5.0 Key risks to the business are reduced through Succession Planning | Made to Thrive

5.0 Key risks to the business are reduced through Succession Planning | Made to Thrive

Welcome to video 28 in this series of 34, two-minute videos
detailing the key concepts in my new book, Made to Thrive. Made to Thrive outlines the five key roles that a leader must undertake in order to transition
from being a good leader, to being a great leader. Those five roles are accountability, ambassador, culture, strategy, and succession planning. Today, we’re talking
about succession planning. And in particular, 5.0 key risks to the business are reduced through succession planning. One of the great frustrations of business is working really, really hard
to make a profit one month, and then the next month, making a loss and then over the course
of the two months, only breaking even. One of the keys to making and sustaining profit consistently and maintaining growth consistently is succession planning. Making sure that in circumstances
throughout the business, you have a plan B. This consistency is through
the people you employ, the products and services you sell, the suppliers who support you, and the investment
decisions that you make. The problem is that succession
planning isn’t sexy. Culture, for some people, is sexy. Strategy, for some people, is sexy. Ambassador, for some people, is sexy, and building an accountability framework, for some people, is sexy. But succession planning isn’t sexy. But your job isn’t to be sexy, you’re not a catwalk model or a rockstar, you’re a leader. And the job of the leader
is to produce results and to produce growth consistently. Part of your job is to deliver growth and to deliver results consistently. If you’d like to learn
more about Made to Thrive, you can watch all of
these videos on YouTube or you can buy the book on Amazon. I’ll put the links
below for both of those.

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