5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home

5 Small Businesses You Can Start at Home

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  1. thank u for this video.. very encouraging. but where to advertise our services so that people can find us. am intersted to do language interpretation

  2. A little something for the folks who don't have time to waste. Time is money after all… Solid video btw.

    Here are the 5 business ideas he mentions in the video. Cheers.

    5 – E-COMMERCE BASED BUSINESS [I.E. etsy, affiliate marketing, etc.]

  3. Today is my "homework day" and you just gave me several great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. As always, you are very appreciated!

  4. So around 2:20 you you mentioned that tech companies want to hire people form home for customer service, programming, help desk, user testing, etc.. But what companies would you suggest getting involved with? When you think of "tech support" what company comes to mind?

  5. Since I started following your channel, I've been in a state of self improvement and I got to thank you Robert Blake for that. In other hand I find your videos to be the highest quality available and I really like that, hope to see more from you, here a follower and a friend.

  6. I would love to learn more about a consultant business. I have a strong passion for quality customer service and business ethic that would help businesses. However, I thought a license was needed to start a Consultant Business. Please offer me additional information such as any extra training in which I would be interested in and feel free to contact me at [email protected]

  7. hi bro,
    i really like your video based on work from home,
    i have about 65% business online ideas, but just to know how to start or which to start with. can you please guide me on just one that is profitable

  8. 0:18 #01 Consultancy
    1:44 #02 Creative services
    1:51 #03 Technical support
    2:57 #04 Online writing and Copy writing
    4:04 #05 E-commerce based business

    Definitely a big help. Thanks!

  9. I want to start business online by giving people advises and solves their love life problems and also illnesses ( cancers). I have knowledges and love spell to sell. (money back guarantee.) I want to make money at the same time helping people and get blessing for doing it! Can you please give me advise how to start this business. (I dont know much about computer.) Thank you.

  10. Love the background music. Made 2500 buying some land and 300 for some programming stuff. Getting it man.

  11. Nice job this is one of the most honest channels i've seen when recommending how to make money online. There is so much garbage out there it's unreal.

  12. I recently started looking into home based businesses and did not realize how big this space is. Lots of opportunity.

  13. LOVE the videos, in the works on becoming a freelancer and it would be great to know more about how to market yourself at the beginning stage of freelancing

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  15. Is it possible for you to put in the description the different businesses?

    you are going way to fast and the audio information is illegible to the ear when slowed down to 0.75.

  16. Hey Roberto, I just wanted to say hello. I recently meet you at the youtube seminar in Atlanta. Thanks for your info on how to create an income from home.

  17. Hi iam Naveen. Now iam 18. Doing B.tech.How to start bussiness without capital? Or How to earn money?

  18. Is there a email address I can contact you on? I have some personal questions related to ECommerce, and affiliate marketing.

  19. The procedure of starting an online business is not as challenging or expensive as you may think. The start up costs for an online business are small in comparison to a conventional bricks and mortar business, and you do not have to be a technology expert. You don’t even need to have your own services or products as you can sell other peoples and earn a commission when someone buys from you. Here are the steps to starting an online business from your home.

  20. Thanks for the info!!!
    In order to do E-com or affiliate mktg ,you have to have traffic right? What is the most effective way to market/advertise with limited income? There is so much info out there but none of it, at least that I've found, shares this important piece of info.
    So overwhelming! Any advise here?

  21. hey man!
    I just subcribed you…. my main target is money. that's the one thing I need the most. also being in a poor country is an issue… I just need help to get started

  22. these are really obvious business ideas that are very limited to the people that have those skill sets. Who is going to give me money to consult them if I have no degrees or hard qualifications? I dont know how to graphic design, literally everyone is a photographer, nobody is going to hire me as a freelance writer unless I have experience at legit publications, e commerce is so difficult to source products unless you buy 10000 units and not even know if they will sell well against the million others selling the same product. Its freaking hard Ive been trying this shit for a while.

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  24. Roberto,

    thank you for this video if you could write me back would be awesome, I am a stay at home mom I’ve been searching everywhere for a legitimate stay at home job and had no luck. If you could help me or anyone I would be so very appreciated my email is [email protected] thank you

  25. Hey Bob , I'm in the collection business what do you think of " Break yo face with out a trace " or " If your in the chalk outline , should paid da fine " .. still working on my people skills , can so help a brother out ? thanks

  26. 4 aff marketing amazon requires a site to have 10000 hits monthly. My site is new. I'm working on marketing it with youtube and Facebook. Gives techniques on increasing site traffic

  27. Hi there, if you like home business ideas please check out this awesome website, its the hottest website about this topic https://app.yoonla.com/evolve#a_aid=5a9b3367af128

  28. who in the world disliked this video?!?!?! This guy is real and not selling scams. i even signed up to getty images after watching his videos! and i got a big yes to it!! I like this guy!! he tells websites that are free that dont cost money that you can do real stuff with for someone like me that has no money!! I went for scams so much trying to get money and wound up loosing money and being mad at my self for falling for the scams!! I will try to do that no more. just dont fall for those fancy websites!! close the window if your not shure, and if it says do you really want to leave this site? Its a defenent scam!!! if it doent it still could be a scam, check to see if it has all good coments, like of pictures of people and long testimonys. and flashy thouse are fake!!! dont fall for them!!! kay enough rambling see ya peoples!!!!

  29. lol, me and my partner just recently started a consulting firm and we do relationship, IT and video editing consulting. If anyone is interested we are called Everything Advising. It's nice to know that Roberto is suggesting this.

  30. like your presentation havent started my buisness have a recording studio and buy all refills no cheating id rather be a customer first on the companys list ill support you id rather give you more flat rate

  31. Shingeki No Kyogin as your screen saver…super epic bro!!! Thanks for posting the video. Great ideas!!!

  32. Hey love your videos and feel inspired to create something I love, I have two questions for you 1. Im thinking of creating a sports blog or weekly articles however I dont know were to start, I dont really want to create videos because I would feel more comfortable just writing articles, any webistes or apps I can use to publish them, and 2. Im thinking of patreon however I think for patreon you should already have a following before you start publishing on there website, whats your opinion on me using patreon ?, thanks for your help and thanks for keeping us inspired

  33. If you are teaching yourself graphic design and web design, how do you know when you are good enough to start selling your services?

  34. Hey Roberto, how do you feel about photography today in 2018? Do you think its doable or there's alot of competitions?

  35. I've been watching you for a year now from Nairobi, Kenya. Sincerely speaking, my life generally keeps changing positively. Thank you.

  36. Thanks for the awesome tips! For the first small business you mentioned, if I write content, how do I link to a magazine or blogger or newspaper (online or physical) etc. to market or submit this content to?

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