4 Ways To Get Unstuck In Business – One-on-One with Jesse Eker and Dean Graziosi

4 Ways To Get Unstuck In Business – One-on-One with Jesse Eker and Dean Graziosi

– What kind of advice do
you have for people who just have not made it to the level of success that they want to get to yet, but they’re just working
their butt trying to get there and they’re just not
seeing results that they? – You know there’s so many answers that come through my head,
and I wanna be concise. – Okay. – And give some clear things. The first thing that comes
to my head is, I think there’s three things that
are really important. I teach my whole team this,
I teach my children this, and I teach everybody
around me, my core team of 60, 70 people know this.
If you said, if Dean said, “What’s the thing to break
through, like, if we’re stuck on a marketing campaign, if we’re stuck, man, we can’t get this ad
to convert, we can’t fill this event up…” they know
I’ll go to three things. Are you hungry? Are you focused? And are you measuring your results? Because if you’re not hungry, someone else is hungrier than you. – Okay. – Right and hunger, where
does hunger come from? Hunger comes from using
whatever it is inside of us that drives us. When I was broke and wanted
more, you know what drove me? I watched my Mom, my parents
split when I was three, and my Dad didn’t have
the money to support us. – Okay. – So I watched my Mom work three jobs. – Yeah. – To make nothing. – Right. – Come home, hands hurt,
back hurt, cleaning houses, you know just odd jobs. So my hunger came from, I
remember being 10 years old man, I’m not making that up saying
I’m getting rich some day, so I can retire her. I
didn’t know how or when, I didn’t know what, but I
knew I was hungry to stop my Mom from doing all this. – Right. – Right, when I first launched my company, I was hungry, I was hungry to
prove my Dad wrong who said, “Ah, you’ll never make it on your own.” I was hungry to change that. – Yeah, yeah. – Right? So not that you always
wanna run away from pain, but in life what do we do? We run away from pain or
we run towards pleasure. – Right. – So if you’ve got pain in
your life, fricken’ amp it up. Don’t say, “I’m blessed,
everything’s great.” No if you’re not happy,
you’re fricken’ unhappy. – Right. – Feel it. – Yeah. – And know that if you don’t
do shit, if you don’t get hungry in five years, the same
thing that’s happening now, will happen except you’ll
have five more pounds around your belly and
a couple more wrinkles. – Right. – Right? So find whatever it
is you can do, find the hunger. Either decide you wanna
move away from pain and fuel the pain, or if life’s okay,
you’re ready for a transition, something new, then find
something pleasureful. I wanna impact lives, I
wanna change the world, I wanna speak on stage,
I wanna write books or whatever it is – get
so passionate about it. People always ask me, “How
do you have so much energy at this age?” Because I’m
hungry, because I’m passionate. – Yeah. – And I still remember
that broke kid that I never wanna go back to. So, first is hunger, the other is focus. There’s so many of us we want
more and we might have the hunger, but we see like,
should I do something on Amazon or Shopify, or maybe I’ll
write a book or I’ll start a brick and mortar company.
Or no, I’ll partner with somebody and we just, I feel
like (and I’ve done it, too, I’m guilty of it) is I wanted
it, but I never went deep. I probably got before I
really had a breakthrough. I probably got to the, using
a silly sports metaphor, I probably got to the five
yard line. I came down all the way down the
field and I was, like, “Ah, it’s not really
working, shiny object, oh let me try this.” – Yeah, yeah. – “Oh, let me try this,”
and we, how many times do we bail on something when we’re this close? – So close, yeah. – Because we weren’t
focused, we were distracted. We’re trying to swim in five
swim lanes at the same time. – Right. – And all I know is mastery
and depth is the game-changer in my company, my partner Tony Robbins, watching your family,
the reason you impacted so many lives and you created
such a valuable company and helped change the world
is because you guys went deep on what it is you guys did, you didn’t have 20 different companies. – Right. – So hunger, focus, and then the last one is measure your progress. Now, if you’re playing a baseball game, if you didn’t keep score. – Right. – You wouldn’t know who’s winning, right? – Right. – If you’re trying to lose weight, what do you on a weekly basis? – Measure it. – You get on the scale. – Yeah. – You go, oh it was 160 now I’m 158, and I was 158, now I’m 152. But so many times in our businesses, – Yeah. – We don’t measure, right? Relationships, if, we’re newly married, been together for three years and best relationship in my life, I measure all the time, if
I walk home, if I come home from a long day and I’m on
my phone before I look up and say hi, and I can see
that made her a little sad, I measure that and go, I’m
never gonna be looking at my phone when I come home
because my wife deserves eye-to-eye contact. – Right. – Right, I measure that,
but a lot of people don’t. As simple as that sounds in
business, you try something and it doesn’t work, it just
doesn’t work. If you send an email, was it the subject
line, was it the copy in the email, was it the
page they went through, was it the offer, was it ’cause
you were having a bad day? If you measure all those things
in marketing, which I obsess on in my business, and you go,
oh it was this subject line, I measured it, try this
one, oh it improved. Okay, let’s do more of
that and less of this. But I’ll see so many people
that could have hunger, – Yeah. – Focus, but they don’t measure
so it’s kind of like running on a treadmill and you wanna
get someplace so you just turn the treadmill up,
you’re running faster, but you’re still not getting anywhere. – You got nowhere to go. – So I would bet, I would say,
I’m gonna add a fourth thing, try to find your hunger,
on a whole other level. Social media’s made success
look too easy. It’s harder than you think, but still 10
times, worth it 10 times more than it ever was, so find your
hunger, get really hungry. Get focused, measure,
and then the fourth thing and the most important,
is learn from somebody who’s already been there. – Yeah, of course, yeah. – You know there’s so
many, and I don’t wanna try and think I’m making fun
of people or dogging people but today an influencer
is someone who has a Lambo and a million followers on Instagram. – Right. – Doesn’t mean that they
went through the muck, doesn’t mean they did
what they’re teaching. – Yeah. – It just means that they have eyeballs. – Yeah. – And a lot of times we’re
watching that, admiring that, envying that, and we’re listening
to them, but what they’re teaching is not actually the
vehicle to get them there. Go find, go find the guy down
the street who’s a millionaire because he did real estate
or fixed cars, or did hair or whatever, find the
knowledge from someone who’s already done it. – Yeah. – And start off where they left off. – Yeah. – I am a master, I mean
I’ve been to over 300 days of masterminds in my life,
I’ve spent over a million bucks on conducting or being a part
of them, man when you wanna learn something, just find
somebody who’s been there. – Yeah, yeah, totally. (upbeat music)

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