3 Plus Your Community WRCBtv Chattanooga News COI thanks area businesses

3 Plus Your Community   WRCBtv Chattanooga News   COI thanks area businesses

three about how much fun we have working
with each other every day hopefully you have a great work environment as well
part of what makes it a thriving community is to bring diversity into it
right well our next guests are here to celebrate some very special co-workers
for businesses in town Laura beavers Kimberly Wilson who are
with community options in Chattanooga good to see you you both good to see you thank you and it’s good
timing for you to be here because you said this is the month that we celebrate
employees who have disabilities yes ma’am
October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month and what we
do at Community options is one of the things as we work with empowering and
employing individuals in the community I wanted to come on today and just share
the fantastic news of all the great partners that we’ve developed in
Chattanooga we have so many people working and diversity and inclusion
we’ve partnered with Wendy’s we’ve partnered with KFC we have partnered
with Bass Pro Shop we’ve partnered with the Chattanooga look-outs for this past
season there are some pictures of some of our people working at the look-outs
it was just an amazing opportunity we’ve partnered with Food City on Lee Highway
Food City in Hickson so Chattanooga gets really embracing employment and
inclusion well you know you talk about dignity for people right and and I was
having a conversation with my teenage daughter and one of her friends last
week about how there’s never a job too small for anyone to do as long as you’re
working there should be pride associated with that absolutely and this it doesn’t
matter who you are you should have the right to get a job yes ma’am and so
Kimberly in your role at Community options are you working directly with
these employers to help place the the workers or answer I don’t quite work
directly with them I do do some oversight with Laura
we tend you know meetings and conferences to help with meet-and-greet
and getting employers involved with us and letting them know what we do and you
know hoping that they’ll support our mission part of what makes a great
workforce too though is having good morale
yeah yeah so often I don’t want to be stereotypical so I’ll be careful in the
way I say this but very often people who have a disability especially if it’s a
bit of a mental disability can bring a joy to life that you’d otherwise
wouldn’t be able to tap into they can be a great mood builder is that fair to say
yes ma’am absolutely yes so for people who are
watching we have so many new businesses coming into Chattanooga on a regular
basis right did they contact you and say look I’m kind of considering this but I
have some questions absolutely I would be honored to speak with anyone in the
area who has an option and an opportunity for one of our individuals
my contact number is on the screen at community options feel free to reach out
we would love to partner with any employer because we all find purpose in
our work right right and so a lot of the individuals that we serve are some of
the most hardworking and eager and just joy I was talking to somebody today
who’s a small business owner and she was saying one of the most difficult things
is finding good employees and people who will just show up yes so to have at your
disposal and Arsenal of people who so want the job
that’s one big hurdle already overcome yes ma’am now Kimberly y’all are doing a
fundraiser you have a couple they’re looking ahead already to 2020 and a race
that you’ll have but you’re doing an art event on November 1st
it’s called painting with the purpose the funds that are raised to help
support people with disabilities it helps them do things that they probably
would never get the opportunity to like vacations and trips outside of
Chattanooga trips outside of the state so it provides opportunities like that
for them the race is in 2020 but this one is going to be held here in
Chattanooga and it’s that painting with a twist the picture and everything has
has meaning to it kind of like as you’re a kid you know you take the dandelions
and you make a wish when you blow it yeah
that’s kind of the picture that we’re painting nice so it kind of gives them
the dream that most would never have the opportunity you Laura and they weren’t
familiar with you maybe they have a someone in their family who had the
disability and they’ve been trying to help them find a job are there is there
an age limit I mean at 16 can you help someone find a job well our program is
designed for adults 18 and older that’s about it yeah okay and for the employers
watching there’s no when I say commitment I mean
you could hire somebody on a part-time basis or a full-time basis absolutely
most of our individuals do prefer part-time work mm-hm
because a lot of them it’s their first opportunity you know a lot of people
with disabilities have been told their whole life so they couldn’t work
Tennessee is breaking barriers Tennessee is the first state to become a work
first day passed legislation that people with a disability deserve the right to
work right and so just very honored to get the opportunity to do what I do and
in a state that is so proactive the beauty of life is when you can be
surrounded by people who are different and you can learn from them and they can
learn from you yes ma’aam so yeah who wants just a cookie cutter day day after day right
yes ma’am so here’s where you can find community relations Community Options
sorry my snafu community options Laura and Kimberly certainly know where they
work but they’re right here in Chattanooga the phone number and website
there on your screen and if you call them they can tell you more about the
painting with a twist event on November 1st what a great way to give back even
if you were just an individual watching today thank you thank you

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