5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card | How To Design Professional Business Cards

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card | How To Design Professional Business Cards

5 Tips to Create the Perfect Business Card
– How To Design Professional Business Cards Hi! I’m Antonio Centeno. I’m the founder of Real Men Real Style. Today, I’m going to be talking about the perfect business card. I’m
going to give you five tips on how to create the ideal card for any situation. Before we get into this, guys, you know what
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Guys, these five tips aren’t going to apply for every single one of you, and that’s the
key. Number one, you need to understand your purpose for the business card. Me, I’m a business
owner. I have multiple businesses. When I use business cards and I go to events, sometimes
I’m speaking. Other times, I’m simply sitting back in the audience, but I’m at a point with
my business where I’m pretty selective about who I want to spend time with. So my business cards are geared a little bit
differently. They actually say just simply “business owner” on them. They only have my
email address because honestly, I am very careful about who gets my phone number now.
That business card, for many people, especially if you look online, they’ll say it violates
a number of rules, but for me, it serves my purpose. It actually is something that has
plenty of room that I can write on the back of it and it sends the message that I want
to send. A good example, I met a guy named Chris Brogan
who’s at the New Media Expo, shook his hand. He didn’t know me from atom, but I knew
who Chris is. Chris is actually one of the leaders on the internet, just for the last
decade has been someone out there leading the charge on what the worthy internet is
taking us and what it’s going to do. He’s got a very popular blog. Now, when he looked at my business card and
he saw “owner”, it immediately sparked his interest. I also mentioned at some point where
he picked up that I was in the Marine Corps, so all of a sudden, he meets a Marine who’s
a business owner. It turns out he owns The Business Owner Magazine, so he was very interested.
It turned into a guest post. Now, my purpose was to send the message and
to connect with other business owners, people that are running companies that I respect
and I knew that they would pick up on that kind of stuff, so my business card, number
one, served its purpose. Now, let’s look for you. If you’re out there
looking for a job, then that business card needs to in a sense send that message. You
don’t want to be using a business card from some other company you used to work at. Instead,
get a new business card that actually says — maybe it lists some of your unique skills,
some of the things that sets you apart, not a full resume because you don’t want the
card to be cluttered, but you want to make that positive first impression. You want it
to be memorable. That’s very important because if you’re memorable, you’re actually referable. Oftentimes, you’re going to meet somebody,
give them your card, and to be honest, there’s not going to be a connection. There’s not
really a way that they can help you. However, if you’re memorable, if you’re somebody that
strikes into their memory, then you’ll be able to — in a sense, when they meet somebody
and they’re like, “You know, I just met someone that you need to meet,” and they could pull
out your card, they’re going to be able to make that connection, so number one, focus
in on the purpose of your card. Number two, keep it simple. Make sure the
card is readable. You will not believe how many business cards I get from other people,
and they’re actually difficult to read. They’re actually cluttered with information. It’s
actually even hard to understand who is this person and what are they doing. Make sure
you use a readable font. Not everyone actually has perfect vision. A lot of people, they
may misread it and they’ll simply throw it away. You get a very short time frame. So
again, make sure it’s got your best contact information and multiple forms of contact
information. Now, I just said that I violate this rule,
but I do it on purpose to create barriers, but if you’re out there looking for a job,
you want to have a great email, a professional email. You want to have your phone number.
You perhaps want to have your LinkedIn profile so that they can go see that. Not everyone
is going to want to have their LinkedIn profile, but for you, it’s probably going to be important
because it’s going to be relevant again to, number one, your purpose. The other thing is that some people just prefer
to talk different ways. I like to talk on the phone. I also like to interact with people,
believe it or not, via videos. Sometimes I send people video messages, but a lot of people
don’t like to do that. They would rather type everything out, so that’s why you also
want to have multiple forms of contact so that the person that wants to reach out to
you with an opportunity can reach you via their preferred method. The last thing about it is make sure it’s
clean. This is where you want to have room. [0:05:00] I like to keep it clean because I do carry
a pen and oftentimes, I can write on the back especially if I’m speaking to someone and
they’re really creating a great, solid impression. I sometimes write notes because I don’t
have to remember it, then I can put that business card in my pocket. So we’ve talked about having your purpose,
keeping it simple. The other part, number three, is make sure the information is accurate.
I have actually received business cards in which the information — they just had them
printed out and the information wasn’t accurate. This also applies if you are changing jobs
or you’re with a new company. Don’t give somebody your old business card. That may
be all you have, but it doesn’t send the right impression, so don’t go with a pen
mark. That’s another thing I see, which is really
bad, is that people just write — they’ll scratch it out and they’ll write their new
phone number. To me, that shows a lack of preparation that you’re not taking this super
seriously. And honestly, it’s much harder to read, so we’re going back up to the part
of it being simple and readable. A lot of times, I can’t read it or if it gets
wet, all of a sudden it smudges. Guess what? I’m not going to be able to contact you. Please
make sure it’s the right company. It’s one of those things oftentimes when we look at
it and you want to make sure that’s associated with you. So we’ve talked about purpose, simplicity,
making sure it’s accurate. Make sure it’s professional. Now, we’ve talked about this at the very beginning,
but look at the email. Oftentimes, people are using these email addresses like [email protected]
Now, that’s cool. I’m having my fourth child on the way, so I respect being a dad, but
when I see a business email like that, I’m wondering, does this guy actually take it
that seriously? That’s a personal email. Don’t use personal emails unless they look
professional. Gmail is pretty good. The new Outlook emails aren’t bad. The Hotmail emails,
I know, have gone away, but there are a number of emails out there that are really long and
convoluted. Try to avoid things. Go with something simple, something that’s clean, something
that’s professional. I would avoid Yahoo! emails as well. Just the word “yahoo”, if
you look up what it means, it actually doesn’t have a professional sound to it. I don’t
know. Maybe the company will rebrand at some point. The other thing is make sure that the actual
card is clean. I know this should go without saying, but I’ve had people hand me smudged,
dirty cards that they had in their back pocket for I don’t know how long. Honestly, I don’t
want to even touch the thing. The other thing is have a system for handing
out cards. What do I mean by this? Whenever I hand out cards, my right pocket contains
my business cards. My left pocket on my jacket contains the business cards of others. So
when I take your business card, I put it — it depends on the gentleman. Sometimes, I often
acknowledge the card. I look at it. There are some cultures where you want to acknowledge
the card. Basically, it’s a sign of disrespect if you put it away too quickly, but I always
put them in my left pocket. Then I take out my business cards and hand it to them from
my right pocket. The reason I do this — and I’ve seen people
hand me other people’s business cards especially at networking events where business cards
are going all over the place, so make sure you’ve got a system for it. Again, that’s
my system. Feel free to copy it, but that’s the one that works for me. The last thing, and this is something I see
again and again, is have plenty of business cards. I see people that go to conferences
and after the first day, they have run out of cards. Don’t let that be you. Really
plan ahead. If you’re going to a conference with 2000 people, we’ll take 500 business
cards. That’s a good amount. A lot of times, people go there and they take 20 or 30 business
cards. If you do that, you need to be really strategic
in who you hand them out to. Otherwise, you’re going to run out very quickly, and who knows?
You could easily give out 20 business cards in 20 minutes if you’re someone that’s really
working the room and meeting a lot of people. I know for me, because I’m a speaker, a lot
of people want my business cards, so I’ll simply put a small stack in front and people
can just come by and grab it and reach out to me later. Another thing I do with business cards is
I strategically place them in various points so that even if I mistakenly forget my big
stack, I’ve got in all of my sports jackets — I’ve actually got about 50 to 100 business
cards in various pockets on the inside. I do this because I don’t forget my sports
jackets and the business cards are always there, so that’s one thing I do. Another thing is I carry the case. Actually,
I have a very nice case, which if we go back to keeping them professional, looks very nice.
It keeps them clean, but actually having the case, putting it in my luggage, it’s actually
on my checklist whenever I pack and I go places. Another place I keep business cards, inside
my car or truck. Now, if I’m flying, I’m not going to have access to it, but a lot of times
I’ll go some place and by having 50 to 100 business cards in the console of my vehicle,
I can always go back out and grab those, and then be armed at least with those 50 to 100
cards. [0:10:07] The final place where I keep at least five
business cards is inside my wallet. Now, sometimes they do get a little bit beat up and yes,
we’re going to violate that, but that’s better than me having nothing. I keep them in a small
little case, a little plastic case that actually does a decent job of protecting them. No smudges
get on them, but they do get bent up occasionally. However, that’s better than not having anything. Let me know what you think and hopefully you
found this video useful. I would love for you guys to go over to Real Men Real Style
and join my email list, and grab your copy of my free 47-page ebook on men’s style. I
actually give a number of tips on how to be a better man, on how to use certain different
techniques. We talk about negotiation. We also talk about things like this, this business
card, and how to be a better man. So hopefully, you guys found this video useful.
I’ll see you in the next video. Take care. Bye-bye. [0:11:00] End of Audio

