5 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business | Business Q&A in Singapore 2018

5 Tips to Help You Grow Your Business | Business Q&A in Singapore 2018

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  1. #VaynerNation, listen up! 🔥👇

    If you reply to this comment with a quote and/or timestamp from today's video and our team sees it and likes it, we may make it into a piece of content for Gary to post on his social media… if you are the one that replied to this comment with the timestamp and/or quote that was made into content, we'll send you a prize! Reply with your favorite quotes/timestamps from the video with #FirstInLine for a chance to win something pretty cool! 👀

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  2. ,,In 4 years when the ads cost 88$ to get in front of 1000 people instead of 7$, people are going to regret not spending on the ads."
    For me it means to wake the fuck up, and go all in.

  3. When Gary says it will take 21 years. He doesn't mean it will take 21 years it might, but the meaning of this are that it will take 'TIME' not over the night… only TIME, be patient and work hard and smarter.

  4. Great insight please keep pushing point two, because it's too easy to get wrapped up in hearing about the exceptions that grew fast and then we look at what we are doing and assume I must be doing something wrong then change a probably effective strategy that could have yielded results if we would have remained consistent long enough.

  5. Another Tip: Ego will kill your business, relationships, and more. Therefore, I advice you to keep your ego in check at all times during business. No one wants to work with an excessively egotistical a**.


  6. I like watching your videos, but my English isn't that good. and I hope you can give subtitles to your video. i'm from indonesia btw

  7. @ 2:25 "Ya know people talk about working hard or working smart. The answer is only both. You have to work hard and smart, based on your ambition." I'm not gonna firsline this bc I dont want anything from you Gary. You've given me way too much already with just these videos and post alone. Thanks man. Respect

  8. I love this format of Q&A and would love to see more in this style. The Asia videos are AWESOME I'm looking forward to seeing what other content comes out of the trip.

  9. Really appreciate these tips. I am continuing to build my brand around working out & motivation and these tips were really helpful. Thanks Gary.

  10. I’m 14 and I want to start a business and help myself. Is there anything I should know that would help me out!?


  12. Gary! That’s absolutely awesome. I’m going into my own business next week after being stuck in a corporate job – i love the story regarding scaling your service business the way you describe it and also getting more people in, the moment you can afford them. Awesome! I hope to see you in september in Warsaw !

  13. I’m starting a business with Aflac soon, I’m gonna buy some ads on Facebook to get some clients/sales out of it. Just so I don’t say I regret not doing it

  14. Gary, I have a question..
    As someone in the technology business wanting to put more work into social media production via podcasts, videos and SM posts, am I wasting resource, time and effort into media production?
    Crowd traction doesn't grow very fast and my efforts often seem wasted and I am not sure if I should continue to pursue the media production to inadvertently advertise my business or if I should put 100% of my efforts into my technology products.

    I'm a huge fan, thank you.

  15. I've been watching your content for over a year and I gotta say this is by far my favorite format of video you've put out, right next to your keynotes. I love the crucial, straight to the point clips that are organized nicely.

  16. "I refuse to get high on my own supply. You have to put yourself out of business before somebody else does it." 7:50 This can not be stressed often enough. Back in the day we called it, "eating your own lunch before someone else does." And yet, businesses still falter and fail by ignoring this. Some, like IBM, not once, but twice now! If there was ever a bit of advice worth repeating, this would be it. Over and over again.

  17. 3:36 “You have to love people leaving comments saying ‘you suck’, you have to love the process”
    Thanks GaryVee and team! Learning so much.

  18. i dont see any of these people make it too far, i only wish there was ever someone challenging gary, it's only gary's monologues.

  19. I have been taking your advice, your insight, and your ideas and applying it to myself as a business in a professional sport setting and creating a brand out of myself and over the past 2 months I've seen a huge uptick in notoriety in my field! I haven't seen the financial benefit but I'm sure it will come if I keep on hustling! Thanks for the inspiration and direction especially the hard to stomach things that I had to look deep inside to figure out!

  20. 7:20 This stupid asian woman saying yeap yeap hmm yeap hmm is so annoying! How the hell you want to be come a business person when you are that annoying ?

