5 Steps to Build an App

5 Steps to Build an App

I don’t know about you but I often have
an app idea for a side hustle or a business Only to find out two seconds
later that app has already been made so I have found myself Paul from Encyte
Hi Paul! To talk me through the process of how you actually go about creating an app
Paul and his company Encyte have done apps for architects to Airlines
universities and even recently a Doughnut Store Intro! Roll the intro
so let’s kick it off with five steps on how you’re gonna bring your idea, your app
idea to life. The first step that we’ll be looking at is how you conduct
your research and bring your ideas to life. The second step is we’ll be creating
something visual to bring the app idea to life. The third step is designing and
branding what do you want your app to look like. The fourth step will be coding
and development so how are you going to get this app functional and the fifth
step will be testing and actually launching it. Okay so you said the first
step is research, so what does that look like? So the first step in research would be
to actually understand what you want your app to do and whether it’s possible. So go out there & figure out whether there are other apps similar to yours, whether
you can do it better and figure out whether you’re trying to make money off
your app, whether it’s for businesses, whether it’s for consumers and if a
similar app exists how can you do it better. So the next thing you were
saying was to create something visual. In my head it’s like are you
physically drawing boxes on a piece of paper to map out what the app would
look like or what you actually do. In the second step we’d be creating
something visual, so I mean you could use a piece of paper, you could use a
computer program to help you with this What programs are out there? So there are heaps of programs out there to help you with
this type of thing. You could use Adobe XD, you could just use Google’s draw IO,
you can just draw it on a piece of paper, I mean you can do it
any way you want as long as you get something out there that’s visual and
you start fleshing out your idea and figuring out how users are going to
interact with the app and how they’ll flow through and experience your app. So
we’re going to go through an example now of a high-level flow that I’ve done for
one of my clients fleshing out an app idea for them. So as you can see in this
high-level flow we’re just trying to understand how the users will flow
through the application from when they log in, so when they first hit the home
page and then how they go out to each section of this app. Then we’ll go a
level deeper and we’ll actually flesh out the features, the buttons, everything
that the user will interact with on the app. This can still be a
drawing on a piece of paper, it could still be using draw dot
IO order bit XD but the main point is that you’re thinking about how users are
going to interact with your app and when they click on a certain button this and
that where are they going to next or what feature pops up. This is called wire
framing. Okay so what you’re saying when you’re doing this drawing part where
you’re actually going ‘hey my buttons are gonna be in a template’
you’re calling that wire framing. Yeah, I’m calling that a wireframe. Once you’ve
finished your wireframes we can actually go into a prototyping tool like Adobe XD
and sketch and all those other applications I was talking about so if
you’re a bit more tech savvy and you don’t like prototyping your app on a
piece of paper we can start fleshing out how your app is going to flow with a
proper tool. Okay so when you’re saying prototyping your actual
buttons on the screen when you do something, so if you go and login it goes
here, if you say go to exercises or Donuts it’ll actually bring you to that
page? Yes, but it’s missing the backend connectivity so it’s not really
an app yet it’s like a shell of an app? Yeah, it’s just a visual flow where you
can actually specify how the flow happens, what the buttons do, what pops up,
all these types of things. Cool and then, is that hard? Is it a hard app to use? I think it’s quite easy, it’s just a simple and easy
drag-and-drop for prototyping, so you just click a button, you drag it and you
just show where you want it to go. If you wanted to go to the next screen or you
want it to pop something up you can actually fully specify that in these
apps. So the next step is branding and design, so you either need
to get a designer to help you out with this or you’re going to have to learn
how to use Photoshop or just understand how to color your application using
these tools. So you can do this in Adobe XD as well you can start to color your
buttons and colour all the pictures that you put in there. So this is
kind of like when you start a business and you need a logo and your colours and fonts
and all that kind of stuff. So you basically create a style guide effectively
for the app? Yeah, and then you can put that over the top, you’re basically
making the pretty part, this is the pretty part. You know, you’re starting to
build the materials to go yeah it’s time to think about your colors, your
fonts, all that type of thing. Very quick sidebar, you were showing me something,
that website with the different colors what’s that called? Colours Co,
and this is the different palettes and so if you’re not
good with colours and me being colour deficient, I would need something like this
just to see what colours to work with Yeah, so you can put in your favorite
colours in there, you know all the colours you’re looking at to have on your app
and then it’ll it will create a colour palette for you very easily that you can
use to think about what colours you want and what other colours you can use
easily to keep it consistent So step four is coding and
development, so this is when you’re actually getting a team or you’re
learning how to develop and code your app so this is like the
matrix part where you see all the different coding etc. Yeah definitely
like the matrix coding running down the screen. Developers and coders in the background yes smashing out the coding. So it’s
like connecting the visual of the front to the back end databases Google, Maps
Yeah, so once you fully prototype your app and you understand the features,
the flow, what your buttons are doing, this and that, you’ll take this to a
development team and they’ll consult with you on how you can actually get it
developed and the cost associated, if you want to learn how to code then it’s
probably gonna take you a long time to figure out how to do every element of
bringing an app to life. Cool, so we’ve gone
through all these other different steps. Do you actually have to do those steps
or could you just go to an app developer? If from the start you have an idea, off you
go. I mean you could bring the wireframes in, you could bring the high-level flow in
or you could bring an almost complete app to a designer or developer and
they can finish it up for you. It just depends on how much you’d like to do
