If you don’t want to miss any of my new videos then visit to the homepage of my YouTube channel “EuS Media Production” and “SUBSCRIBE” it and click on the Bell icon to turn “ON” the notification of my channel you will be notified whenever I will upload new videos Hello Friends Many of you would agree that Money is the most important thing for many people and most of them have a habit to connect and compare everything with money like “More money” means “More Success” “More Happiness” “A better Life” and “A better Future” and because of this only Every person is busy in earning money and more busy in saving it Moreover People have various reasons and different ways to save money Some people save money for emergency some people save money to buy their own house some people are saving money for future studies while some are saving money for retirement life but there are many peoples who want to invest their saved money at different places so that secondary income and profit can be generated from that money In my previous video, i had explained you 6 different ways which will help you to save money if you haven’t seen that video that then click here to watch that video by using the tip given in that video, you can easily save money and in the end of that video only I have told that I will be making a video on investment also so in today’s video i will be sharing with you 3 easy ways to invest money and earn profit So Let’s Begin… 1) Investment in Real Estate Every man dream is to have his own house and every shopkeeper have a dream to have his own shop now there are many people who have their own house or have their own shop but then too they buy 2 3 more houses or buy a big shop despite of having small business now many time we think such people as “SHOWOFF” or “CORRUPT” person but actually they are financially smart now the question arise here is how they are more financially smart? and why we are not smart like them? Actually this journey of money start from the same stage means a normal person and a financially smart person saves money from start itself after saving some huge amount money, both of them first buy the most important thing from that money like their own house then after saving some more money normal person try to fulfill his other wishes like car, bike, etc now if he thinks to buy another house its possible that he may not be able to buy it because this car & bike which is actually a “LIABILITY” generates expenses for him and after paying for all this expenses he don’t have enough money to buy another house on the other hand, financially smart person continuous to save money till he is able to buy another house or shop and then he give this house or shop to others on heavy “RENT” and then he fulfill his other wishes from the amount generated from “RENT” like financially smart person, if you also want that your saving should generate profit for you then instead of buying liability, invest it in Real Estate by buying a piece of land or a house or a shop and give it to others on “HEAVY RENT” there are 2 benefits of investing in Real Estate First, if you are not working or doing any kind of job, then too real estate will generate income for you Second, despite of having all type of expenses, you will be able to save money continuously which later on you can invest it at other places as well but always remember one thing you should always do your investment at legal and authorized place only 2) Investment in Gold the price of gold increases and changes almost everyday specially in India, it increases alot Actually gold price depend on value dollar when value of dollar get increased in the market, gold price automatically get increased so if you want long term benefit like Real Estate investment then investment in gold is also a good choice now there are two ways to invest in gold 1) Investment in Gold through Jewellery 2) Investment in Gold through Bullion but if you are investing in jewellery you will not get full profit while selling it in the market Example Assume price of 10 gram gold is Rs. 30000 and you have purchased a 30 gram gold chain whose actual price is Rs. 90000 but after adding “making charge” & “taxes” in it it will cost you for Rs. 105000 now if you are going to sell that chain in the market by keeping it price as Rs. 105000 at that time, shopkeeper subtract discount charge and making charges from it and gives you only Rs. 90000 and due to investment in jewellery, you have to face a loss of Rs. 15000 but if you are investing in bullion by purchasing gold coin, gold biscuit or gold brick then while selling it in the market, you will get the actual amount for it without deducting any extra type of charges so if you want a long term gold benefit its better to invest in bullion one more benefit of investing in gold is that you can keep it in bank safety locker and whenever required, you can take it also from bank locker 3) Investment in Share Market many people think that share market business is a type of gambling and they feel that wrong uses of money take place in Share Market but actually its not like that Share Market business is government approved and the amount generated in Share Market are “Tax Free” if you are little bit financially smart and you have a good knowledge of share market then by just sitting at home only, you can earn a lots of money you have to keep little patience in order to earn profit from share market and at the same time, you have to keep eye on various companies share prices its not necessary that if today’s any company share price is more or increasing it will increase in future as well it may be possible that due to some reason companies share price start decreasing Example Currently in market, NESTLE company share price rate is Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7000 but you all know that few month back “MAGGI” which is a product of Nestle company was banned in the market due to excess amount of an ingredient now because of this, share price of Nestle company started decreasing and no one was interested to buy Nestle company share at that time, one of my classmate took risk and purchased some share of Nestle company because he was confident that Nestle is a branded company and Maggi will make a come back in the market very soon so he purchased 17 shares of Nestle company for Rs. 27200 that means for one share, he has to pay Rs. 1600 than he waited for 5 to 6 months to increase share market price after 6 month, when banned was remove and maggi made a great comeback in the market the share price of Nestle company again started to increase at that time, my friend sold all his share for Rs.57200 and because of which he got a profit of Rs. 30000 that’s why to earn profit in share market, it is very necessary to know that in which company you are going to invest your money and in future, what will be status and condition of that company in the market WARREN BUFFET, who is the best investor in the world says that we should not invest all our money at one place its means that if you are having 3 options of investment then you should invest little amount of money in every investment so that if you faced loss in one investment then the profit in other investment will compensate that loss that’s why always try to do a smart investment one more important thing if you want to connect with me then do like my facebook page “EuS Media Production” up to end “Like” this video if you found it useful comment your views and opinion share this video with your family and friends if you are watching my video for first time, then don’t forget to “SUBSCRIBE” my channel Finally, THANKS FOR WATCHING Last but not the least “Always try to diversify you investment…!!!”

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  2. Nice but now a days investment in gold will not give high return.So investment in land,share market and mutual funds are the best options.

  3. Awesome video brother.
    But sorry togold don't provide money to my pocket,
    Can you tell me where to invest which bring money to my pocket in small investment, I'm a student. So don't say me to invest more than 10 thousands.
    Thank you.

  4. This was great, I've been looking for "vacation home investment tips" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Rondalyn Coinage Carnalite – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got cool success with it.

  5. Some people have great ideas and places to invest but they have no money.i think we need more ways and platforms to connect entrepreneurs with investors. free adverstising not give results very fast speciallay if u are not doing much of it . i have earned nothing big from may 2015 before that i used t o sell hacks of a facebook game and made around 2000 USD from it but the game 80% percent player gone in 2015 and paypal started to having fucking problems with by bank account attached to it so from now until this day i got nothing more bigger than what i earned in my life in 2014 at age of 16 .that was a really a great year of success but now i want to look forward.

  6. I made my first million from investing in Trading as a beginner, this expert is Mr Terriese White, we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me, I've had no course to regret ever since

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