5 Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Gentlemen

5 Business Casual Outfit Ideas For Gentlemen

Welcome back the Gentleman’s Gazette! In today’s video, we discuss five typical
business casual outfits that evolve around one specific garment. The idea is to provide you with inspiration
for your own business casual outfits because it’s such a popular dress code. In case you haven’t seen them yet, we also
have a video about the business casual dress code in general, what it means, and what it
doesn’t mean, as well as business casual shoes. On top of that, we created a guide about what
to wear to the office depending on how formal it is so you’re neither overdressed nor underdressed. Clothes definitely have power and we want
you to use that power to your benefit, however, that’s easier said than done and coming up
with different outfits is sometimes more difficult than it seems. Because of that, I want to give you five specific
outfits that you can work with because we’re sure you have those staples in your wardrobe
ready and by adding certain accessories or certain other elements, you can just create
something that’s very versatile, at the same time, always elegant, stylish, and professional. So the first outfit evolves all around a patterned
blazer or sportcoat. Chances are you’ve heard of the navy blue
blazer, it’s a fantastic garment, however, it can be a little formal at times. You can certainly wear it as a business casual
combination and I’m wearing here one right now. At the same time, having a different item
such as in a small white and blue check, maybe something in a houndstooth pattern, or maybe
even a tweed coat, can help you to break things up, make it more casual, and more appropriate
for that dress code. If you are into traditional blazers such as
the boating blazers such as rope stripes, that’s something I would not wear to the office
because it’s over the top. To learn more about them and their history,
please check out our in-depth blazer guide here. One underrated business casual pattern is
the classic Glen check pattern or Prince of Wales pattern. Usually, it comes in a background of black
and white or maybe dark brown and off-white with a overplaid in a contrasting color, it
can be brown, it can be green, blue, or sometimes even pink. Even though it is typically sold as a suit,
I suggest you take the jacket and wear it with some odd trousers. That way, it’s more casual but still visually
interesting as long as there’s enough contrast between the pants and the jacket. If you want, you can also take jackets from
your brighter colored suits such as a medium brown suit or maybe a green fresco suit and
combine those into a business casual outfit. As you can see, at the center is always the
jacket and you want it to be more casual, meaning either it should have a pattern, it
should have a nice interesting color that is different from typical business colors,
or it could have an interesting material blend with rougher wools such as tweed. During the colder months of the year, you
can even wear a cashmere jacket which is super warm but at the same time extremely soft. When you’ve chosen a bolder jacket that makes
some of a statement, I suggest to tone down the pants and a shirt in your outfit simply
so the jacket can shine and its overall harmonious. Maybe try to pick up a color scheme in your
shoes, go with simple chinos, or on the other hand, if you just have like a navy blazer
or maybe with mother-of-pearl buttons or a windowpane pattern, you can combine it with
some seersucker pants. Which brings us to item number two, interesting
more colorful pants. Typically in an office environment, pants
trousers or slacks can become monotonous very quickly. Between solid navy, gray, or charcoal, there’s
not much else. Every once in a while, you’ll see maybe a
chino in a khaki tone or in sand but that’s about it. If you’ve watched this channel before chances
are you see me in corduroy pants, I’m a big fan of them, especially in the winter. To learn more about them, please check out
our corduroy guide here. Ideal colors to me are brown, maybe caramel,
or olive green. Corduroy is actually made in the exact same
way as velvet with the exception that ridges are cut in and wider ridges make things look
more casual, slimmer ridges are a little more formal. For the warmer months of the year, I suggest
you experiment a bit with colorful chinos that could be like a pale blue pair of chinos
or if you’re more daring, a pair of Nantucket red chinos. Of course, you can also play with the texture
and if you go with a linen pair of pants, I suggest to go with a more royal blue color
which is darker and less flashy than a pale blue or a Nantucket red, at the same time,
the texture stands out and by choosing a blue that is two or three shades lighter in a typical
business suit, you indicate that it’s not at all the same garment and it it’s very different
from a business suit. If you’re into seersucker, maybe evolve past
the basic color of blue and white and maybe opt for something in a beige and white. It will really look very different, at the
same time, it has the same benefits of seersucker which is that it’s very lightweight, it doesn’t
wrinkle a lot which is always welcome at the office, and at the same time, it’s made for
hot weather so you can be stylish without overheating. Of course, if you don’t shy away from being
bold, you can also wear some mustard colored pants such as this one here but I understand
if that’s not your thing. The third business casual outfit idea revolves
around the idea of combining grey and brown. Traditionally, black was the color for the
city and brown was the color for the country. Now both of these were rarely mixed, even
darker suits such as a gray flannel was rarely mixed with brown, however, I think both of
those colors can really be combined quite well if it’s done so tastefully. That means if you have a darker gray, go with
a darker shade of brown. Let’s say you have a gray flannel suit, combine
it with a brown grenadine tie and maybe brown loafers rather than going with a light tan,
maybe go with a chocolate brown. You could also go with monk straps for example
