Hey guys! Welcome to my channel. As we agreed on Instagram I’m doing this video about 50 common phrases in Business English. Business English is something that I do every single day. Writting emails, talking on the phone And meeting investors. So, if you’re interested please continue to watch this video. Phrase number 1.

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  1. Extremely helpful video. I learnt a lot. Please continue making such a videos. It's great learning opportunity for us. You great teacher we appreciate your effort. I am really inspired by your way teaching. We need teacher like you teach us in proper manner

  2. Great and very helpful video thank so much just a little advice… you should speak a little slower so we can process a bit one sentence before you do to the next one. 😊💕 thank you.

  3. I need to know how to be a translater in business meetings and what exactly the words and phrases I'm gonna use

  4. Marina you are doing a great job
    Another thing if you focus more on examples would be more helpfull to be in the context otherwise I might forget all of these
    I have written all of them but with few contextual examples

    Thanks for your effort 👍

  5. Muito show, eu comecei a fazer um curso por assinatura mto top to aprendendo demais dobre ingles de negocios. Se alguém quiser deixa o whats aqui q mando o site

  6. Hello Marina, could you please ensure me the 50 Phrases used in America, specific for American phrases? Thank you.

  7. Hello Marina, could you please ensure me the 50 Phrases used in America, specific for American phrases? Thank you.

  8. amazing video thanks a lot, it is very useful for me and I wish if you could make a video to include vocabulary dedicated to medical coordination meeting about health actors. Thanks in advance

  9. Hi, I’m an English as a second language student, and I’m trying to immerse my self in the language, so I’m looking for some YouTubers who speaks in English, please give me a recommendation, I’m all ears

    BCC – CC = acronym FOOL SPEAK – DOUBLE SPEAK .

  11. I need business English for my future work and actually for study right now. Thank you for this video.

  12. Thanks for this. I use business English for everyday communication at my NGO + for the articles I write.

  13. Thanks in advanced.
    They're not only phrases but also idioms.
    I hate my colleagues using Mandarin English text me.
    such as can you talk? He means are you available?
    How come! Are you free? really hard or not? come on baby, don't write to me English using in Mandarin wan.

  14. Please Marina try to subtitle this video, I really learn a lot of with your videos and right now I have to learn English business and this video is amazing but there are several words that I can’t understand 🙁 thanks a lot for your excellent job. Saludos desde México 🙂

  15. I would like to learn more Business English expression with examples for Business Development. By the way, your video SAVED me a lot in many ways. Thank you so much!

  16. Omg, Silicon Valley girl helloooo. I have a business english teaching gig right now and absolutely love the content you post on your other channel. You are my #goals !

  17. Thanks ever alot , I wrote down all your 50 phrases and i'll make sure to use them…
    To why I am learning business english..is because I am a 19year old university student who studies marketing..and by the age of working I want to be qualified enough to work with a foreign company and move to the uk..or state….is it possible?

  18. Yes I do enjoy. your videos are a treat to watch!!! Please do video on a business english for daily office communication for a beginner like me!

  19. You have nice smile. I miss the contents when I see your enthusiasm and bright smile. I am keep watching to focus the content of the video👍..

  20. hi i need your help to get a job where i need a bussines english , because i know english i have some certificades for toefl an cambridge c1 but i have some troubles with bussines english

  21. to whom it may concern, pfa, fyi, asap, cv and resume, moving u to bcc, i m cc'ing, team building, collaboration and cooperation, start from scratch, 9 to 5 jobs, set deadlines and meet deadlines, to give the greenlight, behind schedule and ahead of schedule, elevator pitch, catch up, stay ln budget or go over budget, sign off something, ahead of the curve, ballpark figure, kick off, white collar, to look at the big picture, to play by the book, lets call it a day, to corner the market, get it on the ground floor, to think outside the box, touch base, word of mouth, a yes man, red tape, to play hard ball, downsizing, let go, have ones foot in the door, to be on the same page, to drop the ball, in the black, in the red, my hands are tied, staff shakeup, outsourcing, target demographic, mission statement, roi, from the ground up,

  22. Thank you all for your relevant selection and energy : ). I’m interested in HR terms applied to firms’ situations. Did you ever made video on that?

  23. Please record a video about professional Email writing on below topics
    Asking for Vacation
    Apology on late payment
    Response to an angry customer

  24. 1:To whom it may concern
    6:moving someone to CC
    7: Team Work
    9:Start from scratch
    10: to give the green light
    11: Elevator pitch
    15: stay on budget
    12: sign off on
    13: Ballpark figure
    14: kick off
    15: white color
    16: on the track
    17: by the book
    18: corner the market
    19: on the ground floor
    20:think outside the box

  25. очень крутой видос. Лучшее, что я находил. Все фразы записал и запомнил – спасибо вам!

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