5 Reasons Why I quit Hult International Business School

5 Reasons Why I quit Hult International Business School

hi everyone welcome back to my channel today I’m gonna be talking about why I quit hold International Business School so if you want to know more about it then keep watching this video before we start please don’t forget to subscribe click the button like if you like this type of video so that I know and I can do more videos like this for you so let’s go back to the beginning everything started in 2014 when I actually applied for the University it was a long process but as any other universities especially in the u.s. you have to provide a lot of documents that show you because I was an American I am NOT American I am actually from Brazil I had to follow the procedure like everybody else and it would live it long no issues about that in the beginning of January in the beginning in the beginning Indy Indy beanie in the beginning fine the first reason why I left for the International Business School is because everyone would lie to me would lie to my friends would like to my boyfriend would lie to me so it means that the university has no moral or wet ticks whatsoever after I got my acceptance letter and I actually started entering contact with one of their advisers he was from some hollow campus in Brazil and I got told many lies and I had no idea about any of this I had no idea that I was being like at so in that time I was so naive I just believed everything the guy said I was honestly a little bit concerned and upset because I thought well why people lied to me before I even started that University and now what is it gonna happen next second reason why I left the university is because I got pushed back I would say in the first year of my university I was doing a course called introduction to business environment and it wasn’t that day of my final and on my page if your international student or if you study in America or in Europe here I think that every University provides you kind of like a page that every one every student can access and submit their assignments I’m not sure about it but at what it was like that and it was saying the time that the final would start so I got in the path I arrived in the University and I was waiting there was not many people around and I thought it was kind of weird and then when it was the time I asked actually entered into class and these students were leaving the students were leaving detect and was me more around six or seven students who were like what and we had no idea that we just got around calendar or I don’t know whatever happened so I want to talk with the teacher and I actually went to talk with the Dean but that’s gonna be topic number three while at the University and the teacher said no you got to do it again even though it wasn’t my fault and I did not have a print I did not take a print screen so I had no proof that I was actually right together with the other students I cannot prove 100% that I was right but just for the fact that I took my computer to the TI to the IT and they simply deleted everything that I had as a proof on my computer just made my arguments not not valuable so I had no proof whatsoever neither did the rest of the six students third reason why I left the university is because there is no proper management of that university I don’t have any idea how they keep up with a business university if they cannot even answer proper phone calls I actually had to talk with the Dean and I did in London and San Francisco for those who doesn’t know and how I transferred campus I’m going to link the last video below so that you can watch but both teens or exclusively caring about your money only money money money that’s all they care about they did not care about what you’re gonna say they don’t care about what the teachers talk to you about how on the line they are or about them hiring people that are gonna lie it to your face so I just saw that that was already reason enough before only that would have happened I wouldn’t still love to the University for reason why I left the university is because they don’t care about people that they hire so the ad partners that are the people that you get in first contact when you apply for the university they have no proof whatsoever about everything that they’re gonna say so they’re lying to your face you’re just gonna believe because you’re about to pay $40,000 per year for them to lie to your face so at my face actually so it was a nice so that’s why I’m before freezing my elective TIFF reason is because they’re just negligent they don’t care about you they just gonna add you with an extra number I actually have to say that maybe I’m gonna get a lot of criticism for this video but I’m just explaining my point of view what happened to me and I thought it was completely unfair that you’re spending that huge enormous amount of money to be treated like a number they don’t have any respect with their students they don’t care about your financial problems or that the teacher probably messed up your grade or any any reason that you’re not being able to say to complain they’re always gonna find a reason to say that you are wrong doesn’t matter what happens and Plus that I am still after almost two years that I quit a university I’m stru I’m still trying to get a phone call and trying to talk with business school because of a document that they didn’t send it to me so after two years and when I say that I was a student I asked the student of their University they just ignore my calls the central said when I call them the central says oh I’m gonna send you to whatever person you need to talk with and the people just hang get the phone and just make up again like five times it just happened yesterday after two years trying to get those documents so if that’s not reason enough for me to leave University to leave for International Business School you please please please I hope that this video if you searching for boots International Business School please be very very very thoughtful and very careful and please make sure that they’re not gonna do what they did with me with you so if you are an actually student a huge business school and your door it and you love it I’m glad for you but that was not what happened with me and that’s a you guys I hope this video was a little bit helpful I wanted to make this video a long time ago because I’m so frustrated with the university yes the teachers itself many teachers they are so lovely and they changed my life I had in London I had three teachers that they were extremely wonderful and I love them so much and I owned them a lot of things that I learned that I really learned but the university itself has a lot of problems and the overall point of view that I have that they really just care about the money as most of the universities I guess but because they are still growing and they’re not Harvard level they should be less ignorant and less arrogant that’s what I think so I hope this video was helpful for you if you’re applying for the universities don’t forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel leave comments below so that if you want to know anything more about the University and anything else just let me know I’m gonna be so happy to record more videos so that’s it you guys bye to your next video