or anything else you like but picking up both of those colors gives your outfit a warmer
appearance, at the same time, it’s still quite formal enough for most office environments
out there. The fourth kind of outfit revolves around
a tweed jacket. Personally, I’m a huge fan of tweed jackets
because they’re so versatile, they have lots of colors in their fabrics, they are warm,
at the same time they are thicker and because of that, they are very wrinkle resistant. Honestly, you can sit on a jacket and just
throw it at a corner, pick it back up, put it on, and it doesn’t show wrinkles at all. Now try that with your other suits and you
will see what I mean. Yes traditionally, tweed was made for country
wear and you can learn all about it, the differences and the history in our in-depth tweed video
guide here. Now when it comes to business casual, tweed
really fits right in because it casualizes the jacket style and ties it together with
more informal pants. A really great tweed color for the office
is gray. I suggest you go with a medium gray because
it’s still considered formal enough and you can choose between many different styles;
there can be a gray Donegal one which has undertones of blue with colored specks and
those colorful dots really soften things up, at the same time, I can wear it with a pair
of denim jeans, I can wear it with corduroys, then I can also wear it with chinos, no problem! On the other hand, look at this tweed jacket
with a coarse twill weave and patch pockets, it’s a lot more casual than a gray suit jacket
but it still has that same color palette and therefore works at the office. In terms of accessories, I suggest you go
with more texture such as knit ties or maybe shantung ties or grenadine ties because it
just harmonizes well and balances out the overall look. When it comes to shoes, of course, I refer
you to our specific business casual shoes guide, at the same time, brown is your friend. Any shade of brown whether it is darker or
maybe some reddish-brown or oxblood or burgundy, it will all work with tweed and it will always
look well. The fifth outfit idea incorporates sweater
vests or cardigans. Now traditionally, vests are part of a suit
but in a more casual environment, a three-piece suit is not an option. When it’s colder in the winter, however, you
can wear a vest that is contrasting underneath your jacket and can look quite dapper. Personally, I love my
burgundy vest but I also wear bottle green velvet vests and all kinds of other colors
including blue tweed for the office. I think a blue tweed vest comes in really
really handy. Personally, I would not wear a tailored vest
without a jacket, I would always go with a jacket, however, some people are fine with
it especially if it’s a sweater vest or a cardigan. Most cardigans you see come in solid colors
with navy being a favorite. Sometimes, you can also see off-white which
can be quite casual and inappropriate in the wintertime. Personally, I also like green because it’s
a warm color, it’s kind of an earthy nature color, and it’s in stark contrast with the
traditional business color of gray, blue, and charcoal. If you wanted to take it a step further, you
can also have patterned vests or patterned sweaters such as a houndstooth pattern, could
be very traditional, it could be a Prince of Wales for example, or it could be something
with dots on it. That aside, you can also find textured sweaters
which have kind of a cable knit or other elements. Personally, if I would go to a more casual
office environment and I wanted something that was business casual, I wouldn’t hesitate
to wear maybe something along the lines of a tennis sweater which is of course quite
preppy but that’s simply the style I enjoy. I personally really like to wear a tie with
a shirt when I wear a sweater to the office. I typically like to combine it with a necktie
which means I get a deep cut v-neck sweater because that way, my tie and my tie knot really
pops and looks much better than with a crewneck that actually just covers up the entire tie. In terms of shirts, I prefer to go with small
check shirts in a button-down collar sometimes though if the sweater is very loud, you can
also go with a more muted shirt. Just stay clear of the plain solid white ones
because there are too businesslike and they don’t go well with the casualness of the sweater. Last but not least, let’s talk about a bonus
idea of the off-white or green dress shirt. Now most people wear plain white or light
blue shirts to the office, I’m a big proponent of the off white or cream shirt because it’s
much softer from afar, it still almost looks like a white shirt yet it ties warmer tones
such as brown or green much better together than a plain solid white shirt would. At the end of the day, you could argue that
a cream shirt is the better white shirt because it’s a lot more versatile. It can be worn with a business suit but it
can also be worn with a lot more casual jackets including things like a Harrington jacket
or a linen jacket. in today’s outfit I used a cream shirt as
the base it’s a very casual shirt that is made out of a polo shirt fabric which is very
stretchy very comfortable to wear I combined with a more formal blazer which is double-breasted
and part of a suit but it has a windowpane on it and it’s not the darkest shade of Navy
which is why it works quite well for my pants I opted for a pair of seersucker with turn
ups from Ralph Lauren and I went with a pair of burgundy double monk strap shoes from Acemarks
I wanted to pick up the red tones of my shoes in the rest of my outfit and so I opted for
a handcrafted linen pocket square in Burgundy with white which is a very summery and airy
and really is rather stiff but it provides a really nice fold in my pocket without being
too big because we size it exactly the right way you can see this pocket square and others
in our shop here or you can also find the bow tie which has the same colors of red that
ties everything together if you enjoyed this video make sure to check out our other business
casual dress code videos and subscribe to our Channel so stuff like this comes right
to your inbox.

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