  21. I love the idea to take the bus instead of the car to get more job done and save more money !!! Thank you for your work Team GaryVee

  22. You know…yep yep…the major reason why…yep yep…most people don’t…yep yep….make a million dol…yep yep…

  23. “I continue to build human infrastructure because that is something the platforms are not interested in.” #firstinline this is absolute Gold for me right now. Thank you!

  24. Loved it all keep it coming! Second week I’m up to 4 GV’s but I’m doing. Only 15minutes while eating sometimes, but this is fire 🔥 I’m about to add it to a playlist so I can check back with the info when needed, thanks G

  25. attention is the currency! i love this Gary.
    i know i just started this 2nd channel and im proud to say that i am patient and eager to learn more and go on this journey.

  26. Thanks so much for this content and clarity. Keep being the power house that drives necessary change and improvements.

  27. Excelent tips man, thanks for sharing all your content. You are a mentor . Greetings from Cuba 🇨🇺

  28. Facebook ads aren’t the be all. In most cases they’ll amount to a loss and money poorly spent. Gary invested in Facebook. He’s has a large reach and is pushing Facebook spend. Just a thought

  29. My husband and I are in the process of taking over an existing business and NO ONE in our market is using social media to their advantage in this area. I'm SO EXCITED especially to start creating FB ads knowing the pricing is so good right now! Thanks for all of your great info – motivated AS HELL. Seriously, I haven't gotten more than 6 hours of sleep since I watched your video from Manila LOL!

  30. TIP number one get people envolved to help you, i love this, but how can i comunicate to other the meaningfullness of my project or idea , to where they would get involved and commit

  31. I like how you did the questions on the left-hand side, but it could be better if you put the questions singularly on the left-hand side but I l still like it.

  32. Started my channel after being inspired by you G. Im putting out content on what I know and learn! Thank you for being the person you are!

  33. #FrstInLine [Timestamp and duration 3:08–4:44] Very interesting the time stamp ended on 4:44 and Gary said “the bottom 1% of MMionairs make $444,000. THIS HAS HUGE VALUE! Why?: 1- It takes time to build your Co. or dream. 2- What is your final (NET) after you paid out EVERYTHING? (Not $444K-so much BS on ads about ‘I’m going to tell you how to become a MMioniare LIKE ME’) 3- You have to love the grind, the ups and lots of downs to get EARN the ‘Up’s’ Which returns to your WHY?: (Full Circle, TeamGary….) You need to Love YOUR PROCESS, VaynerNation! So pick me guys. For two reasons (1) I sleep less to eat dirt @ 4:30AM most days. (2) I loose constantly to learn from my mistakes: which is really a WIN! (Note: I Love YOU Guys&Gals- taking old school work ethic and using new school tools to tie it al together) My best contact is: [email protected]

  34. 1:24 "The business matters more than you." It just hit me after a month. I should worry about buying a house, but I'm already living somewhere so it shouldn't be a priority. But our office is super small and messy, should be scaling the office up to get some storage and more work space.

  35. After watching many of GaryVee's videos, he looks like a man who talks nonstop while sitting on the top of the highest mountain.

  36. 5:25 "I want you respect what you are asking for more" this is absolutely true..we get carried away by the big numbers shown on the media about millionaires and billionaires. The problem is when we read an article in the news we only see 7 or 10 digits and our minds processes that quite easily. However it is very difficult to comprehend what those digits represent! Thanks @Gary for grounding our hopes and dreams with reality..something which is lacking in the modern day

  37. Trying to set up my first business. If you can help please click the link. Thank you 😃

  38. If you realize that this man is not reach, you will think that this man is crazy because of his way of speeking, it's rude

  39. I was wondering about boosting ads and you answered my question. You Gary are inspiring me so much. I actually have jumped out from my comfort zone and I created my own you tube channel about how to succeed in business and make money if you have God on your side. I would love your support and feedback. Please check it out and I will always follow back.

    Like this if this video has blessed you

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  41. This is horrible advice. Live poor? Nah. Live in the mind set : INCOME-PROFIT=EXPENSES. Follow this mantra and you will be profitable and happy.

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  43. Most New Businesses fail from a lack of funding. Get Real Business funding without a personal Guarantee here. https://thebusinesscreditbuilders.com/the_business_lounge/aff_sque7/. Heres to your Success!! Keep going you can do it.

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