3/24/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

3/24/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press Briefing

The President:
Thank you very much. Been a very busy day. I want to thank the
American people for the incredible sacrifices that
they’re making on behalf of our nation. And I want to encourage
everyone to keep following our guidelines on social
distancing: avoiding large gatherings and hand
washing, and all of the other things that
everybody knows they’re supposed to be doing. Ultimately, the goal is to
ease the guidelines and open things up to very
large sections of our country as we near the end
of our historic battle with the invisible enemy. Been going for a
while, but we’ll win. We’ll win. I said earlier today that
I hope we can do this by Easter. I think that would be
a great thing for our country, and we’re all
working very hard to make that a reality. We’ll be meeting with a
lot of people to see if it can be done. Easter is a very special
day for many reasons. For me, for a lot of — a
lot of our friends, that’s a very special day. And what a great
timeline this would be. Easter, as our timeline —
what a great timeline that would be. My first priority is
always the health and safety of the American
people, and we want everyone to understand
that we are continuing to evaluate the data. We’re working with the
task force and making decisions based on what is
best for the interests of our fantastic country. In order to defeat the
virus, we must continue to be very strong. Your resilience and spirit
has been inspiring to everyone. Right now, this virus is
attacking 149 countries, but everybody looks to us
and they’re watching us. And I’m very proud to be
your President — I can tell you that. There’s tremendous hope
as we look forward and we begin to see the light at
the end of the tunnel. Stay focused
and stay strong. And my administration and
myself will deliver for you as we have
in the past. Let me provide you an
update on critical preparations and supplies
in our war on the virus. Through FEMA, the federal
government is distributing more than 8 million N95
respirators, 14 million surgical masks, and many,
many millions more are under order, and they’ll
be arriving soon. 2.4 million face shields,
1.9 million surgical gowns, 13.5 million
gloves, and more than 4,000 ventilators to the
areas of greatest need have already been sent. And we have 4,000 being
delivered to New York. The federal government is
using every resource at its disposal to acquire
and distribute critical medical supplies. The core element of this
strategy is my executive order authorizing the use
of the Defense Production Act, which has, as you
know, already been activated, actually, a
long time ago — quite a long time ago. Private companies are
heeding our call to produce medical equipment
and supplies because they know that we will not
hesitate to invoke the DPA in order to get them to
do what they have to do. It’s called leverage. You don’t have to use it
from the standpoint of — actually, it’s been
activated, but you don’t have to use it. But the threat of it being
there is great leverage. And companies are doing as
we ask, and companies are actually — even better
than that, they’re coming through and they’re
calling us. And it’s been, really,
something to see. This morning, Ford, 3M,
and General Electric Healthcare are making
tremendous numbers — they’ve already started —
of respirators ventilators and face shields. They’re working together. We didn’t have to exercise
or utilize the DPA in any way. The fact that we have it
helps, but we didn’t have to. And for the most part,
we won’t have to. We’re receiving full
cooperation from companies with the understanding
that the federal government stands ready to
compel cooperation if need be. We haven’t found
that to be the case. It’s been really amazing
to see these big, strong, powerful — in some cases,
very small companies, family-owned companies,
step up and make a lot of great product for what
we’re going through and what we will continue to
be going through for a while. The Army Corps of
Engineers and the National Guard are building four
hospital facilities in New York City at the Javits
Center, which will be operational very soon. They’ve already started. In addition, they’re
building four separate medical facilities in
different parts of the state. We’re dealing with
Governor Cuomo on that. So you’re going to have
four hospitals and four medical facilities at
the highest level, too. Really incredible
facilities. Temporary but incredible. We’re also
deploying the U.S. Navy hospital ship, and
that will be arriving in New York Harbor in the
not-too-distant future. It’s finishing
its maintenance. They’re doing a very big
maintenance, and what we did is we condensed
it very seriously. And, as you know, the
other hospital ship — and these are incredible ships
— it’s already on its way to Los Angeles. So we’re in frequent
contact with state and local officials, and
getting a lot of work done. We’re, likewise, building
hospitals in Los Angeles. We’re working also —
the State of Washington. We’re working with the
governor of the State of New Jersey. We’re building a medical
facility, a hospital facility, and doing
a lot of work. I want to thank the people
from FEMA — the great people from FEMA — and
also the Army Corps of Engineers. Secretary Mnuchin
and the members of my administration continue
to work closely with Congress. I’m pleased to report that
we are working to pass the biggest and boldest
financial relief package in American history. Senators will soon,
hopefully, vote on a $2 trillion bill that will
deliver direct cash payments to
struggling Americans. No fault of their own. This came out of nowhere. Nobody can imagine
this even happened. But it’s not their fault. We want to protect, and we
will, all of the things that a person needs
protected and a family needs protected. We’re working on job
retention, loans for small businesses, and extended
unemployment insurance for laid-off workers. The legislation will
also include billions of dollars for additional
resources for our, really, heroic — these are
incredible doctors, nurses — brave — and hospitals,
as well as support for hard-hit industries such
as the airline industry and the cruise ship
industry, which employ tremendous amounts of
people and obviously serve very important
functions beyond that. With very tough
protections for the American taxpayer, the
loans will be very secure and they will be very
profitable and, at the same time, they’ll bridge
— they call them bridge loans. In many cases, they’ll be
bridging these companies back into very
good health. Some of them are very
important companies that four weeks ago didn’t
have a problem. I’m also confident that
the Democrats will do the right thing. I feel very confident. They’re working very hard
together right now — Republicans and Democrats
— and they’re getting very close to a very fair
deal and a great deal for the people of our country. Today, as you probably
saw, the Dow surged over 2,100 points. That’s the all-time record
in history of the Exchange. This is very encouraging. And I think part of the
reason is they are looking at what is close to being
passed, and I think a very big part of it is they see
that we want to get our country opened as
soon as possible. They see we’re working
very hard on that. That’s a very big factor,
I think, in today’s historic gain. The legislation developed
in the Senate is the first step to restoring
confidence and stability to America’s economy as
we look ahead to the time when we can carefully and
responsibly reopen our country for business, and
we hope that’s going to be very soon. I want to assure Americans