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  1. Hi Ana,

    We’ve just watched your video. For someone who is a Hult alumnus and a current staff, it was disappointing to hear about your experience. I’ve reached out over the weekend to both San Francisco and London campuses about your outstanding documents. I’ve also talked to our enrollment colleagues about the issues that you have raised. What would be the best way for us to have a chat with you? We'd like you to know that we are taking this seriously and we appreciate your feedback on how to improve our school.

    Debbie at Hult

  2. Certainly not what I experienced at Hult….I always felt they cared a lot about students. Even now as an alumni they really want to stay in touch with me and organise a lot. Regarding financial problems, back in 2012 I applied for a scholarship and was awarded one which was helpful. They are the only triple crown accredited US business School and I made great friends from London and Shanghai campus that I am still in touch with today. It was an investment but I'm happy I made it!

  3. Ohhhhhh my goodness, thank you very much, sis, I was going to apply to that university for an entrepreneurship course. I have watched your video at the right time. Thank you.😄I am too an international student (from India), So you have experienced this much, will u suggest me some good university, because I am in 12th grade, and I got 25 as my predict and I know its very much less, but umm can't do anything now.

  4. my friend also had a similar experience at les roches hospitality school, which she left. said it was a scam. typical of swiss schools. just all about money.

  5. Hello anna i am looking forward apply for hult ….but is it the university which many students gave negative feedback on the net..boz its lot of money…and don't want waste if it isn't worth…do they have campus life as well?

  6. Sorry to hear what you went through but I had a awesome experience and would definitely recommend it to people

  7. This video explains a lot and sums up Hult in a nutshell. I applied for the 1 year MBA program and decided not to attend before I found this video. The reason being they showed a side of them during the application process that was very sketchy and I want nothing to do with this organization. They switched the program that I applied for from the MBA to the Masters in International Business program, the reason being I lacked a couple years of work experience. Now instead of them notifying me that I didn't meet the requirements, they switched my program without my consent and proceeded as nothing happened. After I got my acceptance letter, I realized that that wasn't the program that I applied for and confronted them about it. They were apologetic and told me that another team in Dubai was handling my application first before it was moved to the US, and whoever was reviewing it switched it because I didn't meet the work requirements and must have forgotten to inform me, so the U.S didn't know it had been changed. Seriously?? I was even willing to accept that, if it wasn't for the fact that I had my interview just a few days prior and I had many questions specifically about the MBA program which were all answered in detail. If indeed the U.S team were looking at the MIB application why would they ask me questions about the MBA program and why didn't they inform me right there when I was asking all those questions about the MBA program? I just want to let you all know my experience, they were just too deceitful for me. I didn't actually go there so can't speak on the program, but if you do decide to go there, do so at your own risk.

  8. I am a Hult alumnus and I had a really great experience from application to graduation. I learned so much, gained much experience and exposure, made a lot of friends and my career is taking a significant leap up.

