5 Online Marketing Strategies For Beauty Businesses

– Hey it’s Marquetta and today, I will be answering a question
about online marketing. So I got a question asking
if I could share some tips about online marketing or
online marketing strategies. So before I go any further, I just want to give you a little bit of background about who I am and the reason
why I got that question. My husband and I have
been online marketing or building our beauty business
online for over 13 years. Back in 2003, we started with a website called BraidsByBreslin.com. And after Braids by Breslin came the Lace Wig Training Center,
MillionDollarStylist.com, and some other things. So I don’t get that question because I just started two
months ago or last year. I get that question because
I’ve been doing this for a very, very, very long time. So I’m gonna get right into it. I’m in my office and I’m
standing against my whiteboard, which is really the glass board. And I’m gonna be writing
down some tips for you. So the biggest thing and I talk about this in my Fully Booked book. It’s the second book that I wrote. First book was Million Dollar Stylist. Second book is called Fully Booked. And in Fully Booked, I give
the first critical step to online marketing,
whether you have a brick and mortar business, whatever it is. Number one, if you chase
clients, I’ll write it down. If you chase clients, they will run away. That is critical for online business and a brick and mortar business like a salon or a spa or whatever. You can’t go chasing after clients. I’ll give you an example. And if you’re on email
list, you got this email probably about a year ago. I was in line at Publix, and
I was just getting groceries. I go to the same grocery store pretty much right up the street and I
pretty much know everybody that works in that grocery store. And so there was a young
lady who looked new and her hair was cute. Her hair was braided and
I came through the line. This was when I had my blonde box braids. And she was asking me about my braids. And so I told her you know, “oh I go to such and such
and such, get ’em done. “The same lady’s been braiding my hair “for like 10 about 10
years, 10 or 12 years.” And so I guess she felt the need to begin to sell me, sell me. And so she starts saying,
“Well I’m a lot cheaper. “You should come to me”
and blah blah blah blah. Before I know it, she left her register and starts bagging my stuff, and she’s walking me out to the car. She’s still trying to sell me to get me to come and get my hair done with her versus going to the lady I’ve been going to for 10, 10, 12 years,
which I did share with her. And before I knew it, we were at the car and she says to me, “I’m gonna go ahead “and give you my number.” And in fact, she asked me for my phone so that she could put her number in my phone and I had to stop her ’cause it was getting
uncomfortable at that point. So my point for sharing that story with you is to let you
know that she chased me. Now maybe if she had a different approach, I probably would have considered, but that’s the wrong way to
go about getting a client. You don’t want to do that. That is so bad. So that’s the first thing. If you chase clients, they will run away. So we’re not chasing clients. The second thing in online
marketing strategies or online marketing is it’s
about building a relationship. That is so important. It’s what a lot of people get wrong. It’s really about building a relationship. And what I mean by that
is you’re not gonna be, you’re not gonna ask someone
to marry you on the first date. It’s like going out on a date with someone and saying, “Hey will you marry me?” That’s how you have to look at
this online marketing thing. So take out marriage and put in a sale. So the first time they meet you, what you’re saying to them is, “Hey, will you buy this from me?” It doesn’t work like that. The way it works is that
you have to build trust. You have to build a relationship with that person through
providing your value, valuable information, so
that they can then step back and say, “Huh, I like
what she’s providing. “I like what she’s doing.” That way, when you’re ready to make a sale or you’re ready to ask for
someone to buy something from you, you have
already built that trust so it’s easier for them
to make the decision. So number two is build a relationship. Build a relationship. All right, Marquetta, how do I do that? It’s really easy. It’s through your communication, through your daily communication, through whatever platform you use. If it’s Instagram, if it’s Facebook, if it’s Twitter, if it’s YouTube, on your platform, that is your chance to demonstrate who you
are and what you do. Don’t think about selling! You can’t think about that. You have to think okay
these people are here to listen to what I have to say. They’re here to hear what I have to say because clearly they
like me for some reason. They’ve raised their hand and said, “Yeah, I’ll listen to you.” But what are you gonna say to them? That is your chance to
demonstrate your expertise. Let me go a little bit deeper. For instance, if for instance my daughter, my daughter is a 12 year old
professional makeup artist. What she provides through
her email list or online, what she provides is valuable
information about makeup. If you look at her channel,
she has some makeup tutorials. She has facial scrubs and all kinds of things you can make for your face. So that is the valuable
content she is providing via her platform. So just take makeup out of the equation and put in whatever you
do and fill in the blanks. It’s simple, it’s easy, and
that’s where you want to start, by providing that upfront content. Once you do that over time, when it’s time for you to launch
something or when it’s time for you to you’ve created a product and for six months you’ve
just given and given and given crazy valuable information and when it’s time for
