3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Market Your Business on Alexa

3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Market Your Business on Alexa

Remember when smartphones
came out and you discovered all
those cool apps? It completely changed the way we
interacted with technology and
with each other. With that in
mind, Alexa skills and Google actions are doing
for voice what apps did for the
smartphone. They offer a new
way for consumers to interact with real estate
professionals. I’m Kevin Tengan, director of
marketing for Berkshire Hathaway
HomeServices Verani Realty in
New Hampshire and a digital and technology trainer. Let’s
take five minutes to talk about
voice assistants and how you
can use them to connect with
prospective customers. Voice assistants allow consumers
to ask questions and get real
time information where they
want it and when they want it. Here’s an example. I was playing
around with my Google Home
and asked, “Hey Google, what’s
my home worth?” It immediately came back with,
“What’s your address and what
state do you live in?” Then,
boom, it was able to spit out an
estimate of what my home
was worth. Here are three ways to
leverage voice assistants. First, voice technology allows
you to multitask. If you’re like
most people, the first thing you
do when you wake up in
the morning is you grab your phone, and
you check messages, respond
to emails, maybe schedule a
meeting here or there. Sometimes you make a note
about a great idea you had while
you were sleeping, or you check
the news and weather. After this, you take your shower
or get dressed. With voice technology, you can
just wake up and, rather than
grab your phone, you can ask
your voice assistant to read your text messages, send an
email, schedule a meeting, make
a note, play news briefings,
listen to a podcast and much,
much more. And, you can do it all the while
getting dressed or showering.
It frees up your hands and
allows you to multitask. You’re no longer tethered to
a screen and keyboard. Another way to leverage voice
assistants is to create
meaningful content. The easiest
way is through podcasts. Not sure what to talk about?
Start with a day in the life of
a real estate professional. Perhaps you’re heading to an
inspection today. Record a
podcast about all the things a
homebuyer should look for in a home inspection and
explain the report that they’re
gonna get, while large, isn’t
necessarily that scary. Think about the questions buyers
and sellers might ask and answer
them in your podcast. Showcase
your community, give potential buyers the inside
scoop – talk about events,
places, businesses and all the people who make
the community so special. Along with podcasts, take
advantage of Flash Briefings.
Flash Briefings are available on
Alexa enabled devices and are short informative bits of audio,
such as a daily real estate tip
or a top 10 list. They are easy
to record and free to setup on
Amazon. When people enable your
flash briefings on their device,
it will play each time they say, Hey Alexa, play my flash
briefings.” They will hear your
content, in your voice, and you
can use Flash Briefings to drive your audience to your
bigger pieces of content. Third, take advantage of voice
search. Some tips include
focusing on certain phrases,
questions, and long tail
keywords, which are those three and
four keyword phrases which
are very, very specific to your
market, niche or target
audience. Make sure they’re
geographically relevant and
commonly-phrased questions.
Also be sure you are receiving reviews and rating from your
clients. These will be to your
advantage when people ask
their voice assistant questions such as, “Who is the best real
estate agent in Jacksonville,
Florida,” or “What is the bes
real estate company near me.” So be sure you have full
profiles, ratings and reviews on
sites like Google, Yelp, and
even Facebook. Because voice assistants is
an emerging technology, the
possibilities for use are still
developing. I’d love to see questions such
as “What is my home worth?”
followed up with “Let me give
you some more information about the community.” or
“For tips on getting your home
ready to sell be sure to
subscribe to my podcast.” Taking small steps toward
interacting with consumers on
voice will position you for
success down the road.

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