    Hult is always listening to feedback from students and every year, their programme changes a little to keep up with the demands of students, the times (things are changing very fast) and the needs of industries. Hult helps students learn academic and technical subjects, case studies, soft skills, give opportunities to connect with industry leaders and also provide a lot of social activities. Their application process, there is a lot of hoops to jump through and that is reassuring because that means my classmates are all high-quality students and made it through.

    Also, the requirement to be accepted is high, that also means quality. If not, then it's garbage in, garbage out. If an applicant does not have enough work experience, not only you won't be able to keep up with your classmates (these are seasoned professionals and managers, business owners, scientists, engineers, doctors, lawyers etc), you won't be able to contribute to your class as well, that will have a negative impact on your learning experience. I regret to hear that you had a bad experience. Studying at Hult is really tough, in terms of the academic requirements and a level of maturity that goes with it. Your classmates are from all kinds of backgrounds and countries, speak many languages and have different views on everything. It's really challenging to be mixed in with all of that.

    Also, Hult has zero tolerance for students being late for class or assignments or exams, also in plagiarism – it's called the Hult student honor code. Hult is fair to everyone and warns all students from day 1 and also from before school start, that is if you read all their documentation properly. It is the student's responsibility to meet deadlines and get to class on time, again, this is stressed on day 1 and throughout the academic year. Hult's responsibility is to deliver good education including setting up rules and enforcing them.

    Hult's master degrees demands a lot from anyone in terms of physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual reserves. Doing an MBA in one year is not easy. Then you add rotation to other campuses, networking, doing extracurricular activities, looking for a job in between and keeping up your loved ones at home. Also, the fee is at par with other similar business schools. I feel that the value I'm getting is fair for the price I'm paying. It's an investment. I still have access to the course materials and professors.

    I don't know about the undergraduate degree but I imagine that it is not that different.

    Hult is not perfect, they do need to improve on some things but overall, for a relatively young business school, they are good and have achieved a lot. The Hult Prize is amazing. Their campuses are beautifully designed and/or located in good locations. They may not have the reputation of Harvard or MIT yet, but they will. Now, Hult is triple accredited, only a handful of schools are in the world.

    I see that a Hult staff has reached out to you and try to understand what went wrong. It might be good to engage with them so that you can sort this out and maybe even gain more understanding of what really happened. Give Hult a chance to make things right for you, for its current students and future students.

    In my view, making a public statement without finding out the full truth is not the way to do anything. It is good to express your opinion and feelings, but make it clear that Hult's explanation has not been included in this matter yet. I see comments here that says that they have stopped themselves from applying to Hult, that means your video has denied them a really great, highly unique, international and relevant business education. Now that I have graduated, I can take an elective every summer for free (apart from registration fee of $100) in any of the 6 campuses in the world for the rest of my life. I am grateful to my classmates, professors, Hult staff and also the Hult family.

  9. hi anna

    can i ask you some question ? but first, i am sorry for my broken english
    do you know is there is some muslim student in hult ?
    i don't know where i sould ask this question until now
    maybe you can told help me by it


  10. This is not true!
    I’m currently pursuing my masters and the 5 reason you provided are completely vague. No offense!!!

  11. After doing my SAT (did it to see how much I would get, I am not from the US and didn't prepare at all, so I didn't score high) I kept getting these emails from different universities, including HULT. I wasn't even considering it but just wanted to search for it for fun. This was the no.1 on YouTube.

  12. It really appreciate your video.It takes guts to leave the university in the middle and criticise it .This University is fraught with fake and greedy people.

  13. They told me that according to my profile I'm eligible for dual degree ( MS in International Business & MS in Business Analytics ). If I'm not being eligible for masters in BA then how in the name of holy lake I'm eligible for dual degree?

