5 Habits to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful

5 Habits to Give Up if You Want to Be Successful

did you know according to latest studies
40% of your daily activities are habitual and that’s why Benjamin
Franklin famously once said most people die at 25 but they’re not buried until
75 and I can’t tell you how true this is in today’s day and age as most people
they are literally sleeping awake they get to the end of their life full of
regrets and while ifs and it is for this reason it’s important that you pay close
attention in today’s video where I’m gonna be breaking down the five habits
you need to give up right now if you want to be more successful and so make
sure to pay close attention especially to the final fatal bad habit because
that is the thing that you need to be unblocked from right now without further
ado let’s go on to the first bad habit you need to give up which is crumbling
under pressure here’s a big difference between winners and losers losers the
moment they begin to feel the winds of life the moment they begin to fall down
and crumble and feel that pressure what do they do they begin to give up taping
it to tell themselves oh you don’t know what I’m going through
oh it’s hard whilst the winners on the other side what do they tell themselves
they realize it’s real and it’s good it’s part of the process they realize
the strongest trees don’t grow in the best or it grows in the strongest winds
and they understand that they can control it you see the problem arises
when we think we’re the only ones who feel pressure and then allow ourselves
to get overwhelmed by it when in fact other people around you feel this
pressure what dictates success is how you handle this what peak performance
and high performers have all got in common is they have got a neutral
relationship to this energy and they’ve reframe it to give them more energy what
they tell themselves when they feel nervous they tell themselves I feel
excited and they jump onto a stage and they serve to go above and beyond and so
it’s how you interpret this information that dictates your outcome
so reframe this and realize that pressure is what creates diamonds let’s
go into a second bathtub you need to give up which is negative self-image
your self-image may shoo act like you the strongest force in
the human psychology is a need to remain congruent with how you identify yourself
and so to change your performance you must change your self-image and you must
begin to get out of your comfort zone you must begin to ask yourself when you
achieve your goals who are you going to become because that’s a true purpose of
a goal is to see who must you become in order for you to achieve that goal and
if you begin to change your self-image to that future vision now that’s the
moment you’re going to begin to act in accordance to your future self identity
because right now if you view yourself negatively as Zig Ziglar famous who’s
once said you cannot consistently perform in a manner which is
inconsistent with the way you see yourself so you must change the way
you’re viewing yourself to change the outcome and the result you’re currently
getting that is the second bad habit let’s go on to the third bad habit which
is playing to lose let me ask you on a day-to-day basis are you playing not to
lose or are you playing to win this is a big difference it sounds so simple but
it’s a big difference between winners and losers losers are literally looking
either around them thinking oh I’m just about scraping by what’s winners they
are dominating whilst winners they’re doing whatever it takes they are playing
to win this is a mindset shift that you need to
have instead of playing not to lose you got to play to win you’ve got to realize
if you’re going to go in at all go all-in if you’re gonna do anything to do
it properly and do it like a winner would own it from the heart and do what
it takes inside it let’s go into a fourth bad habit which is never
committing rich people are committed to being rich poor people simply think
about being rich and this is why rich continues get richer and the poor seem
to get poor poor people just read more books speaking
one day this is gonna happen but yet they never do anything about it
was rich people what do they do speed of implementation the moment they learn
something they immediately implement it while support people just think oh I’m
just gonna research more and they they’re never never take action I’m
going to write this down ready fire aim get in the game you want
to know what you want take action and then you wanna adjust as you go because
your plans will never go 100% as a plan to realize the fastest way for you to be
successful is to get in the game and pivot along the way when things don’t go
along the direction that you want to go to pivot keep on failing forwards that’s
how you make your dreams of reality and that leads perfectly on to the final
point which is the final bad habit which is dreaming far too small do you know
how you’re gonna make your dreams a reality
because if so you dreaming way too small you see if you shoot for the stars at
least you’ll hit the moon right but poor people they didn’t even shoot for the
ceiling in the house and that’s why they wonder why they’re not successful right
and I want to realize that how is none of your business
Elon Musk he wants to colonize Mars Richard Branson he wants to take people
out to space on a freakin holiday Steve Jobs he wanted to put a ding in the
freaking universe the question is is what is your goal right now we’ve been
conditioned to think realistic we’ve been conditioned to follow goal setting
systems such as smart which is full of BS listen Martin Luther King did not
stand in front of tens of thousands of people in 1963 and he didn’t say I’ve
got a smart gun no he said I’ve got a dream the question is do you dare to
really dream do you dare to dream big because when you set this audacious goal
that is the thing that I’ll keep you alive
that is the thing that that will from the heart you’ll feel that burning
desire to make your reality this is how you never run out of motivation by
setting a goal that’s aligned with your your intuition your heart the thing that
you’re born to do and then it becomes your mission to make
your reality this is what visionaries entrepreneurs have got in common they
see things before it happens the question is is what do you really really
want out of life and make it a must to make that of reality so dare to dream
big these are the five habits that you need to give up right now if you want to
be successful if you found this video helpful inside there be sure to share
this video with your friends and loved ones why because the more you give the
more you shall receive so it’s about becoming a person of value so make sure
to share this video with your friends and loved ones right now and like this
video if you like this video and comment below and Gus at any questions or
feedback you and you may have and as always insider follow your heart my
friend and take action and go live the life you’re truly born to live I’ll see
you on the next video soon take care