yourself and how much you’d like the team to do, so there’s quite different
levels of cost and that kind stuff. Yeah, there’s different levels of costs. I’ve actually heard people do the first part, the visual
part, make a prototype and then just use that to get funding to have their app
made or financed by somebody else, like an investment so that’s the
kind of thing you were talking about. So when you get to the development part,
that’s when things are getting serious? Yeah, when you get into the development
part hopefully by then you’ve got a very strong looking prototype that you can
take to people and, like I said, if you want to get investors, go take it to
an investor who you think would be keen on investing in your app and bringing it
to life so this is a very very very cool part to be at. If you’ve gotten
this far, then do you need to make two apps if one is for the Apple
and one is for Android or is it the one thing? how does that work? So
it depends on your developer, you can get developers to develop it in hybrid code
so it’ll be easy to post it on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play
Store, so if I like a language and just get language that works on that get a
language that works on both, it’s slightly more expensive however but at
least you’ll have your app available to a lot more people because you’re on two
marketplaces. Yeah okay, so is this the kind of thing you can just jump on fiver
or a freelancer and just get someone overseas to do it? do you can you do it
here what’s new what’s the story there so you could take your prototype idea
and go find someone on freelancer or upwork or any of those platforms to get
a developer to finish it off for you but given an application requires a lot
of technical themes and technical tasks you’re going to want to have a very good
relationship with whoever’s developing your app so that if any problems arise
or the connectivities are stuffing up or there’s a bug on your app you really
need a good relationship with your developer to ensure it keeps functioning. okay so like if there’s like an update to your iPhone, can that screw up your
app? yes definitely so you know the debate the latest operating system
comes out and all of a sudden apps are not downloading properly, it’s not
functioning properly so yeah yeah you really need to think about having a long
term relationship with the developer and also for you, for your users as
well because your users are going to be using this application. okay you want
them to have the best experience so when I think about this part this is
inappropriate or not but I think what you get if you get it done in Australia
it’s gonna be expensive if you go overseas the communication might not be
the best so how does your company work? So our company works differently on
project to project but we’ll bring in talent from overseas and we’ll bring in
local talent as well to get it get an app done. So hybrid? Yeah we’re like a
hybrid structure so you know we have a very large in-house team that we work
with to design and develop but if we need technical experts or you know
industry experts we’ll bring them in locally to help out the final step of
finishing off your app getting it on the App Store is to get it approved from
Google Play and the Apple App Store is a hard it’s there’s a lot of
documentation involved to do with user data if you’ve got payment gateways on
there you’re gonna have payment terms and all this type of thing if you’ve
got delivery you need to have delivery terms on there. So is one easier? Is Apple harder? I’m guessing a lot harder than
Google Play. We’ve had yeah we’ve had probably more apps get rejected
from Apple App Store than Google Play Store and then as it costs money to put
an app on the App Store. Yeah so you’ll need to get a developer account for both
Apple App Store and Google Play Store Google Play stores are one-off fee
and the Apple App Store is a recurring fee of about $100. All right
cool and then how much testing is it? is it like a lot of testing do you just
test it once do you test it 17 times or I’m guessing it depends on the app. It
definitely depends on the app but when we test we will obviously do an
assessment report and figure out what were all the problems, we’ll try and fix
those or relaunch or re-upload the app and then we’ll test it all again until
it’s perfect. Alright, okay okay so one of my big questions I’ve got is
what does that cost? is it $1,000, is it ten thousand dollars is $100,000? I actually have an idea. It’s a very very common question I’m asked is how much
does an app cost yep and it can range you can range from as little as five
thousand dollars all the way up to a hundred plus thousand dollars. Okay so
okay so if you make it yourself and you can do all these parts and you’re a
genius it’s basically just the Apple costs like the cost to put it on the
store, yeah it’s just the cost that you need to pay to Google and Apple for
getting up there and then so we’ve gone through these steps so depending on
which step you outsource or depending on what you doing what you don’t do does
that affect the cost right? definitely so for example if you as we
said get up to the prototyping stage and you find you need someone to develop it
for you then you’ve essentially saved us a little bit of time and effort on
the developers for conceptualising your app and thinking about how it’s going to
function so it’ll be much easier for them to do their part in coding and
development so you’ve reduced a little bit of the cost there. Okay and so if you
go and get an app made it’s a pretty basic one and you get it done overseas
is five grand like a reasonable number ballpark
couple of screens you know you could get about maybe five grand you could get an
app made for five grand it just depends on your developer, how much they cost
and how complex your app is cool and what about making money from your app is
it just if you make an app it allows you to make money? You can make money if
people download it? I mean it depends on the app you’re making, yeah you could
charge for users to download your app or you could put advertising pop-ups on
there and make commissions from that yeah or you could have some type of sass
product. What is a sass product? So it’s a monthly subscription okay yeah
where people pay monthly to use your app Okay so that is the
five steps let me see if I remember it it’s basically coming up with an idea,
drawing it if you want to make put it out and make it a visual user an app if
you want to if you’re using what those apps you can create a prototype will
actually flex four different parts etc then you need to go and get a developer
to make that up get it approved on the App Store, test it and bingo bango. yeah definitely and then you smash the like button because it was good information
good please and also subscribe to our channel we’ll have plenty more videos
coming for you soon and thank you for your time Paul no worries I’ve really
enjoyed being on the channel what if advice

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