that we have a team of public health experts. You’ve gotten to know them
as well as I know them; they’re great people. Incredible. Talented. They love our country. Also, economists and other
professionals working to develop a sophisticated
plan to reopen the economy as soon as the time is
right — one based on the best science, the best
modeling, and the best medical research there
is anywhere on Earth. Our great people have been
— especially when it comes to our public health
experts and officials — have been helping other
countries, dealing with other countries, constant
touch with other countries, helping them
out, because many of them have never seen anything
like what’s happening. But our decision will be
based on hard facts and data as to the opening. I’m also hopeful to have
Americans working again by that Easter — that
beautiful Easter day. But rest assured, every
decision we make is grounded solely on the
health, safety, and wellbeing of our citizens. This is a medical crisis;
this isn’t a financial crisis. But it’s a thing that
nobody has seen for many, many decades. Nothing like this. Marshaling our economic
strength is a key feature of defeating the virus,
producing the material supplies and equipment
that we need. And they’re doing a
really fantastic job. We’re helping
the governors. We had a conference
call the other day with governors, and we allowed
the press to join us in the call. And the spirit between us
and the governors has been really great. We should never be reliant
on a foreign country for the means of our
own survival. I think we’ve
learned a lot. We’ve learned a lot. This crisis has
underscored just how critical it is to have
strong borders and a robust manufacturing
sector. For three years, we’ve
embarked on a great national project to secure
our immigration system and bring back our
manufacturing jobs. We brought back many jobs
— records numbers — record numbers of jobs. And this really shows —
this experience shows how important borders are. Without borders, you
don’t have a nation. Our goal for the future
must be to have American medicine for American
patients, American supplies for American
hospitals, and American equipment for our
great American heroes. Now, both parties must
unite to ensure the United States is truly an
independent nation in every sense of the word. Energy independence —
we’ve established that. That’s something
incredible that we have established. We’re energy independent,
manufacturing independence, economic
independence, and territorial independence
enforced by strong, sovereign borders. America will never be
a supplicant nation. We will be a proud,
prosperous, independent, and self-reliant nation. We will embrace commerce
with all, but we will be dependent on none. Above all, we know that
the best thing for our economy and the world
right now is a very, very powerful victory
over the virus. Every day, the American
people and showing the unity and resolve that
has always defined the character of our nation. In New York, citizens are
using 3D printers to make hundreds of the
face shields. They’re making them
by the hundreds. In Texas, businesses and
churches are uniting to collect gloves and
thermometers for hospitals. In the selfless actions
of our amazing citizens, we’re seeing enduring
strength of our magnificent nation, a
spirit that can never be broken, and a victorious
future that can never be denied. It never will be denied. Now, what I’d like to do
is, perhaps, ask a person who has really established
herself as maybe the world’s great expert on
what she does — if I could ask Deborah to come
forward and say a few words. And then I’ll ask Tony to
come up and speak, and then our Vice President. And then we’ll take a few
questions, and we’ll do it quickly. And we’ll probably see
you again tomorrow. So, Deborah, please. Dr. Birx: Thank you. Thank you, Mr. President. I think those of you who
heard at the town hall, we are continuing to
accelerate testing at a record rate. We now have 370,000 tests
that have been done. The majority of those —
over 220,000 in the last eight days, which, those
of you who have been tracking the South Korea
numbers, put us equivalent to what they did in eight
weeks that we did in eight days. This was made possible
because of the HHS team working together, bringing
together the strength of the FDA with the CDC,
and the leadership of Secretary Azar. We’re very proud of those
numbers, but we know that we have to do more, and we
continue to accelerate in testing to ensure that
those who need the tests are tested first
and have access. As we talked about
yesterday, we’re working on the ability for people
to take their own sample. That does not
mean home testing. That means taking your own
sample in the front of your nose with available
swabs into normal saline that can be transported
to the laboratories. That will allow and
free up all of the drive-throughs to be very
sparing on PPE, because you’ll be able to do that
with gloves rather than the full PPE outfits. This will allow for
more of that PPE to be dedicated to
our hospitals. I think those of you who
are tracking this epidemic closely, like I am, you
will begin to see that there is encouraging
results coming out of Italy. We are impressed by the
decreases that are seen in mortality, the number of
people succumbing to this illness, and the
number of new cases. Our new cases will
continue to surge because we’re still working on our
backlog, although we will be in touch with the
laboratories after this press conference to really
find out how many are still in backlog and how
many were run in the last 24 hours. Until we get into a
24-hour cycle, we’re going to have a disproportional
number of new cases compared to the actual new
cases, and we will let you know when we have reached
that equilibrium. Finally, and I know Dr.
Fauci will talk about this further, we remain
deeply concerned about New York City and the
New York metro area. About 56 percent of all
the cases in the United States are coming out of
that metro area, and 60 percent of all the new
cases are coming out of the metro New York area,
and 31 percent of the people succumbing
to this disease. It means, because they
still are at the 31 percent mortality compared
to the other regions of the country, that we can
have a huge impact if we unite together. This means, as in all
places, they have to be following the presidential
guidelines that were put out eight or
nine days ago. And this will be critical. But to everyone who has
left New York over the last few days: Because of
the rate of the number of cases, you may have been
exposed before you left New York. And I think, like Governor
DeSantis has put out today, everybody who was
in New York should be self-quarantining for the
next 14 days to ensure that the virus doesn’t
spread to others, no matter where they have
gone, whether it’s Florida, North Carolina,
or out to far, far reaches of Long Island. We are starting to see new
cases across Long Island that suggest people
have left the city. So this will be very
critical that those individuals do
self-quarantine in their homes over these next 14
days to make sure they don’t pass the virus to
others, based on the time that they left New York. So if they already are 4
days out, then it’s just 10 more days. So I thank you if you help
get that message out to others. Dr. Fauci? Dr. Fauci: Thank you very
much, Mr. President and Deb. I want to just talk very briefly about two or three things. First, the issue of
testing and how that has really changed the
complexion of the approach that we’re going
to be able to take. We right — know
testing was an issue. We had many questions of
testing in this room for a number of times. Now that we literally have
hundreds and hundreds of thousands of testing out
