3 Google My Business Hacks To Get Ahead In 2020

3 Google My Business Hacks To Get Ahead In 2020

Hi in this video I’m going to look at
three things that no one seems to be doing in Google My Business. By doing
these three things on a regular basis not only will increase your traffic and
help you rise up in the rankings. But it will also enable you to get ahead of your
other competitors Hi I am Zane from Zanet Design and I help
businesses grow their business on the web. I use my 20 years of experience to
help people like yourself to take your business and to see how you can improve
it. Now Google My Business is certainly one of the tools that can really help
you grow your business when it comes to gaining local traffic. There are many
videos I’ve produced in this area, so do make sure you subscribe down below in
the corner and then click the little button or the the bell as well, so
notifies you of the next update. So we’re looking at 3 ways in particular that most
businesses don’t seem to be doing when it comes to Google My Business. This
is a chance for you to get ahead here. So take each one and try it.
Practice it. Go out and and take your website and your Google My Business and
work together and see if you can improve your presence in the coming few weeks by
trying these three things. So what’s the first one we’re going to look at? Well
simply put it’s just “Add more photos that are relevant to your business” Now
you’ve probably already got some photos added. You’ve added your logo. You’ve
added a couple of pictures of who you are who the team is for your business
maybe even one or two of the areas where you work. But what I’m going to say is add
many, many more photos. Why? Well because photos also have their own
search results. You no doubt have come across the fact that websites have
search results but also images do. So if you’re searching for something, people
often will just search for images instead and those images can take people
to your business to your website or to your Google my business reference so
what I saying is the more photos you add, the more traffic will come to your
Google My Business listing. Now if you don’t believe it then let me show you.
I’ll show you here in the analytics of how these photos have produced more traffic. So what I’ll say to you, in my case, I’m a web
designer. So adding photos of what I’ve done.
Designs I’ve made. Customers that are happy with their websites. Websites that
are looking great on a mobile as well as a laptop. All these are ways of adding
the images even though they may be on my website it just gives a chance for
traffic to come to Google My Business by means of images too. So why not try it if
you’re electrician company, then show several wiring diagrams that you’ve used recently.
Show some references to some of the happy customers with their wiring or
with their new lampshade or whatever it is. If you’re a plumber show the work of
a plumber. Whatever your business just look back through small photos maybe of
customers and clients and upload them and that will be my first tip to see an
increase in traffic as statistics show for 2020. Now the second area that I want
you to look at when it comes to improving your Google My Business
presence is to look at posting on a regular basis to Google My Business so
okay maybe you’ve added a couple of products, you’ve added a couple of
services even, you’ve put a description. You’ve done all the things that have
been mentioned in my previous videos that are just essential. But have you
considered once or twice a week, writing an article that includes some keywords
so in my case I’m a web designer so I’d write about web design I’ll write about
hosting, about graphic design, about logo design, but when I write about it just
think of a few keywords that are relevant to my locality too. So I perhaps
mentioned a couple of the towns nearby. By doing that on a regular basis, it
just lets Google know that I’m still here, these are my keywords. This is my
relevancy. So when you talk about web designers in this area think about me. By
updating regularly the posts and there’s different type of posts you can have to
and by adding a couple of images. You’re giving Google a lot of information about
your website, but a lot of information about your relevant business that’s
looking for business too. So on the regularity of it of posts that’s my
second tip for 2020 that most people don’t do. They post once or twice and
then they just forget to post again. My final tip is a video I made earlier
today actually so you may want to check this out and it’s the fact that most
people haven’t got a virtual reality or a 360-degree photo of their premises. Now
in the past I always thought that you’d have to have 500 pounds in your pocket
to do this. In most cases if you want it done really professionally which I
would recommend if you’re an important business that has maybe several rooms Or is much larger and it’s really relevant to see how your premises looks. Well then
500 pounds is well spent because it does also officially tell Google that you
exist. But on the other hand if you haven’t got that type of budget, you can
still do a 360-degree photo video for free if you want to know how to do it
well have a look at the the link above now that I put in the video for you. But
simply put, you download an app from Google. So Street View and in Street View
you can take a 360-degree of your premises and then it just recognises the
business because your GPS and you can upload it straight to your Google My
Business account. Now on the majority of Google my business locations and
listings haven’t used a 360 degree yet. So maybe they’re in the future in 2020
that will become another factor that Google uses to put you above other
businesses. And of course if you make the top three of your location and your
business then you will see a load of traffic coming through from local
customers inquiring for your business. So I really hope those three things are my
favourite three things at the moment. The majority of people I’m
doing website critiques for don’t seem to be doing. If you can do them you’re
going to benefit your business in the coming weeks and months ahead in 2020.
Thanks for staying with me make sure you subscribe and I’ll see you again on the
next video

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  1. These 3 powerful Google My Business hacks are easy to do, but no one seems to be doing them.
    Try them out and let me know how you get on and if you see a major increase a month from now in your listing.

  2. Hey, Do you know how long pictures take to show up on the listing? I update a listing about 3 weeks ago with new pictures but they haven't shown up on the listing. thank you

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