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  2. "They never do anything about it. "They fail to take action." Yeah, actually, we did. You should do a video on them.

    Congratulations to you though.

  3. I'm 12 but in 2049 I will be a legend because all of theys match me and plus Im NUMBER ONE will you subscribe to me

  4. I was just discussing this earlier!
    There are two main key components to becoming successful.

    One is focus, and the other is a clearly defined goal.
    Add these two together and you get 100 not 2,
    that is how powerful this concept is.

  5. I'm gonna break the cycle of my family . I'm going to be somebody , I don't care what anyone says . My own mother told me I would be nothing but I'm here to prove her WRONG! I will be SOMEONE.

  6. Excellent video ! Practical but very inspiring. Thank you and more success to you and your group .

  7. The key to success is to become comfortable with uncertainty and have faith that with time everything that you desire will happen. with ought time nothing can happen and the only reason for time is so that everything does not happen all at once. the moment you loose faith in time and start to control everything at the same time that's when failure arises because you are trying to control every single aspect of your life in a single moment and you loose faith because you lost trust in what you wanted and now you are trying to control what you want by trying to much or worst yet not trying at all. you are loss because you are not connected with your true self because deep inside you know that you where born in this planet with a mission to create something. but how can you control what you want when you want it?. there is no way you can have it unless you trust it. when you hold on to what you want you become selfish, you start to tense your muscles and you start to stress out, you loose sense of wisdom and you try to understand life as if life was the problem when the problem is yourself trying to make sense of everything because you are so selfish that you think that that you are separate and you forget that you are of the world . in order for you to make a true impact in your inner world you must affect the world around you by doing what you love and inspire people to make the same thing. that is why the world is not fully in peace and there is still chaos because people are not doing what they want because they think there identity is based on others opinions when others opinions are just compliments that you can take or leave. is all on you. to build your own moral compass not others. it is you who decides what stays and what goes.but your life is also based on the impact of the collective society that is always changing its flow. Gandhi said Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

  8. Says focus on committing, not motivation… isn’t this video motivating?… what am i doing with my life

  9. This was an inspiring video.
    Here are a few extra tips:
    •If you fall down, get back up and figure out how to not fall down again.
    •Take risks you are willing to take.
    •Live in the moment and plan out the future

  10. Get rich or die trying
    join the VEA virtual entrepreneurship associations for great motivation and its free

  11. Do I dream big enough? Well….I think about how to develope technology to actually construct a freaking star destroyer from Star Wars. Reading up on physics, how passenger airplanes and aircraft carriers work, vehicle mechanics, computers, etc. I've just enlisted as a Machinists Mate in the US Navy, which from my understanding I'm gonna be working on everything, from the nuclear turbines and boilers to the AC on board an aircraft carrier. Now that I think about it….I've dedicated almost my whole life to thinking about how can I develope some advanced tech? I've loved Star Wars mainly for the technology….even though the space physics are totally bs lol. But I swear the only thing holding me back is the lack of resources. Take me to The Hacksmith's shop or something and you can bet I will spend every moment of everyday in that shop playing around and experimenting with anything and everything