there, there are a few things that we
can do with that. One of the things is that
when we make policy about what we’re going to be
doing with the rest of the country, particularly
those areas that are not hotspots, we need to know
what the penetrance of infection is there. So we need to put a light
on those dark spots that we don’t know. We have to act,
policy wise, on data. And we’re going to be
getting more data — a lot more data. The other thing is that
the areas of the country that are not hotspots,
that are not going through the terrible ordeal that
New York and California and Washington State are
going through, they still have a window of
significant degree of being able to contain. In other words, when you
test, you find somebody, you isolate them, you get
them out of circulation, and you do the
contact tracing. When you have a big
outbreak, it’s tough to do anything but mitigation. We have an opportunity
now that we have the availability of
testing to do that. So you’re going to be
hearing more about how we can inform where we’re
going, particularly because we have the
ability to test. The second thing is, I
just want to reiterate what Dr. Birx said
about New York. It’s a very
serious situation. They’ve suffered terribly
through no fault of their own. But what we’re seeing now
is that, understandably, people want to get
out of New York. They’re going to Florida. They’re going
to Long Island. They’re going to
different places. The idea, if you look at the
statistics, it’s disturbing. About one per thousand of
these individuals are infected. That’s about 8 to 10 times
more than in other areas, which means when they go
to another place, for their own safety, they’ve got
to be careful, monitor themselves. If they get sick, bring it to
the attention of a physician. Get tested. Also, the idea about
self-isolating for two weeks will be very
important, because we don’t want that to be
another seeding point to the rest of the country,
wherever they go. And then thirdly, just one
— one just comment about drugs and the
testing of drugs. You know, you heard
yesterday about drugs being out there that
physicians, on an off-label way, can
prescribe it to give people hope of something
that hasn’t been definitively proven to
work, but that might have some hope. I don’t want anybody to
forget that simultaneously with our doing that, we’re
also doing randomized clinical trials on a
number of candidates. You’ve heard about
candidates, but there are others in the pipeline,
where we’ll be able to design the study and,
over a period of time, particularly since we have
so many infections, we’ll be able to determine
definitively are these safe and are
they effective. We’re talking about
remdesivir, other drugs, immune sera, convalescent
serum, monoclonal antibodies. All of these are in the
pipeline now, queuing up to be able to go
into clinical trial. So I’ll stop there
and (inaudible). The President: Well,
thank you, Tony. Great job. Larry, how about just a
quick few minutes on how we’re doing over at
the Hill, please? Mr. Kudlow:
Thank you, sir. We’re mak- — we’re
gaining great progress on this phase three
legislation. Negotiations continue. We’ve had
continued reports. I’ve been up there with
Secretary Mnuchin. Secretary Mnuchin
continues today with the Chief of Staff, Mark
Meadows, checking in with the President. They’re getting
closer and closer. They expect a vote
as soon as possible. I just want to walk
through a couple of key points. This legislation is
urgently needed to bolster the economy; provide cash
injections and liquidity; and stabilize financial
markets to get us through a difficult period — a
difficult and challenging period in the economy
facing us right now, but also to position us for
what I think can be an economic rebound
later this year. We started the
year very strong. And then we got hit by the
coronavirus in ways that probably nobody
imagined possible. We’re dealing with
that as best we can. This package will be the
single-largest Main Street assistance program in the
history of the United States. The single-largest Main
Street assistance program in the history of
the United States. Phase two delivered the
sick leave for individuals — hourly workers,
families, and so forth. Phase three, a significant
package for small businesses. Loan guarantees
will be included. We’re going to take
out expenses and lost revenues. As the President said,
eligibility requires worker retention. We will maintain the
people eligible. We’ll maintain their
payrolls during this crisis period. And, on top of that, we
will have direct deposit checks of roughly $3,000
for a family of four and that will bridge to
enhanced, plussed-up unemployment insurance
benefits that will essentially take those
up to full wages. This is one,
two, three, four. You know, a strong workforce
requires strong business. You can’t have a job
without a business to work for. And the hope here is that
— the companies that were operating very well at
beginning of the year when the economy was in good
shape, we will help them and their employees get
through this tough period so they will come out the
other side — let’s say this — later this spring
or summer — and will continue their operations. That’s the key point. Now, don’t forget there’s
income tax deferrals for individuals and
corporations without interest and penalties. There is student loan
interest and principle deferrals without
any penalties. And finally, I want to
mention, the Treasury’s Exchange Stabilization Refund. That will be replenished. It’s important, because
that fund opens the door for Federal Reserve
firepower to deal a broad-based way throughout
the economy for distressed industries, for small businesses, for financial turbulence. You’ve already seen
the Fed take action. They intend to
take more action. And in order to get this,
we have to replenish the Treasury’s Emergency Fund. It’s very, very important;
not everybody understands that. That fund, by the way,
will be overseen by an oversight board and
an inspector general. It will be completely
transparent. So, the total package
here comes to roughly $6 trillion: $2 trillion
direct assistance, roughly $4 trillion in Federal
Reserve lending power. Again, it’ll be the
largest Main Street financial package in the
history the United States. Liquidity and cash for
families, small business, individuals, unemployed,
to keep this thing going. We’re headed for a rough
period, but it’s only going to be
weeks, we think. Weeks and months. It’s not going to be
years, that’s for sure. And hopefully pave the way
for continued economic recovery after this
crisis departs. Thank you, sir. The President:
Thank you, Larry. I’ve been hearing that
voice for so many years — like 30 years
or more, maybe. And it’s a great voice
and it’s a great man. So Larry Kudlow,
thank you very much. Mr. Kudlow:
Thank you, sir. The President: I want to
say that that package — and we went over parts of
it, but pretty big parts — it really sets us
up to, I think, even supersede where we
were a month ago. I think we can get up
there quickly and I think it allows us to supersede. It allows us to help these
great companies that need help, like Boeing, which
is — you know, it had a problem and then, on top
of that problem, it had the virus come in. But we’ll be
helping Boeing. We’ll be helping
the airlines. We’ll be helping
the cruise lines. We’ll be doing a lot of
things and the money will all come back to us, and
it will come back to us in a very strong form. And before we take some
questions, I’d like to ask our great Vice President
to say a few words, if you wouldn’t mind. Please. The Vice President: Thank
you, Mr. President. The White House
Coronavirus Task Force met again today. And on behalf of the
