3 EPIC WOODWORKING Business tips

3 EPIC WOODWORKING Business tips

hi guys, in this video I’m gonna be
sharing some really cool tips with you to improve your carpentry or woodworking
business and help you to get more profit from the amazing work you do hi guys welcome to my channel woodwork
Mike I am Mike and in this video I’m gonna give you three really useful tips
to help you to improve your woodwork business and to get more profit from the
work you do and if you stick around to the end tip number three is really cool
something you might not have seen before and it will really help you so I’m going
to talk to you about a few really basic ideas and a lot of this stuff you will
know but maybe you just haven’t been doing it or maybe you’ve just forgotten
about it or whatever but for one thing rather than just writing all of the
materials you know on the back of an envelope or something you need to have
like an Excel spreadsheet and you need to list out all the items very carefully
and you need to go through that list and you need to come up with the prices and
you need to go through it over and over again and spend a bit more time at the
beginning of each job making sure that the cost of your materials is accurate
and then what you need to do is you need to add an amount to the bottom of that
and that amount is just like a little reserve in case the price is more now
you could just give the customer the total cost of materials which includes
the extra amount that you’ve added or you could tell them the actual breakdown
and say that you’ve included this amount because sometimes there are overruns and
if it ends up being less you’ll give them that money back that’s what you
could say so it depends on each customer some customers will be happy just to get
a total for all the cost of materials and some of them will want a detail
breakdown but you have to make sure that you’ve been over that list several times
and that you’ve not missed anything and you’ve not been kind of lazy about it
because if you get it wrong nine times out of ten you’ll get it wrong in favor
of the customer because you’ll have underestimated how much you need and
don’t forget that sometimes you’re gonna you’re gonna break pieces of wood or
pieces of wood are not going to be suitable or the prices might change you
need to build all of that into your calculations and what you could do is
just get a friend or family member to go through the calculations with you so if
you’re going to start like a big project and it’s going to take you several weeks
or even several months is it not worth that extra time to get a friend or
relative just to go through the cost with you it’s definitely worth it even
if you decide to pay them because you don’t want to get anything for free from
them it’s definitely worth a bit of time at the beginning and it will save you
massive headaches later on so that’s tip number one and tip number two is to
really think carefully about how long it’s going to take you to do the job
don’t have this ideal world scenario as if you’re some kind of robot you need to
be realistic you know do you factor in how long it takes you to tidy up every
day because that can take a long time there’s a massive amount of setup at the
beginning there’s time when you’re having to think about how the projects
going to continue you’ve got a factor all that time in you can’t just think it
takes me this long to build this list on to build that this long to build the
third thing you can’t do it like that because you’re not factoring in all the
extra time what about the time it takes for the customer to talk to you so again
what you need to do is very carefully come up with a list of all the things
that you have to do and how long it’s going to take and then you need to add a
bit to every item you know maybe add 20% to every item and come up with the
labour cost at the bottom and then go to the customer the labor cost and again
you could either go to them and say you know I’m working on this basis it’s
gonna take me a hundred hours and my rate is you know $25 an hour or if
you’re in the UK twenty-five pounds an hour okay and whatever the rate is for a
woodworker in your area because it will vary from area to area and you can say
to them you know if it comes out cheaper I’ll give you the money back great but
you always want to build it in your favour so you can give their money back
you don’t want to be saying it’s gonna be less and asking for more money
because that never works and it just makes you look bad in the eyes of the
customer so this this part is quite similar to the last part really and it’s
about making sure that you don’t underestimate how long it’s gonna take
you to actually do the work and how much it’s actually going to cost you to get
the materials and the third thing I want to talk to you about is a tool that
might help you in your business and this tool has got 16,000 woodworking plans in
super detail with a full list of all the materials you need for each plan so you
can actually use that and you might be able to negotiate with a cost
and pick out an actual plan from this database and then you can show them the
planning and say this is what I build for you and then a lot of the work is
done for you because you can see exactly what the steps are to make the thing and
you can see the materials you need and it will make it a lot easier for you to
cost the job so it’s a really cool tool and it’s really very inexpensive you
know it’s the price you pay for a new drill or you know an another tool that
you might use in the business it’s really not expensive but it could really
help you out in the long run and with 16,000 plans it’s very very unlikely
that you’re not going to be able to find something that you can use for your
customers even if you have to adapt it a little bit you know for their particular
house or their setup or their their preferences so I’ll leave a link to that
tool in the description and I really hope that you find this video useful
guys and you know I’m gonna say with all YouTube videos if you did find it useful
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in future videos all right bye for now

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