  12. people have to understand, life is not about being successful or anything this video tells you what you should do. It's about making friends and memories and being alive. Being succesful doesn't mean to be alive. To be rich doesn't mean to be happy. Please understand this reaction more than you do to the video itself, because it's worthless. Again, we live our lives to be happy, not to be succesful, I know that's hard to understand but please do. This planet will not be here forever, so let's be happy while we can. Let's stop war and accept eachother, while we still can. Often I'd think ''why is it so hard for people to find peace?'' until I realised I was one of them. We are fighting over nothing, because it gives us something to do. But the truth is, we should build up ourselves and help others, how hard could that possibly be.

  13. I will not have a normal life like my family wants me to. I will always try to archive my goals and dreams!

  14. A peice of paper with a currency label on it controls your entire life.we are nurtured to make money.
    we go to school to learn and in later years get a good job.
    finish your education and start a carrier to earn.
    hope for a raise/promotion.


  15. I’m gonna make 77 million in 4 years and track it on my channel.

    I will also change the educational system,Grant said I won’t …so I will.

    I do what people say I can’t.

    I have my whole
    Life, I’m an entrepreneur.

  16. Be careful with your health because it is your wealth. It is energy, motivation, feel-good, looks, self-esteem. Research how to protect it naturally. Water, fruit and veg and exercise counts for a lot but also you can read medical medium by Anthony William. Don’t copy people who have bad habits coffee, coke, bread, tea, cigarettes, hamburger, chips, pizza, ham, eggs, popcorn, wine, cheese, and think it’s normal. These days it’s normal to be unhealthy – toxins in everything….maybe it’s not obvious but most people have chronic health problems even when young that can be solved naturally but are a wreck after 40 or 50…

  17. I'm really trying to be successful and my family is the biggest blockage for me
    At 18 I feel like the biggest looser on earth without any degree 😔😔😔😔

  18. Instructions unclear

    I ended up getting married to a beautiful woman, we both have good paying jobs, and have two beautiful children who are doing well at school. All living under a beautiful home.


  19. Really nice video, but please change the thumbnail. It gives wrong impression of the content. Well it says something about video but your video is far better than that.

  20. Ah, I see. The model standing in front of the sports car was clickbait. And here I was expecting something insightful about sex transmutation. Misleading much?

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  22. Most rich seem to always forget it's all about luck. You rich bastards can very well end up in my position out of nowhere. Granted being motivated helps but doesn't mean you'll end up successful. In other words, just win the lottery Jackpot if you're homeless. Other than that, you're forever stuck until get enough cash, which in America is actually over 10,000 dollars, to give you a fighting chance. But a car and refurbish it. Then get an affordable home. After that, keep working or look for a job. Even with a fulltime job, I can't afford a home in the state of Washington. To chance out of this hell in this state, it seems to me you have no choice but to do drugs and work two jobs over time for two months. Then quit one of the jobs and keep one. As soon as you pay the people that ruin your life. But hey it is okay cause you finally have a home. I'm cursed to be a slave to this American government for the rest of my life. Only three options. 1. You be a good slave and die a good slave. 2. You finally break and become a villain to the majority and finally free from slavery. 3. Unfortunately commit suicide cause there's no other escape but the two options. Imagine sleeping in your broke down vehicle right by where you work and not one damn person is helping you get out of the hell you're in. They know your situation but they don't do a fucking thing. Sometimes, I truly believe, to become Evil, is the only option to escape the Hell American society has created. Don't worry my American people. I haven't broke yet. Yet you do know I'm becoming your worst enemy. I'm almost to the point of insanity. I'm very close to breaking.

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