President of the United States, everyone on our
team, and our state leaders, let me just
say: Thank you, America. People across this
country, businesses large and small are responding
to the threat of the coronavirus in ways that
are deeply inspiring. Now, people are acting on
the President’s “15 Days to Slow the Spread” and
it is making a material difference. Our experts standing
beside us told us that if every American —
regardless of whether you’re in an area that’s
impacted by an outbreak of the coronavirus or not,
if every American would embrace these guidelines,
that we could significantly reduce the
number of Americans that would contract the
coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable. And as the President
reflected earlier, tens of millions of Americans are
doing just that and we’re grateful. The focus of our task
force, of course, is to slow the spread, to
promote mitigation strategies. Beyond that, though, the
President has us focused on testing and on
supplies, and making sure that those that are
enduring the symptoms of the coronavirus and those
who are ministering to them — our extraordinary
healthcare workers — have the support
that they need. In the category of
supplies, you just heard Dr. Birx indicate that
we’ve made great progress. We have done more tests in
the last eight days than were done in the
previous eight weeks. And it’s because of the
public-private partnership that the President forged
with commercial labs. And I would encourage
people around the country to remind your family
members and friends: If you don’t have symptoms,
don’t get a test. We want to make sure that
people who are having symptoms, who have a
concern have the ability to be tested and to have
those tests processed. We’re continuing to urge
all county hospitals, all labs around the country to
report to the CDC all the results of the test, as
it’ll give these experts around us the ability to
continue to advise the President on
best practices. As I mentioned, we — we
all continue to follow the outbreak around the
country and the test results. But as several have
mentioned, we’re particularly
focused on New York. The reality is the New
York metro area was 60 percent of the new
cases in the country. And specifically, as a lay
person, I can tell you that the infection rates
are roughly 1 in 1,000 in the New York City
metropolitan area, where they are 0.2 percent per
1,000 or 0.1 percent for 1,000 in places like
Washington State. It is the reason why
today the White House Coronavirus Task Force is
calling on any American — first and foremost, if
you’re in the New York City metropolitan area or
elsewhere — to take the guidelines that we issued
and avoid nonessential travel. But for anyone in the New
York metropolitan area who has traveled, our task
force is encouraging you to monitor your
temperature, be sensitive to symptoms, and we are
asking anyone who has traveled out of the New
York City metropolitan area to anywhere else
in the country to self-isolate for 14 days. We have to deal with the
New York City metropolitan area as a high-risk area. And for that reason we’re
— we’re taking these steps and ask you for
the cooperation of the American people. Because of the spread in
New York City, we will continue to
surge resources. The President has
described this. FEMA is coordinating with
New York State for the arrival of the USS Comfort
in just a matter of a few short weeks. Over the next 24 hours,
more than 4,000 additional ventilators will be
delivered to New York State as well. New York State has
prioritized three alternative medical
facilities, and, at the President’s direction, the
Army Corps of Engineers is working on plans to build
those facilities out. You’ve heard the President
speak about the Javits Center — the addition
of 1,000 beds. And we’ll continue — I
want the people of New York City and the Greater
New York City area to know that we’re with you. We’re going to continue
to provide resources to support your state and
local officials as they confront the spread of the
coronavirus in that great city. On the subject of
supplies, we had team meetings today at FEMA,
which is working on identifying the critical
personal protective equipment and ventilators. At this point, FEMA
informs us today that they are distributing 7.6
million N95 respirator masks, more than 14
million surgical masks, and FEMA has already
shipped 73 pallets of personal protective
equipment to New York, 36 pallets of personal
protective equipment to the State of Washington. We’ll be meeting
again tonight. As you know, the President
stood FEMA, as the National Response Center,
up and they are in the lead for the — the
approach to the coronavirus, which
is locally executed, state-managed, and
federally supported. And we’ll continue to
surge those resources and make sure that
they’re available. One last word, if I may:
The President reflected on the response that
businesses around the country have brought
to this moment. It truly is extraordinary. Now, the President did
initiate the Defense Production Act last week,
but as the President has reflected many times,
we will use the Defense Production Act if we need
it to mandate production of — of critical
supplies. But so far, no
one has said no. And, in fact, we see
industry stepping up. The President mentioned
Ford Motor Company working with 3M and GE Health
to expand production of medical supplies. We heard that McDonald’s
is now offering curbside delivery to truckers who
are unable to use the drive-through to
pick up a Big Mac. And I spoke today, and the
President spoke last week, with Tim Cook of Apple. And, at this moment in
time, Apple went to their storehouses and is
donating 9 million N95 masks to healthcare
facilities at — all across the country and to
the National Stockpile. There is a level of
generosity that I know is inspiring to the President
and is truly inspiring to all of us who are working
on the White House Coronavirus Task Force. The President has made it
clear that he hopes — in weeks, not months — to
be able to open up the country. But let me make one last
encouragement to every American: We will get to
that day quicker if every American will put into
practice the President’s coronavirus guidelines for
our nation: “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” If every American will do
this, I have no doubt that we will slow the spread,
we will protect our most vulnerable, and we
will heal our land. Thank you, Mr. President. The President: Thank
you very much, Mike. Thank you. Kaitlan. The Press: Mr. President,
you just reiterated that you hope to have the
country reopened by Easter and you said earlier you
would like to see churches packed on that day. My question is — you have
two doctors onstage with you — have either of
them told you that’s a realistic timeline? The President: I think
we’re looking at a timeline. We’re discussing it. We had a very good
meeting today. You know, if you add it
all up, that’s probably nine days plus another
two and a half weeks. It’s a period of time
that’s longer than the original two weeks. So we’re going
to look at it. We’ll only do
it if it’s good. And maybe we do sections
of the country; we do large sections
of the country. That could be, too. But, no, we’re very much
in Tony and with Deborah on everything we’re doing. The Press: Who
suggested Easter? Who suggested that day? The President: I just
thought it was a beautiful time. It would be a beautiful
time, a beautiful timeline. It’s a great day. The Press: So that wasn’t
based on any of the data? The President: It was —
it was based on a certain level of weeks from
the time we started. And it happened to arrive
— actually, we were thinking in
terms of sooner. I’d love to see if
