5 Things that may hold you from growing your business

5 Things that may hold you from growing your business

I get it! You are in this game for quite
some time but somehow you didn’t manage yet to grow your business above the
actual level. In today’s video I’m gonna teach you what are five common things
that are stopping entrepreneurs from growing their businesses and what are
all the steps to overcome those. So, in today’s video my promise to you is
that I will share with you what are the five most common things that are
stopping you from growing your business. If you’re like me, for sure, you’ll
recognize at least one of them and you’d want to solve the problem right away. I’m
not saying that these are the only ones but in my experience these are the most
common ones. Before that allow me a quick introduction: I’m Iva Berghmann Mindset
trainer, Action Coach and Business strategist and on this channel you’ll
find proven tips and tools that will take you from where you are to where you
want to be in business and your life. So, if you’re new here consider subscribing
and at any point during this video check out show notes and links in the
description down below. Moving on! One of the factors that prevent people from
growing their business, is related to MONEY BLOCKS. Usually these are emotional
blocks or limiting beliefs blocks probably carried from our childhood and
we are not even aware that we have them. If you think back to your childhood to
the way your parents or closed environment perceived money you’ll find
out a few interesting things: was it a taboo? What was said about the people who
had money? What were they thinking about the subject regarding money? Is it the
eye of the devil? Do you have to be dishonest in order to become rich? We can
afford these and that… If you discover that the shared core values and beliefs
that gravitate around the money are not aligned with your desires regarding
money you can change that. The choice is yours.
Another key factor that is stopping you from growing your business to the
desired level of course, it’s not showing up. A lot of businesses and brands
especially in the online space are failing because they lack exposure. I
deal with this almost weekly working with my coaching clients when I get to
ask them why aren’t they more visible to their audience and I hear:
I’m not that kind of person! I don’t like to draw too much attention on myself!
What if they won’t like me? What if they will hate me? I’m not good
at that! I don’t want to be judged and so on. If you hear some familiar voices in
your head, similar actually, leave a comment below. I had the same lines in my
head and I was postponing my success each day. Leave a comment and I promise
I’ll get back to you personally. Lack of support that gets to discouragement
is a true issue. You can get discouraged by so many factors: lack of support from
your significant other, from your family, lack of satisfaction because sometimes
it’s too hard to do things, lack of actions, failures after failures…just to
name a few. When the support from the dear one is missing it’s one thing but
it’s even harder when they’re trying to stop you with all the resources they
have. This is a hard one! It’s like you’re trying to get the water out of
the boat and they keep on pouring!!! You either change the boat or change the
people. Best advice is to ignore them and the best REVENGE is to prove them wrong.
And I must warn you! Even if you prove them wrong you might find out that some
people around you still will not understand why you do the things differently.
Let them be and follow your path. Do you suffer from “chasing butterflies” syndrome?
I was so passionate about everything to the level that I couldn’t remember what
I started and what I was aiming for. There are so many temptations, so many
offers, so many strategies, so many… you name it that is almost impossible not to
get distracted. That is why my fourth reason today my friend is lack of focus.
I have to say though that this is not a disease. I have clients to whom I speak
on Skype sessions and they are telling me that their main problem is the fact
that they can’t focus. Are you still with me? OK! Let me ask you something… I got
distracted …Easy! Is there a thing or an activity
that you love to do so much that you don’t even bother to go to the toilet or
even perhaps you forget to eat? If your answer is a big fat yes, you have no
problem with focusing. You have a problem with motivation. Because you see, when
we’re doing the things we love and we’re passionate about, time is flying around
and I’m sure I’m not the first one to say that but when we have to do things
that we hate or activities that are not appealing to us the brain goes rogue and
it’ll say NO! If someone will point a gun to your head commanding you to do the
same things for hours and hours even if you don’t like it, will you still lack
the focus? Of course not because you are “properly” motivated. And the last but not
least factor is burnout. Do you try to do everything by yourself? Do you think that
you’re the best person to do things? Are you a perfectionist? Are you trying to do
too many things at once? Do you neglect yourself not getting enough sleep, not
being in shape, eating crappy foods? Well let me tell you that it’s a matter of
time until you’ll get burned out or fat or ill. I have good news for you. You can
start right now to apply my P.O.T. SYSTEM. If you choose to do that, you’ll be more
energetic and focused, and you’ll be able to do more things with less time. I’ve
managed to do that by structuring and systematizing parts of my business that
allowed me to free up my daily schedule. There you have it: five common things
that are stopping entrepreneurs from growing their businesses and what are
the steps to overcome those. I must tell you that the best things happen behind
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Ladies and gentlemen I’m Iva Berghmann and until next time all the best!

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