4 Design Tweaks That Can Boost Your SEO Traffic

4 Design Tweaks That Can Boost Your SEO Traffic

– SEO isn’t just about getting back links and working under technical SEO. For a long time, Google has
been adjusting its algorithm to look at user experience to
determine rankings as well. So guess what? Design is one of the key
aspects of user experience. So if you’re not doing a
good job with your designs, your ranking will suffer. Hello, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to teach you four design tweaks that can boost your SEO traffic. (soft music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel. And if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. First off, design your website with the mobile first approach. Back when people use desktop devices more than mobile devices to do searches. You can get away with your website just being desktop friendly. But that’s changed since July 2019. Google has enabled by default, what they call mobile
first indexing that means when Google indexes a website, it looks at the mobile
version first in order to determine how relevant a page
is to the user search query. The majority of people are
using mobile devices to search. According to http://www.statista.com, 64% of Google searches are
done on mobile devices. If your websites mobile experience is bad, your rankings and traffic are
definitely going to suffer. So step one, make sure you
have a decent mobile version that delivers good experience. That means tech that’s easy
to read, good font sizes, good spacing between
lines, readable colors, clear text hierarchy,
that means sub headings and subheadings beneath that. You want to add rich media, animated GIFs, videos, infographics, you
also want to put a lot of ads or relevant images above the fold. Start delivering what people want. If you deliver what people
want above the fold, that’s going to mean that
they’re going to be happier with the experience which
means that your rankings over time should climb. You also want to make sure
that your design is responsive. But think of your mobile
version as a priority, not the desktop version. You want to test different
devices, mobile devices, and you can use tools like
BrowserStack to do that to ensure that your website is compatible with all these different devices. Step two, make sure your mobile version loads as fast as possible. You want to use CDNs, CDNs is
a Content Delivery Network. It compresses your images,
your HTML, so that way, your site loads faster
and gets distributed throughout servers all over the world, instead of just your own site. And you can use solutions like Cloudflare. Step three, use Google’s
mobile friendly testing tool. It’ll help you meet
Google’s design standards. You should use the
fetch and render feature in Google Search Console as well. This will help you test both mobile and desktop versions to see
how Google sees your page. Now, the next thing you want
to do is organize your content in a meaningful way. So when you look at design, it’s not just about being mobile friendly. If your content isn’t
organized in a meaningful way then people are going to go and be like, “Hey, your designs pretty, “but I’m not really getting any value.” So how do you do this? Well step one, simplify your navigation. Don’t go overboard with your navigation by adding all these
categories to your website and useless links that
people don’t need to go to. Make sure you give the
most important categories on your website, prominence. That way, people just
click on the main areas they need to go to and
all the unimportant pages don’t put them in your main navigation. Step two, content hierarchy, use only one H1 tag, and
then subdivide the other text blocks on your page into
other forms of sub headings H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 you get the point. Subheadings makes it easier
for people to skim your content and read it and figure out what the section of content is about without reading all of it. because when people on
their mobile devices, they may not have time to
read 5000 words of text. Think about your content
has having multiple chapters and sub topics. That should give you an idea
of what kind of subheadings you should use, right. The title of the book is like H1. Each chapter is a H2, each
topic within the chapter is like an H3 heading. Step three, for long form
content and navigational links at the top. My buddy Brian Dean likes to do this a lot for his longer pieces of content. He had quick links at
the top of his articles, and you can click through and skim to whatever section of the article
that you want to get to. The next thing I want you
to do is put user intent at the center of your user experience. Sometimes there’s no point
offering a 4000 word article when users are searching
for a product to buy. It just doesn’t make sense. You have to figure out
what people are looking for in order to determine
the best type of page that you want to create. It’s not all about creating
a long form content page or really thin piece of content. Sometimes people may prefer a video. Let’s say I’m creating
article or web page on how to tie a tie. Would you like to see a text
description with images? Or would you rather see
a video that breaks in how to do it in less than a minute? You’ll take the video. The first step is to
define the type of keywords you’re targeting. Is it transactional,
navigational, informational each keyword will give you
a different type of page. For example, if it’s a
transactional keyword like buy an iPhone XR, or
buy an iPhone 12, or 13, or whatever numbers that are on. You can’t just put a long form article. People just want to go to
a page that breaks down what they’re getting, the
features and click a buy button. That’s really it. Step two look at who’s
ranking for that keyword, and what they’re doing to rank well. So Google’s already pretty good
at determining user intent. So if you just do a search for any keyword that you’re looking to rank for, you’ll see the pages
that are in the top 10. And you’re seeing what
they’re already doing. If you’re struggling to figure out hey, how many social shares do they have, how many back links what they’re doing? You can put in any
keyword into Uber Suggest and it’ll give you not only
other suggested keywords, based on you know,
transactional, navigational or all types of keywords. They’ll give you question
related keywords, comparison keywords, but
they’ll also show you on the right side who’s
ranking, how many back links, their domain score, their social shares. This will give you idea
of what you need to do in order to rank as well. And when you doing that search, you need to think and ask
yourself is that a product page? Is that a comparison article? If it’s a comparison
review about a product, is it a long form article
detailing how to use a product? Because all these things
will help you understand what you need to do in
order to rank at the top. And last but not least
avoid visual interferences on mobile devices. Google doesn’t like it
when you put what they call unsolicited interstitial on mobile pages. If someone lands on a
mobile page, and right away, they just see a pop up. Google hates that but on the flip side, if someone’s about to leave your site and you show them a pop
up, that’s fine as long as it’s related to the article and it provides a better user experience. I know a lot of people hate pop ups, but just think of it this way, pop up gives value to the
user, you should show it. If it doesn’t, and it’s just
fulfilling your own prophecy of making more money then don’t show it. It has to be a win win situation. If you need help with your website and ranking higher on Google, check out my ad agency Neil Patel digital. If you enjoyed this
video, like it, share it, tell the people about it. Thank you for watching.

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  1. Most people use their phone just as much as a desktop these days. Phones are now your mobile computer. 😉

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  8. You forgot to mention something important. Many new phones (and now PC browsers) are starting to support a dark theme. Dark themes are great at converting text from black to white but they are terrible at converting logo and button colors. If you have a dark logo it will turn unreadable. Orange buttons will turn an ugly purple. You need to check what your site looks like in dark mode and correct colors as needed.

  9. And one tip from my side – Simplicity is the best policy. So make ur website simple and don't bombarded it with lots of designs

  10. Great video Neil, thank you! I've been tweaking my blog to add lots of graphics, charts and images, those that match what I'm saying in the blog. I also removed a bunch of categories from the menu and I'm starting to add calls to action in my blog too. Thank you!

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