come even sooner. But I just think it would
be a beautiful timeline. Jon? The Press: Mr. President,
if you look at what we’ve just seen in the last day
or so, you’ve seen the number of known
coronavirus cases in the country double
in just two days. Another 95 people died
just in the last 24 hours. New York — New York’s
governor is saying this is spreading like a bullet
train across the country. And the governor of
Louisiana is saying that his country — that his
state may not be able to handle the cases that
they’re facing by the — by early April. So what are you seeing in
all of this that leads you to think that — The
President: Jon, we’re working with all of them. The Press: — we can
reopen by Easter or even earlier? The President: Sure. Sure. We’re working
with all of them. We can be talking about
large sections of our country, because there are
sections of our country that you didn’t talk
about that are doing unbelievably well; they
have very little incidents or problem — very
small numbers. It’s very possible that
they won’t be ever subject to what’s happening
in New York. New York is
definitely a hotspot. There’s no
question about it. And you know what we’re
doing in New York to try and help, and I think
we’re doing an incredible job. We’re going to have the
hospitals up quickly — the medical centers,
also, quickly. But we’ll just
have to see. We have to follow it. We have to see. We’re going to
look at that curve. We’re going to see when
it starts coming down. And we’ll do the best
job that can be done. John, please. The Press: A question for
you, Mr. President and Dr. Fauci, if we could. This would — looking at
this idea of an Easter timeline — and I know
that’s probably flexible — what are the metrics by
which you will make the decision as to whether you
can say, “Yes, we can open up this area of the
country” or “No, we can’t open up that area.” I mean, will you be
looking at disease numbers? Will you be looking at
possible containment, isolation? What are you (inaudible)? The President: I think we’ll be
looking at a lot of things. We’ll also be looking at very
large portions of our country. And I will be guided very
much by Dr. Fauci and by Deborah and by some of the
other professionals that work with both of you. And we’re going to see
what — what will be, but that would certainly be —
I think that’s a goal that perhaps can happen, or at
least for a very large portion of our country. The Press: Dr. Fauci,
since, as the President said, you and Dr. Birx and
others will be guiding him in making the decision,
where are you now with this timeline of
19 days from now? Dr. Fauci: So, I mean,
that’s really very flexible. We — we just had a
conversation with the President in the Oval
Office, talking about — you know, you can look at
a date, but you got to be very flexible. And on a literally
day-by-day and week-by-week basis, you
need to evaluate the feasibility of what
you’re trying to do. And, John, you asked for,
you know, what kind of metrics what kind of data. When you look at the
country, I mean, obviously, no one is going
to want to tone down things when you see what’s
going on in a place like New York City. I mean — I mean, that’s
just, you know, good public health practice
and common sense. But the country is a big
country and there are areas of the country —
and I referred to this in my opening remarks — that
we really need to know more about what the
penetrance is there. So if we do the kind of
testing that we’re doing — and testing will
always be associated by identification, isolation,
and contact tracing. And you find, after a
period of time, that there are areas that are very
different from other areas of the country. You may not want to
essentially treat it as it — just one force for the
entire country, but look at flexibility in
different areas. So I think people might
get the misinterpretation you’re just going to lift
everything up and, even if somebody going like that,
you — I mean, that’s — that’s not
going to happen. It’s going to be
looking at the data. And what we don’t have
right now that we really do need is we need to know
what’s going on in those areas of the country where
there isn’t an obvious outbreak. Is there something
underneath the surface that says, “Wait a minute,
you better be careful and really clamp down,” or
what looks there that you don’t really have to be as
harsh as you are in other areas? So it’s looking at
information that, up to this point, John,
we never had. So it’s a flexible
situation. The Press: So is New
York becoming our Wuhan? Is New York becoming the
epicenter (inaudible)? The President: Well, it
certainly is, by far, the — if you call it “hot,”
if you call it any word you want to use. It is at a level that —
I was speaking to Tony before — it’s a level
that no place else is close. It’s very unfortunate. You know, one of the
things that’s — that’s happened — that we’ve
done, I think, a really good job on — I think
that it’s something special what’s happened is
I learned from Dr. Birx, a little while ago, when
she said — I learned it actually this afternoon:
In eight days — because we kept hearing
about South Korea. And they had a very tough
time at the beginning, if you remember. In eight days, we’re doing
more testing than they’ve done in eight weeks. That’s a tremendous turn. And with our testing, it’s
going — exponentially, it’s going up,
up, up every day. So we’re going to be able
to do things with this very highly
sophisticated testing. And it’s also — the test
itself is considered the best test. So, on top of doing now
more than anybody else, we have a very
high-quality test. That makes a
big difference. It also makes a big
difference, even in terms of opening, because we’re
going to see those areas like the hotspots. But New York City
definitely is a very hot spot. Steve. The Press: When you talk
about areas that you could open up, what specifically
are you looking at? What states? Are you talking about out
west or the Midwest or the southwest? Where exactly? The President: Well, you
can talk about the Farm Belt. Take a look at
the Farm Belt. Take a look at the
areas out west. Look at big
sections of Texas. I was talking to the
great Governor of Texas. They have done a
fantastic job out there. But they have very big
sections of Texas where — you know, it’s — it’s
like numerous states, frankly. But we can have large
sections of — if we want to do it that way, we can
have large sections of the country open. But I think it’s very
important that we start moving on that and start
thinking about it, because our country wants to be
open, our people want it to be open, and they want
it — they want — they’re raring to go. And I think it’s one of
the reasons that we’re going to have a
tremendous bounce back. I think it’s going
to go very quickly. Also, I want to thank —
while I’m here, I want to thank Larry for the job
he’s done, Steve Mnuchin for the job he’s done. If you look at Peter
Navarro, he’s sort of doing different things. He’s really — he’s a
force, in terms of getting masks and getting all of
the ventilators and all the things. He’s been
fantastic — Peter. But I also want to thank
Congress because whether or not we’re happy that
they haven’t quite gotten there yet, they have
been working long hours. I’m talking Republicans
and Democrats — all of them. The House, the Senate. I want to thank Congress
because they are really trying to get there,
and I think they will. And I’ll see you
all tomorrow. Thank you very much. Thank you. The Press: Did you give
the Governor Cuomo a heads up, Mr. President, about
the quarantining for people who left New York? The President:
Beg your pardon? The Press: Did you give
Governor Cuomo a heads up about quarantining people? The President: We’re
talking to them about it.

