5 Crazy Digital Media Stats – Five Business Rules

5 Crazy Digital Media Stats – Five Business Rules

Hi! Welcome to another episode of Five
Business Rules. I’m Nicole and I’m Monika. And today we are going to give you five
crazy digital media stats that you should know and why it’s relevant for
you. That reminds me of the wild and crazy guys on SNL. OK, so number one: Social media is fully
saturated. What does that mean? That means that the highest usage of social
media was in 2017 – eighty percent of Americans are on social media in some
capacity. But each of the last two years, it’s dropping a percent, which means that
essentially the people that are on social media are the people that are
there. We’re not getting a lot of new adoption … My husband
is not on it and he’s never going to be. Really? He hides from family and makes me deal them. Hi family! Anyway so we’ve got all the people on, but among
all of the social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter – the
only one that saw an increase in usage last year was Instagram, and it went up
only 3% – which isn’t much – which isn’t much, but not only are
they not growing, but Facebook has lost 15 million users since 2017.
Shocker! Okay, now what that means – think of it in a couple ways. We know
that people are going away from Facebook for privacy, for over-information, but what’s happening, too, is it’s still the older generation who’s on,
but without being morbid, as they drop off and die – as they kick
the bucket – you know they really go away then – but we’re not getting these younger
generations to come in replace them. It used
to be such a rite of passage of when you were 13 you could finally do your
Facebook account and that was where everybody was. Now the kids don’t
care. They’re just not getting onto Facebook anymore. Nope. They’re on Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Mm-hmm, and so that’s what’s
actually really interesting. You might ask, well if they’re not on social media
where are they? And it’s actually interesting the way podcasts are coming
in, because now 32 percent of Americans are listening to podcasts
which actually a really big number – that’s huge! It’s up about, let’s see it was 26%
in 2018. But what’s interesting is for these regular users … they’re saying last
year and this year … regular users are consuming 7 podcasts a week. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of listening and all of that. And that actually drives us into our final stat, which is the onset of the
smart speakers – the Alexa’s, the Google Homes. At this point, almost a quarter of
the country has some form of smart speaker and that equates to about 65
million people that are using the smart speakers. And just in case you’re curious
Amazon, has totally won this battle. They have double the market share of Google
easily. It’s interesting, because when you actually look at the stats of how
people are using their smart speakers, it’s a lot of it is making reservations
and all that, but they’re telling it to play music, whether it’s podcasts, or
whether it’s their radio stations or their iPod or whatever it is. So it’s
kind of interesting how it’s evolving. That’s why we use ours, because when we ask – well,
we named it Echo – when we ask Echo to look something up
online, like, she never has a goddamn answer. She’s like, I can’t find that
information. We’re like oh my god. But you can play something I can dance to. She can play music but that’s it!
She’s a one-hit wonder in a way. So other than being
interesting, why is this relevant to you? And the reason is, is because you think about where you’re going to concentrate your time, because
we know that it takes so long to do a content strategy. Social media is
not cheap anymore. So maybe you actually need to switch it up and think,
okay maybe you don’t want to run a podcast, because that does
take commitment and lots of work. But maybe you can go be a guest on a podcast and
get out that way. Not saying ditch social media, but think
about other ways or if something is going to be more relevant to your
business. There’s always other options in marketing. So take that! Hope it’s useful.
If it is we’d love if you’d share if you’d like and comment. Please
come back next time! Bye!

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