you to launch a product or ask for a sale, then
you have already built that relationship, you’ve
already built that trust, and it’s gonna be a lot easier for people who now know
you to raise their hand and say, “Yes, I wanna
buy what you’re offering.” Because they know that you’ve provided the
valuable information. They know how you teach. They know you and what you do. So it’s gonna be a lot easier for them to make that decision. So it’s very important
to build a relationship. Now this is the next point I’m going to make is very important and
some people might disagree with me, but it’s an important point. Likes and followers don’t
necessarily equal dollars. Let me explain. Let me actually write that down. So number three, likes and followers don’t equal dollars. (laughs) And it’s really simple. Let me break it down and explain to you why that is the case. Because it’s just, a like
and a follower is just like someone raising their hand to be or putting in their email address to sign up for your email list. The concept is no different. You have got to be providing that upfront valuable information. So just because you have
20,000 likes or 13,000 likes or like me on my Facebook
page, 92,000 likes, you’ve got to still
build that relationship! These two go hand in hand. You have to still be
building that relationship on these platforms in order
to make that thing work. In order to turn these likes
and followers into dollars, you’ve still got to be
building that relationship. You’ve still got to be
providing that valuable content. You’ve still got to be there. Say, “Hey, I’m here.” And the thing that a lot of people miss is that you have to care. You can’t do it just because you know that you’re gonna get
something on the other end. You have to be connected at the heart and you have to care about what you do because can see right through fake. And that’s another thing that people miss. They can see right
straight through fake or. I was just reading some
comments on a marketing product that I saw someone marketing on Facebook. The comments were nasty! Because they saw right through what that individual was doing. Oh they only speak when
they wanna sell something. Or oh, I’m so sick of
this duh duh duh duh duh. So you have to understand that it’s all about the relationship. Now this next point goes
hand in hand with this and it’s about building trust. You will begin to build trust I can’t write and talk at the same time. (laughs) You will begin to build trust once you start working
on the relationship. It’s just like the fundamentals
of any regular relationship. You earn that person’s trust. So it’s the same in online
marketing and in business. You’ve got to earn the trust of the customer or client. You have to earn their trust through the valuable content
you’re providing okay? So this goes here and it
eventually comes into here too. Very important to build trust. And last but not least, and this is going to sound crazy and in fact, I hope this is a dark blue. It’s so important that I’m gonna write it with a different color marker. The biggest thing people worry about, one of the biggest things they worry about with online marketing is sales. They want to, they’re coming in it with the mindset of how
am I gonna make this sale? Get that thought process out of your head. I don’t want you to think about that. And don’t think I’m crazy. I don’t want you to think
about the sale upfront. Yes, you need to know your numbers. Yes you need to know
how much you wanna make. Yes you need to know how much it’s going to take for you to get to that point. But, once you start to implement this, that other thing has to be
in the back of your mind because once you start
worrying about the sale and you’re thinking about,
let me write it down. Five, oh it’s kind of dark. Don’t worry about, in all caps, I hope you guys can see this down low. The sale! If you cannot see it, I’ll fix it in post-production. Listen, if you come into
it worried about the sale, worried about if you’re gonna make a sale, worried about how you’re
gonna make a sale, once you start to build that relationship, all of that worry is gonna come through. They’re gonna be able to see
right straight through that. And you’re gonna look hungry. And you don’t wanna look hungry. All you wanna do is build a relationship with your audience by
providing valuable content that they can consume, content that they can do
stuff with right away, that they can use. What I mean by that is if you share something,
like if it’s a flat iron, if you’re reviewing a flat iron, give them the valuable content. Tell ’em if you would use it or not. Show them how to use it. That’s what I mean by valuable content. You want to give clear,
concise, valuable content to build a relationship. The sale comes as a byproduct
of doing all of this. But understand this, this right
here is not get rich quick. That’s not what this is. This takes time. This takes focus. This ain’t gonna happen over night. I will not sell anybody get rich quick ’cause it doesn’t work like that. If you want a hardcore, solid foundation, this is what you do. You don’t want to do something that’s not really gonna
last but it might last and then it might fall down. No, you want a hardcore foundation. Right here, this is what’s important. So I hope you’ve learned something from the online marketing strategies. Clearly I can go on all day about this and I kind of do at the Million
Dollar Styist Live event. This is, I talk a lot about this. I go more in-depth about
this, giving strategies, giving different things that you can do because it’s so important
for your business to build a solid foundation
on your business. So hopefully you guys
took something out of that and you got something out of it. I really do appreciate the
questions that I’m getting. Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video!

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