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  1. https://youtu.be/vVZwyzJF6pE

    End-Time Prophecy!

    You will hear the following in this Broadcast:

    -Marines Plan to Retool to Meet China Threat

    -Huge chunk of Yellowstone National Park, the size of Chicago, is 'breathing' in and out due to magma trapped underneath the surface

    -Croatia Hit by 6.0-Magnitude Earthquake -Seven earthquakes rattle Oklahoma in 24 hours, geologists say -4.5 Strikes Nevada -4.8-magnitude quake rattles Northern California coast

    -Newly-discovered comet Atlas could shine as bright as the MOON when it makes its closest approach to Earth in May – as long as doesn't break up on its way towards the Sun

    -Donald Trump pledges to send in the national guard into Washington, California and New York as the hardest hit states are declared disaster zones

    -Filthy lucre: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread -Electronic payments look more appealing as people fear cash could spread coronavirus

    -6 Florida college students test positive for coronavirus -Ohio Orders Halt to “Nonessential” Abortions in Preview of Battle That Could Go National

    -UK calls in army and warns people to stay home or face lockdown

    -Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over

    -Macron against total French lockdown, Easter likely canceled

    -Russia To Use Mobile Phones To Track People At Risk Of Coronavirus

    -China uses American media to push coronavirus propaganda as war of words continues


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  2. https://youtu.be/9oc_j2CCFSg

    3-25-20 “President Trump & Prayer Team Pray LIVE ON TV!”

    3-25-20 at 10:37 AM I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “When you do not know where to turn, TURN TO ME!”

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    5-12-17 at 3 AM Prophetic Word- “Move Away from the West Coastline!” https://youtu.be/cxIZxS7KN_c

    On May 12, 2017 an e-mail was sent to Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry from International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center.

    Mr. John L. Casey, CEO of the IEVPC adds, “Our estimates of the damage that could strike as soon as tomorrow, indicates that many millions of Americans could experience earthquakes so large that whole states and regions of the country could be without water and power for weeks or months at a time.

    He goes on to say "What we are saying is that our research demonstrates that multiple “big ones” are about to sweep across the US between 2017 and 2038 as history shows has happened before. We should begin immediate preparations across the board to safeguard the country for this new era of geophysical danger that has just begun.”

    I AM NOT A WOMEN ENTREPRENEUR, I AM A WOMEN PROPHETESS! God reveals to me the dangers that are upon us as a nation and world.

    A women entrepreneur is a person who organizes and manages any enterprise. I want to be a prophetic voice, organize, manage and set up preparations to safe guard our nation in this New Era of Geophysical Danger that is upon us. We as a nation must prepare and get ready for the hard days ahead!


    Beyond San Andreas: 5 Scariest Fault Lines in the U.S.


    3-18-20 That Massive Earthquake Coming To The United States Is Here And Now! https://youtu.be/VOm1e8rwOL8

    A slow earthquake is a discontinuous, earthquake-like event that releases energy over a period of hours to months, rather than the seconds.


    San Andreas- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Andreas_Fault

    3-2-20 Dream San Andreas Earthquake! https://youtu.be/_u7lU3-p2yk

    This morning I was up praying and loading videos at 3am. I went to lie back down for hour. At 7:45 AM I woke up after having a short dream about the San Andreas Fault Line in California.

    I remember I was watching Television when across the front like a news flash came on and said, “We are monitoring the San Andreas for a Large Earthquake!” I said this is their cue to get out of California now. Then I started to cry and said, “Many are going to be trapped there and not be able to leave.” Next I saw men with caps on their head digging like on a side of a mountain. Out loud I said, “Could you imagine an earthquake happening right on television while we are watching it. Then I saw like an explosion and that man flew off the side where that earthquake happened.” The dream ended.


    7-23-19 America Is About To See A ‘Crisis Situation!’ https://youtu.be/E4W9nUZtRXk

    5-12-17 at 3 AM Prophetic Word- “Move Away from the West Coastline!” https://youtu.be/cxIZxS7KN_c






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  3. President Trump:  Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said in a CNN interview. “Those of us who write the law shouldn't benefit from the law." IE, benefit from the Covid-19 stimulus package.  I want to say that I think this is another CRAP MOVE BY THE DEMOCRATS to suppress and harm you, Mr. President.  This is ridiculous!  I personally do NOT support this move by Schumer/Pelosi.  I feel you and your family have WORKED HARD to have your hotels a success, and knowing that your businesses are negatively impacted by COVID-19, as are all the other hotels in the USA/World, this is un-American to leave you out of the equation (thus, leaving out every American employee of your businesses out of the equation).  PLEASE KNOW THAT I SUPPORT YOU, MR. PRESIDENT, AND YOUR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES.  I SUPPORT NEVER LEAVING A SOLDIER IN THE FIGHT AGAINST THIS COVID-19 WAR BEHIND!


  5. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA, leaving them unable to perform vital cellular functions.

  6. It is un-American to leave President Trump's businesses out of the COVID-19 stimulus package equation (thus, leaving out every American employee of his family businesses out of the equation).  PLEASE KNOW THAT I SUPPORT YOU, MR. PRESIDENT, AND YOUR SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES.   I support your employees in those businesses, too!

  7. I heard this from 2014. Eric denies, yet it's been recorded!

  8. Interview from 2008, pre-politics!

  9. Links prove why Trump is subservient to Putin. This means all you repub'tards suck Putin ass! How's that anal vodka aftertaste, Trump'tards? Yum!