  14. Im really confused after watching your video. They have called me many times with an scholarship of 40% for an MIB of 45k :-/

  15. So now I know why I am receiving many emails from them 😅
    I thought that I am so important but come on they don't even know me ..
    By the way I am a chemical engineer and not interested in studying business 😁

  16. I literally got an email from them saying this “
    Hi ,
    I received your profile from our one of our academic partners and understand you’re currently applying to undergraduate programs” like would that academic partner be the college Board because I don’t think so

  17. My experience at Hult was nothing like this, and it wasn’t for any of my friends. Of course Hult isn’t perfect, none of the universities are, see what’s going on in USC and other elite universities. This video is very misleading because this shows YOUR personal experience and does not reflect the experience thousands of hard working Hult students had and are now successfully working around the globe. Maybe you were expecting a more traditional American University which Hult is not as it offers many things traditional Universities don’t such as studying in 5 cities around the world.

  18. Ana or ANYONE ! COMMENT – Have you heard from current experience and YOUNG current students etc if Hongkong or now even MBA in China are respected and talked about and or is still the US MBA is the best choice, no matter what ?? What's the other students and people saying ? And how's the current market scenario of jobs and opportunities in the countries you or anyone has researched ! Has anything changed ?

  19. I got accepted but this definitely is making me consider. I am reading a lot about bad recruiting chances after graduation and that they are all about the money.

  20. Hey, as the current student at MIB programme in Hult London campus, I must say your video is very biased and it does not show whatever that has happened to all of us as the current students. (1) it's true that Hult admission is very easy to get in, but their grading system helps to recognise and filter the students who actually do the jobs and who do not (To get an A, your assignments must pass 87.5% in general). So from the perspectives of business, I think it is a smart business model to generate more revenues because they are a private school at the end, but their systems allow the recognition to those who are focused and truly committed to the programme. So to be able to graduate with the very high grades from this school, a lot of us had to pay actual attention to classes, go to school, do researches etc. I would say it will bring a lot more of credibility to your claims if you can show us your grades and your performance. (2) We do have disagreements with the school at certain points, we raised our opinions and asked for supports. The school does not ignore us and it considers on case basis. So it will be unfair to say something like you said that they do not care and just about the money (which ironic, who doesn't? just saying). (3)There are huge opportunities to meet high-profile people from extra-curriculum activities (you can search online, CEO of EasyJet, Princess of Luxembourg for Woman in Business, CEO of Too Good To Go, etc…, the network of alumni. So again, in business, the network is one of the most important factors to reach out and grow for your own benefits. I think Hult has done amazing jobs in giving you this tool. But the skills of personal skills are depended on your own and you can even grow with support from the school if you choose the right elective modules.

    Personally, I do not entirely agree with your videos. It also showed me more of your personality, if not a bit too much to say, your behaviour is quite spoiled. If you need a document, go chase people, if you do not have strong shreds of evidence for your claims, it's your fault because if Hult system believed everyone claims, it would be a mess and unfair to the rest of the students compared to who just want to take advantages of the situations. So please take responsibilities to your words once you want to spread it globally and I am sure a lot of current and alumni students from Hult would find your information misleading and offensive at a certain degree.

    In the end, I have no hate for you but I want to say what is true for more of the Hult students. Best of lucks for your future education anyway.

  21. Just got a letter from hult😂 . It goes like this . You can get into our school…….which I didn't actually apply for😂🤣

  22. Dear Ana, I just watched your video and I'm so sorry that you had this experience with Hult. I studied at Hult myself and I had an incredible experience, that really empowered me for my future employment in the US as well as Europe!

  23. Hey Ana, i’ve watched your video, and i’m sorry if you feel that way and it’s a sad experience for you. But well, that’s your point of view and i respect that. My time in Hult is amazing, the professors are awesome and i’ve learn so much! Too bad you never experience the fun stuff. I always believe that there’s no perfect organization, and there will always be room for improvement.

    They didn’t lie to me by the way. They were also clear regarding to change the time in our laptops (they’ve instructed us clearly). They have a great system by way, too bad you never experienced it coz you leave too soon.

    Well that’s you. I hope you had a great mba experience in other university 🙂 and i hope you are satisfied already.

