve notated it for a
C instrument like a tenor or a soprano you can play it on any size of recorder
but you would keep those C fingerings in order to keep it within range
the second piece I’m releasing the sheet music for is ricercare alla nuova
which is the second piece on my album actually on the album is called a ricercars alla bastarda but I thought I would make it more family-friendly
that’s fine this is the solo that I wrote for a purpose that purpose was to
win a competition did it work yes so I took a quartet
piece a canzonetta by a Renaissance composer called Giuseppe Guami
I made a solo version of that based on the melodies in the piece and then I
wrote diminution upon it in this sheet music bundle you get all three pieces
the original four part quartet that you can play with your ensemble the solo
version in a simple format and the solo version in the extremely ornamented
competition formats so the simple format is kind of intermediate level and the ornament subversion is very hard
this is good if you’re an advanced player and you really want a showstopper
piece for a recital a competition something where you want people to go oooh maybe you can play it with less missed
notes than me what is happening today I’m so excited so yes if you are curious
about one of these bundles please download them and if you play them let
me know what you think and of course by downloading this sheet music you are
supporting the channel and team recorder and helping it to continue
second announcement my CDs have sold out yay thank you that are more on their
way they are in the factory at the moment so as soon as they have arrived and put
them up against us out in the web shop and I’ll let you all know thank you for
buying them and it’s time for the giveaway for this giveaway I’ve made a
nice package of a few different things you get both of the pieces available to
download I will send them to you you get this wonderful fantastic beautiful team
recorder bag that you can keep all of your music in and you get this aulos
haka alto recorder that I actually use in my review video of this product to enter the giveaway of course make
sure you’re subscribed and then in the comments I would like you to write
hashtag giveaway and then tell me three things the country you are from the
language you speak and important how to say recorder in that language if you use
an alphabet or characters other than what we’d use in English then please
write it in that as well if you want to put the phonetic version for stupid
English because as well that would be nice why am I asking this
well team recorder it is such an international community I’d like to know
a little bit more about that and I’m really curious how you say recorder in
these different languages recorder I know Dutch blokfluit flute a bec but
there’s lots of languages I have no idea about so it’s time to educate myself and
it’s for something may be coming later stay tuned so that’s how you went to
subscribe and comment I will announce the winner in next week’s video well
guys 50,000 I’m gonna say it now it’s a big dream that it would be my absolute
dream one day to get to a hundred thousand I have no idea if that’s
possible as always you can subscribe to my channel by clicking on my face down
here here is the team recorder webshop where you can go and download my sheet
music ah and up here is a link to last week’s video thank you so much for being
a part of the team yeah have a great day

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