  10. OPINIONS OF MEDICAL FIELD REQUESTED ON COVID-19…. I think this difference IN DEATH RATE OF COVID-19 in the Male/Female deaths is due to the HORMONES or SYMPATHETIC Nervous System RESPONSE in the women vs the men.  What do you think?  I don't think it has to do with BMI, Smoking, etc, although I think those factors increase your risk of fighting against the internal changes occurring in your body at that time.  I think this 'virus' acts like a Central Nervous System disease, or an attack on the CNS.  It acts like it is the body's involuntary response to it that causes the severity– that creates 'neuralgia' like symptoms.  It is as if this virus is a disease that confuses your CNS.  Like, it is a case of the sum of all the parts equates who dies or lives.  So have weakened CNS system already, this virus acts as the straw that breaks the camal's back.   Opinions? I wonder also if this virus affects the hormones that cause Inflammatory response in the body, and if Mobic would work to fight the virus?!?  OR, would Mobic (a NSAID) be the worst thing to take or continue taking with COVID-19 symptoms? This virus acts like it is very similar to the symptoms people with MUSCLE diseases, like Fibromyalgia, experience every day of their lives.  Horrible symptoms, muscle weakness/lose of ROM/stiffness, ELEVATED BP/HR, and pain.

  11. supporter from Denmark realy hard times good blees you Mr president i know you can handle it i Hope the best for us

  12. SEE LINK from Sky News. Report out of the University of Oxford. A viable solution to the VENTILATOR SHORTAGE?? Allegedly, thousands can be made within a fortnight. https://youtu.be/xdZtMgpxnPI

  13. Beware of:

    Individuals (such as Donald Trump) and businesses selling fake cures for COVID-19 online and engaging in other forms of fraud.

    Phishing emails from entities posing as the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Malicious websites and apps that appear to share Coronavirus-related information to gain and lock access to your devices until payment is received.

    Seeking donations fraudulently for illegitimate or non-existent charitable organizations.

    Medical providers obtaining patient information for COVID-19 testing and then using that information to fraudulently bill for other tests and procedures.

  14. Yet once again, he some how tries to make it all about him. He's hopeless when it comes to compassion and truth.

  15. NO social distancing in the video.

    Best/close friends don't social distance from each other, though I don't think any of these political bobble heads are best or close friends.

  16. If you give someone that has Covid 19 last season's flu shot, you're in effect compromising their immunity exponentially– because now instead of having one virus in their system, they would now have two (2) separate viruses in their body: [After getting my annual] flu shot "Why Does It Feel Like I Have the Flu? You may also experience other flu shot side effects, like a low-grade fever, body aches, headache, and an overall feeling of illness that many people mistake for the flu. These symptoms are the body's normal immune response to the inactivated virus in the vaccine; Influenza vaccine side effects are generally mild and go away on their own within a few days. Some side effects that may occur from an influenza shot include soreness, redness, and/or swelling where the shot was given, headache (low grade), fever, nausea, muscle aches, and fatigue."

  17. I got laid off Monday 03/23/20 I hate this virus and the demonrats. But I'm not afraid for myself but am worried about our 2nd Amendment in the wake of this virus. Prayers for our country we will survive and WE WILL BE STRONGER IN SPITE OF THIS VIRUS AND THE DEMOCRATS!!!!!

  18. This posting is dated 26/03/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy) at 0100 Hours Singapore Standard Time (SST).


    I do not mean any disrespect but allow me to speak freely. Let’s just say that I have damn well had it with the Singaporean populace and their treatment towards me. If they cannot see a changed young man who is making attempts to reform, then they all can just fuck off.

    When it come to the process of making contact with me, it is FIRM DEMAND that there be Chinese Military (PLA) and Indonesian Military (TNI) representation along with Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong.

    That’s it.

    Thank You



    PAP: People’s Action Party
    PLA: People’s Liberation Army
    TNI: Tentera Nasional Indonesia or Indonesian National Armed Forces

  19. I did a televisit with my dr for a blood pressure medication refill. The doctor was sick. No test for me or the doctor. By the time the tests are around, we will both be over our mild symptoms and will only be able to contribute to the worldometer stats via an antibody test.

    If you are young, healthy, don't have a bad immune system and not around old / sick people and want to get your medieval vaccination just go to walmart and costco. They cannot disinfect grocery packaging. Sick people in close quarters. Most people cover their mouth only in a partially effective way. The unemployment office line probably another good place to get your medieval vaccine.

    People want to get out of New York to flee both the plague and the tyranny. That tyrant warlord of a governor needs to put in his place (NYC mayor too, and CA governor – he's a more subtle just do-it copycat).

  20. If it were not for expert guidance this president would be driving this crisis further into the abyss with millions of American deaths The country is being guided by a fool. Our only hope is that we stop listening to his words of "wisdom",

  21. My voting preference order for President. Lesser of evils to greater of evils. Better off just going into prophetic insignificance by just degrading into 3rd world existance and a more literal babylon arising than America being the villain of world war 3 and it burning and it being the actual topic of Revelation 19.

    Trump – Banana republic but capitalism will survive, some risk of war
    Sanders – Socialist poor-house, lowest risk of war
    Biden – War
    Pence – War
    Cuomo – War and Tyranny

  22. The most common age among whites in U.S. is 58 – more than double that of racial and ethnic minorities – See where you stand in your risk level https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/07/30/most-common-age-among-us-racial-ethnic-groups/

  23. And meanwhile Nancy Polopsi is working out some way she can screw all of us even more. This insignificant piece of cow dung is doing this for her own personal ego. She lost out on impeaching Trump so now she is screwing the American people by shoving her head up her ass, and ignoring her need to help make a stimulus package possible. Stop all the pay for every Congressman TODAY!

  24. This say's it all! 2.3K LIKES! 115 DISLIKES! those 115 DISLIKES are straight up.."I HATE TRUMP" mentalities.

  25. Most if not all of Trumps properties are closing because of COVID-19. No wonder he wants the US to open up. He's loosing money and wants it to stop.