    For those who are going to HULT, give it a try, it’s gonna be a roller coaster ride and it’s all gonna be worth it! 😊

  24. As someone who just came back from a year of MBA and 6 months of Dual Masters of Finance, I can definitely say that your experience, while unfortunate, no longer represents the majority of Hult graduates. I have started at San Francisco, then rotated to Shanghai, followed by London. I then went on to Boston to do my Dual Degree and the overall experience was amazing. While can agree that academically they aren't the toughest school, but that varies from professor to professor and with time, its going to get tougher, just as the admission acceptance will. The only problem I have with Hult is their weak alumni chapters, but they are aware of it and are taking measures to improve it (remember, it does require alumni participation).
    As for the reasons you have mentioned, I'm really not sure about the lying part. You probably got unlucky with your enrollment officer. I still keep in touch with mine, years since.
    As for the calendar on MyCourses (the online platform to submit assignments and access exams), we are told time and time again (especially during orientstion) to change the time zones on MyCourses and MyHult profiles, and keep getting reminded when rotating as well.
    As for being treated like just another number, I never felt that was the case. Ms. Mona, our MBA Dean for San Francisco and her assistant Dean's would always be happy to chat and help out with any questions or issues people might have had, be it academic or personal. That is just as true of Dean Clarissa, who was our Dean in Boston. The Dean's of Shanghai and London also fall into that category, but I got way less time to interact with them than the other two. They also were very open about receiving feedback and would actively work on implementing things whenever they could.
    As for the communication between Hult employees, I would advise to rely more on email for 2 way communication and keep phone calls for information only.

    In conclusion, if you can get into tier 1 schools, then definitely do it, but most of us aren't able to and Hult is a great option, especially if you want to rotate to other campuses. In the end, it is completely up to you as far ad what kind of interaction you are going to have with other students and teachers and that plays a massive role in your final experience with the university.

  25. today i received a phone call from the university and was planning to fill the application form. but first, i wanted to investigate alumni feedback. now i am totally confused , don’t even know if i should apply. if it’s all about money then its probably not a good option. thank you for your honesty Ana

  26. Hey Ana so sorry about your experience, it was quite unfortunate. Nevertheless as a current Hult student (graduating this week actually) I must say that the value Hult brings you is beyond academics. I'm saying this not to downplay your experience but to help aspiring students not to lose sight of the opportunity of studying at Hult. It is value for money; You get hands on knowledge, and of course a global network of professionals. At the end of the day you decide what happens. Hult is AMAZING!!!

  27. They arnt a proper university, they are a corporation happy to make students pay excessive amounts of fees…no one getting rejected by them is all the proof you need that it's just a money making project

  28. For each of your reasons I want to tell you the same thing, dont go to college, dont work just stay home and be provided by you parents. Otherwise, the chance of you ever getting what you want is.. veeeeery slim

  29. Hi Anna

    Hope all is well with you.

    I have just graduated few days ago from Hult with a Masters in International Marketing. I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but on my hand, Going to Hult was honestly the best decision in my life.
    I felt like I should really share my experience so that people can actually know what Hult is about.

    Education is great, it’s really practical and tailored to the work environment, you have the opportunity to work in teams with people from all over the world, and improve your presentation skills and soft skills in general. You are not only learning theories (like in other academic institutions), you are also learning how to apply those theories in the real world, which is very valuable.

    The professors are really competent and they have a huge background and work experience, they’re also always here to help and to answer whatever questions you have.

    The atmosphere on campus is fantastic, you have a lot of opportunities to network, meet people, attend events and important speakers and be involved in on-campus activities such as clubs and other.

    As for the jobs, there’s no university in the world that guarantees you to get the job of your dreams straight after graduation. In order to reach your goals, you have to work hard and put in the effort. If you do so at Hult, be sure that you will find what you’re looking for. It’s like everything in life, you get as much as you put in, nothing is handed to you on a silver platter. Hult gives you all the tools and requirements to do so.

    Finally, this 1 year program really changes your life, it makes you grow personally and professionally, it develops your emotional intelligence, and most importantly, your self-awareness. I highly recommend it. Hult is amazing!

  30. thanks for you sharing . I was actually considering it before watching your video. which school you're taking now? are there some good suggestions for choosing a good MBA schools?

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