5 RULES OF SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS – कामयाब बिज़नेस के ५ राज़

5 RULES OF SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS – कामयाब बिज़नेस के ५ राज़

Hey Dosto, Many people knows that person can earn lot of money through business and thats true after knowing this fact few people by being courageous and brave start doing business which is really good but the bad news is many people amongst these brave people fail to make their business successful they invest everything, their time money energy efforts but still fail to face success why even after investing everything they fail because while doing a business they make some mistakes they make such mistakes which ruin their investment, mistakes that cost them everything many a times they face such a huge loss that next time they don’t even think of starting all over again According to christians and jews, the way god has given 10 commandments to prophet and others to follow in order to create successful life as well as hereafter similarly in this book author is asking us to follow 5 commandments in order to make business successful after learning these commandments any person will have capability to create a successful business these commandments will share such wisdom which will allow you to earn lot of money these commandments will help you to create big fortune through your business. in order to make your business successful the thing people need to do is to follow these 5 commandments which author teaches us through a short form known as CENTS. Author says that if you study 10 businesses then 9 out of 10 business you will find following these Cents commandments in order to build successful business. hence even you people must understand these commandments properly in order to create successful business, so let’s begin.. Cents first initial stand for control, first commandment in CONTROL suppose there are two farmers, first farmer farms on his own land, works hard for a year and whatever he earns from the land with that amount of money he runs his family whereas other farmer works for other farmer, works for other land and whatever he earns after working for other with that amount he runs his family now you tell me as per business mentality who is more benefited who is in better position at present and who will stay is good position even in future? now obviously maximum will say first farmer not because he has his own land but because he has more control compare to other farmers other farmer is working on others land unfortunately if anything bad happens then that farmers entire financial condition will get dsiturbed hence commandment of control teaches us that the more person will have control in business the more your business will grow example, seeken is my youtube channel, but if youtube wants to stop my channel for any reason then they can do this because they have that much control hence for me the best thing would be like i should work and grow my own website where total control stays on my hand many people make a mistake in order to earn they become dependent on one medium completely which isn’t a best option at all suppose there is a seller who sells his product only on amazon then best thing for him would be like he should try to sell on other platform or on his own website because till the time his business will be control of others till that time growth without difficulties would be impossible and risky too here i am not saying that you shouldn’t use other platforms or other platforms are not good no its not like that here i am saying to diversify your source of income and don’t get dependent on any one source seller platform or buyer otherwise there’s possibility of you earning nothing just because you have no control over that particular medium, so as per first commandment try to have maximum control over your business and in your life Cents E Stands For ENTRY This commandment asks a very serious and important question to us which is how easy it is for others to start same business like you? how easily other person can start similar business like you? is it difficult or easy for others to start similar business like you? example, few days ago i was talking to one of my relative at start of his career my relative had started snacks related business at start he was getting lot of profit, but however it was very easy for any person to get into same business like anyone can start that snack business by taking 2 or 3 people along with a cooks help when other show that snacks business give lot of profit others also started doing the same business as a result competition increased related to same business, hence my relative had to decrease his profit margin in order to survive in the market, but again looking his tactics other also did the same thing and as a result my relative profit margin kept on decreasing because of which he finally closed his snack business, hence you must remember that the business which you are doing or business you are thinking to do should be so difficult that others find very hard to start that same thing or your business should solve really big problems only then your business will able to become successful otherwise with lot of competition you will not able to earn profit which eventually affect your business growth so thing you should remember that if any person can copy your business easily then it means you are not following second commandment properly the more other person face the barriers and huddles while starting a same business like you the more beneficial it will be for you because most of the people don’t like to put much efforts, you shouldn’t be like this most people remember Entrepreneur main motive is to solve problems, the more difficult problems you will solve the more success you will face, example if you see Elon musk companies, all companies are billion dollar companies because his companies solve very difficult problems of others which isn’t easy to copy by anyone hence even you should start such a business which is really difficult for others to copy if you want to build billion dollar company, or if you want to build easy business and think of earning small amount then you will never able to become something huge in life Third commandment Is Need CENTS N SATNDS FOR NEED Need is the central point of all 5 commandments As i said earlier the biggest motive of any business should be like solving others problem if you are making things easy for people, or if you solving some problem of others if you are giving better service to others or if you are fulfilling anybody’s need or service then you are for sure following this commandment, which is really very important now if you are thinking why i am sharing so obvious things because as per research today many startups fails because businesses prepare a product which isn’t needed by others they feel as if their idea is best and awesome, but when they launch their product no one buys it because no one needs it and this is something very serious issue see following your passion is something really good but if your passion isn’t helping someone and if you are not getting anything from it, then your passion will for sure not pay your bills there is a very famous saying in business line which says It doesn’t matter what you want it matters what your customer wants and if you are not providing them what they want then moving ahead will never be possible 4th commandment TIME Cents 4th initial stands for Time if your business needs you always only then it will work smoothly, then you are not creating a business but you are creating a job and fact is maximum people make the same mistake while starting their business maximum people start selling their time for their business, which isn’t right example, suppose i have a garments shop, which works daily only when i am present and if any day i am not there in that shop, then that shop will be closed and won’t work then by this i am selling my time to earn money which isn’t right at all but instead of me working every day if i hire anyone for everything then by doing this i will make my income independent and doing this would be my ideal decision even you should have such aim, because this way big companies and business are formed and created hence as per 4th commandment never create a business by selling your time instead prepare a proper system in which hire others to work for you, where your presence need become less 5th commandment scale, Cents s stands for scale. this commandment ask you that is your service or product which you are selling can be replicate easily is it scalable? you can take it to the next level? example, suppose you are a very talented artist, and the way you create paintings no one can do that now your painting is so awesome that others start giving you work with this you create your own business and start earning money but here problem is your time is limited, you have more customers and your output is less hence your business isn’t scalable, however no one can work like you hence you can’t even hire someone because of which you are able to handle only 5 clients then at such situation you won’t able to build huge business. you business suppose to be like where you can handle 5 -10- 20 -100 clients easily while growing your business in todays time you will notice and see that online entrepreneurship is at peek and software companies are earning money very easily because making software and doing business usually don’t create issues in scalability because ones you create a software then you can sell its copy to thousands of people without creating it again and again this is easy compare to other business like restaurant its really difficult to start restaurant at different places then has to hire different people etc hence last commandment ask you to create such a business which you can easily scale and you don’t find problem in expanding that business these are some amazing knowledge from an amazing book the millionaire fastlne if you are interested in improving your financial and business life then you must read this book i have shared this book link in the below description if you want free audiobook of this book then can get it through the link which appears on screen i have shared that free audio book link as well in the below description if you never want to miss any of my videos, then do subscribe and click on the bell icon do choose sent all notification by selecting on the bell icon only then you will receive the notification on sunday and will able to learn so many useful knwoledge do share this video with your friends family on facebook and other platforms and to people who have interest in business or going to start their startup and finally thanks for watching..

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