5 Reasons to Start a Business After 40’s

5 Reasons to Start a Business After 40’s

I’m sure that if you’re after let’s say
your first youth and you want to start a business you have at least three
questions: is it too late, how do I do it, what are the steps and so on. In today’s
video I’m gonna talk about five compelling reasons if you’re thinking to
start a business after 40s and most importantly why now
is the best time for you to start. So, in today’s video I’m gonna share with you
five compelling reasons if you’re thinking to start a business
after 40s and most importantly why now is the best time for you to start in
order for you to become financially free and have the time that you desire
for what is truly important for you. Before that allow me a quick
introduction I’m Iva Berghmann, mindset trainer, action coach and business
strategist and on this channel you’ll find proven tips tools that will take
you from where you are to where you want to be in business and your life. So, if
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show notes and links in the description down below. Statistically speaking the
majority of startups entrepreneurs are between age 55 and 64 and if you’re
around 40 that means that you’re way young. I was looking on the internet to
find successful people who have started their businesses after 40’s and I found a
few interesting names like Christian Dior or Bernie Marcus from Home Depot, Henry Nestle from Nestle and the famous Ray Kroc from McDonald’s just the name of
you. So, why is this the best time for you to become an entrepreneur and start a
business? First you have more experience and this is a huge benefit when when
you’re starting a business in your 40’s. You know what you want, you have a
focused mindset and you’ve had that time to narrow down your business objectives.
Younger professionals, on the other hand, will often
dive headfirst into something they’re unfamiliar with. Some young executives
might label you as old-school or conservative because of your age and
they might even write you off as being behind the times but you can use your
age to bill yourself as someone who’s much more level-headed and knowledgeable
than the average twenty-something. Put your expertise and skill to work and
think about where are the gaps and the opportunities in the marketplace that
you might be able to fill. The benefits of someone who is older and thinking
about starting a business consists in having a lot of insights and experience
that can help you create a product or a service that will be very much in demand.
Number two: you’ve got a bigger network. When you’re in your 40’s you’ve been
around the block a few times. You’ve probably met all the movers and
shakers in your city and that’s great now. It’s time to put that rolodex to use.
When you’re older then you’re bright-eyed bushy-tailed competitors, you
have more personal and professional connections to take advantage of. Aside
from the connections you already have you’re decades ahead of the competition
in terms of interpersonal skills. Take networking events, for example: you’ll
often see familiar faces at these gatherings. It’s almost like you’re all
in a support group together. Number 3: you’re familiar with responsibilities;
you’ve got a family, a mortgage and a car loan. You can still do this! As the
founder of a new business it’s your responsibility to be the hardest-working
employee on your staff. You have to be comfortable with stopping what you’re
doing to respond to your business’s needs. However that’s no different than
fulfilling the obligations that come with the family: if your kids get sick
you stay home and help them feel better. If your business take a nosedive, you
nurture it to make it thrive. Your familiarity with
responsibility will pay dividends. You’re still in great shape and you have a lot
of energy. You are healthy, you’re fast and your mind is sharp. You have clarity
and focus. I could say that these are the most important ingredients for
any entrepreneur to be successful. You’re not chasing butterflies anymore. You know what you want and you’re willing to get it with full power and commitment. And
the last one: now more than ever you’re more efficient and productive. You know
and you can manage your time better. You know because you have the experience. You know how much time is going to take you to finish a task, you know how much time
do you spend in a meeting and you can manage your time better because now
probably the kids are not so little anymore and demanding anymore.
So you have more autonomy than a 30-35 years old person who just had kids and
she or he has to take care of them. You’re a wizard with your time because
you don’t waste your time like a youngster anymore. Well, there you have it: 5 reasons why you should start your creative business even if you’re in your 40’s. I must tell you that the best things happen behind the camera so make
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until next time all the best!

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