5 Tracks to Employment

5 Tracks to Employment

>>Text: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Veterans Benefits Administration>>Narrator: VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment or VR&E benefit is a comprehensive program supporting Veterans whose service-connected disabilities and employment handicap create
a barrier to employment. We work with you to select
and personalize one of the 5 Tracks
to Employment: Number one: Re-Employment. For Veterans separated from
the National Guard or Reserve who want to return to work
for their previous employer. Number two: Rapid Access. For Veterans with the necessary skills to be competitive in today’s job market who are ready to seek employment. Number three: Self Employment. For Veterans who have
the skills and desire to run their own business and may need
a flexible work schedule. Number four: Long Term Services. For Veterans to gain the job skills they need for employment. Number five: Independent Living. For assistance in leading
a more independent life. VA Vocational Rehabilitation
and Employment – by the numbers. Find the track
that’s right for you. Learn more on the web at http://www.benefits.va.gov/vocrehab or call toll free 1-800-827-1000.>>Text: U.S. Department of Veterans Affair

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