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  4. This is very male orientated but he does state this in his channel title …. however just to say I think that's really smart how you use your business card to give people the perception that your exclusive and those who really want to work with you will go out their way to contact you so it hits 2 birds with one stone so they say …. I'm a forensic investigative psychologist and when I was training I had my first business card to get volunteer placements and experience I kept it simple name number email and stated I was a trainee and the level I was at (BSC, PHD , MA) I changed it on my card each time I levelled up so people could see what level I was at however now qualified I have kept the same card logo taken of my number and replaced my personal email with work email and title to F.I.P PSYCHD … very simple … I also elevated my logo at the back of my card it was something I promised myself once I finally got to first stage ( that is qualifying) this is great for sensory people tend to remember more if you tickle there sensors .. this would be touch in my case … my card is well known among the psychology community in fact Ive got to the point where people don't even read my card they know me through just looking at it … not sure if that's a good thing ahaaa im now on my second phase and that is to start building my own forensics firm which I'm going to do a separate card for but keep the same logo !

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    When the Cards arrived I noticed an error on the Card.
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  28. This information was very helpful. I always wondered how to make a professional business card without adding my address. Well appreciated. Thanks for the share.

  29. This information was very helpful. I always wondered how to make a professional business card without adding my address. Well appreciated. Thanks for the share.

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