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Antione Allen: How you doing guys today? We’re gonna
cover a few things on this podcast Working Outside of the System only on Film Courage. This first episode I’m gonna show you
how I got to my second feature film but let me give you a little background
story of how I even got here. I did my first short film called SPLIT / DECISION a few
years ago. I won an award that validated me they gave me enough energy to keep
going. So I did my first feature film called LIFE IS TOO SHORT that did
amazing for me. A lot of people told me after you do your first short film, don’t
do a feature, it is too much. I decided not to listen nobody (like I usually do in my
career) I just go for it. I won 25 Awards internationally and domestically if
they’re really great for me and great for building my brand. Now we’re here 2019. I
just wrapped up my second feature film called LOLA. It’s a female boxing film
and it came out beautiful. I’m so happy about it…but it wasn’t easy. The first thing we’re going to talk
about is self-care. You got to take care yourself. You can’t make all those
beautiful projects if you take care of yourself. Learn from me health is
wealth. I said to you production for my film was
supposed to be January but what happened was I always take care of myself
so I got really sick, wound up catching diabetes and almost died .Take care of
your health first because if you’re not healthy
you’re not going nowhere. So that’s one of the most important things I want to really get
into you filmmakers, take care of your health. We can make all these beautiful
projects, but if we’re not here to watch it, what’s the purpose? So I got myself
healthy. I pushed production back to this summer
and now I’m ready to talk about it. When it comes to funding my feature film
it was very very hard. I went the regular route I packaged it
up I went to certain people they didn’t see the vision and sometimes that’s
majority a lot of filmmakers and we get mad be too upset we go to our friends
what’s a family we still get know and I had to realize that while I’m getting
mad for it’s my vision they can’t see it they are program a lot of times if
there’s nothing that they feel comfortable with they’re not gonna
invest in it and that’s when you have to realize you can’t take nothing personal
eventually what’s gonna happen once they see it and once you become success the
people that said no treant beginning once you double back around you’re gonna
say yes it’s just part of human nature I saved my money I put in my 401k I used
that money grow grow work I work about good job work over time do some odd jobs
and I felt that majority of my film and after I got everything together I went
back to the people that told me no and then they invested this is a this is a
business a lot of times that we don’t want to learn the business side but
that’s gonna save you a lot of headaches and a lot of disappointments so that’s
what how I got my funding for the film a lot of times coming on pocket but we
have a regular job you don’t fill it that much because you still getting your
bills paid so that that being talented and praying for this miracle person that
save you that’s out you want to use your talent also have a rubber job that’s my
opinion that’s what got me this far and I’m on my second feature so it really
work so a lot of distributors and companies
always act the same question who’s in your film
who’s in your film whose in your film there are no questions I got the money
to tell you who’s in my phone I don’t have a big budget so what you do is a
work around it you find actors or actress they have a big name in they own
community one of my actors that sent my film is a UFC fighter the UFC is a big
brand I talked to her people got high in my film yeah I got another actress
that’s another she a big brand huh community to her through solid Prairie
so get people that don’t have a big big name for big in a community it really
helps even if you want to get a youtuber Florence it’s a great influence
somewhere there they had their own coat falling orders that could help your film
that’s something that they they’re gonna teach you but you want to get that
sometimes you gotta start reaching for the top top top and look at the middle
and ground and that stuff help me get invested so when they hear I had an
actress that’s in the UFC I have an actress that’s on top of her V show it
helps helps a conversation so you want to put yourself in the best position so
when you have though means they don’t look at you like you just came off the
street so try little things here and there and sometimes create your own
community create your own families and that’s how I got the actors I got I went
after actors our actresses that was big in their own little community and it
helped with the brand so if you hear what I’m saying is create your own
business plan for your film because at the end of the day you can make the best
film in the world what the marketing and the brands are to get is gonna be hard I have an amazing thing I was blessed to
have an amazing team lion always had an amazing team I had to get rid of a lot
of people they get to team I got that’s another thing knowing your vision and
knowing your value and this business sometimes you bring people around your
team they don’t belong to that tribe find the right people that connect with
you together I know a lot of fun makers have horrible stories about they cruel
they slack in but you know when you hire them when you book them on your team
your gut telling you to get rid of them but you find a work with people know
when you have that good you hide somebody especially paying them make
sure they fit your team it could be a disaster you can start off with a
beautiful vision and at the end everybody fighting on set so when I
built my team I made sure for this film I got the best they understand my vision
and also most appointing I understand a position it might be someone that could
that feels like they might do something better than you they might have a bit of
voice you are the captain of your ship so when you hire your team let them
understand that and have that respect on set and this is goes down to the bigger
budgets to the lower budgets it doesn’t matter having a team for a feature and
have a team for the shortage two different things a short you can kinda
like bounce around but with a feature you really rely on your teammates in
your departments so just make sure that trust your gut and do not settle because
you’re afraid to open your mouth this industry is really hard really
messed up and really hard for a lot of people and not like opportunities so for
me I realized that it’s no plan B it’s no plan B don’t plant seeds none of that
this film have to be done by any means necessary
and once you go through all those steps and learn the busy telling y’all guys
learn the business it saves you a lot of headaches and that’s pretty much how I
got to my arm second feature the internal part and trusting yourself
that’s the most important part cuz sometimes when we do the projects we
don’t suit our gut that’s why things happen that’s why cats will come and
said that’s why cruel things are done crazy or money start going crazy listen
to yourself so this first first episode is really
talking about to me too I had to get here a lot of times I was
doubting myself I didn’t believe myself and I realized I don’t want to die oh
man for regrets I wanna I wanna I wanna see my goals I’m gonna see my
congressman I want to be healthier to see my films and see my premiere so I
hope y’all learned a lot this is answering Island working Outsiders
system only on phone courage peace

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