  26. Please! Pres.Trump! DO NOT GIVE IN TO DEMOCRATS EVIL! We will survive without their COMMUNIST partners CHINA!

  27. Dear President Trump. I hope this letter finds you in good health. I have just an idea about the cv19 and possibly new policy for banks and ATM MACHINES. That is vitally important and would like your consideration. That is a machine that counts the legal dollar is handled and could be a source of transmission form hand to hand. But the machine could be improved with an ultraviolet and electrostatic ionization or a separate machine module that would accomplish this function thus basically pressure cleaning the bills on both sides as they are run thru like A car wash of high spectrum photon exposure and electrostatic ionization gateway. This would be done for banks before the redistribution of money cycles from hand to hand and back to the banks from federal Reserve’s to be decontaminated and redistributed., we use these methods at Airports in large AHU air handling units to disinfect as an air scrubbed of germ like a surgeon Washing their hands before, during the procedure and after to mitigate infectious diseases contamination. You must understand that coins can be washed with detergents in a washing machine that can handle the weight, bringing a new meaning to money laundering. The machine module wouldn’t be bigger than a shoe box for this application of cotton currency. I hope this was helpful,.

  28. White House: Is it true that Bill Gates gave funding to a professor at Harvard and that this professor's assistant was found to have vials of Covid 19 in her sock drawer in the USA? My understanding is she was arrested. This professor also worked in Wuhan. Please confirm. Bill Gates wants everyone to take the Vaccine. What's in it? When are the mass arrests coming? I support Q!


  30. Mr. President would you please lift the national security orders on over 5000 Patents in the USA. You could kill this virus another way by using sound frequency devices. You have this technology but it's kept from us. The secret space program is real. Robert David Steele reports that 8 million children and infants are sacrificed in rituals each year. Including HRC. When will these who do these things to kids and babies going to be arrested, tried, and hung? 8 million Mr. President! I support Q!



  33. News report titled;

    Drug developed at UAB helping treat coronavirus in China


  34. For media, there is a reason a 14day quarantine period was put in place. After 14days your body is immune to the virus for those that pulled through this horrible virus. It has been more than 14days for some people there virus is contained within them unless you infected your loved ones. Remember it is a Riple effect, if you have it then pass it on to a close one they will do the same. If people would listen, the spread would stopped!

    PRINCE CHARLES and the NBA PLAYERS actually DIED from the CORONA VIRUS EPIDEMIC…that will be the DAY when the PEOPLE will really CONSIDER the CORONA VIRUS as a SERIOUS threat to MANKIND.

    Like what happened during the AID scare when CELEBRITIES like LIBERACE…ROCK HUDSON and FREDDIE MERCURY actually DIED from AIDS.

    But until then….PEOPLE will always THINK that WHO(World Health Organization) and the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS were just making a MOUNTAIN out of a MOLE.

    Yes…it looks like a big conspiracy among COMMUNIST CHINA…
    WHO and the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS to see if they can CREATE a real CHAOS…PANIC and FEAR all over the WORLD.

    Like the movie CONTAGION. But in the movie…PEOPLE were really DYING.

    But with the CORONA VIRUS…the PEOPLE where just shown nothing but STATISTICS. Pure NUMBERS nothing more…
    nothing less.

    It's like the very frequent and rampant FAKE POLLS and SURVEYS(without scientific methodology) released by the DICTATORSHIP of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA APPARATUS.

  36. I think President Trump is doing a fantastic job for us Americans at this time of crisis we are ALL dealing with or coping with this invisible enemy. I didn’t vote for you but after all of this and you being so vigilant on a daily basis to give us all Americans information as soon as you receive it! I know you may not read this but I can hope 🤞
    Lastly, I’m in New Jersey in Bergen County (the current Nucleus of the Covid19 in NJ) please don’t let us go back to work my boss said on Tuesday he’s expecting me at work. That can not be true. I hope not

  37. I'm very proud you are the president! This would be much worse if we did not have you ! God bless

  38. As an Oregonian, I want to personally thank all Washingtonians, New Yorkers, and others from hot beds who have heeded the government's instructions to stay home. Please rest assured that you have the prayers of the entire Orthodox church behind you. The faithful are already in a time of fasting due to Lent and daily asking the Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy upon his world. ☦🙏🏼

  39. continue to stay at home and practice social distancing and ignore Trump on opening the country by Easter. We all need to do what is best for the health of our people.

  40. I had symptoms, my husband, my son and my sister we were crazy thinking how to avoid having to go to the hospital and came to my mind hot water mixed with a spoon full of organic vinegar and it WORKED!!! WE STOPPED COUGHING IMMEDIATELY AND COULD BREATH AGAIN …PLEASE try it.please do it if you have these symptoms. The solution could be this easy. PLEASE DO IT.

  41. If u dnt have symptoms like most rich and famous dont do test, but they get there test but than someone who needs it

  42. I’ve been disabled since 2016 I’ve been waiting for a hearing with a judge since then it was going to be today but yesterday I got a call that the judge canceled and now I don’t know when I will get my hearing please pray for me

  43. 3/25 — "No one could ever had predicted anything like this." Liar. Senate and Congress knew about this from a security briefing back in early February, well before Super Tuesday. Lock down the country so we can't vote you out? Bad plan, Dictator Donny. Bad plan. Won't work out well for you. There is a God, but you have not idea who she is.

  44. Trump is wonderful person. Goodness.
    I know his timeline. God bless Trump and America.🌹

    Mask😷!!! All.🙏

    Keep s.korea free democracy. Free s.korea real president Park geun-he from prison. She is innocent. Return to Bluehouse.🙏
    Fake munjaein. He is communist. 😭

  45. You ever notice you can tell who listens to the Fake News Media in comments???? It’s really sad to be honest. FEAR FEAR FEAR AND FEAR. Mind control. TEL LIE VISION PROGRAMMING

  46. The DOW surged 2,000 points today, did you see that Obama? yes, Trump waved a magic want, get the hell out of our country commie!!! we need to hang Obummer for treason!!!


  48. Mr. President, maybe the U.S. Govt should consider this solution of black elderberry sambucus that was used successfully to combat the influenza epidemic at Panama in 1995?

    Our own National Institute of Health wrote on it.

    Please take a look.

    You said it best "What we do have to lose?"



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