25 Tips To Get More Instagram Followers | Hacks From A Full Time Instagrammer

25 Tips To Get More Instagram Followers | Hacks From A Full Time Instagrammer

Well well well welcome to my channel.
Thank you so much for stopping by. You picked a really good day to do it
because today I am gonna be teaching you how to grow on Instagram. And this is
probably the number one most requested video that I ever get, so I finally
decided to film it. And the reason I get asked this question a lot is because
a) I’m a full time travel blogger and Instagrammer so people are naturally
very curious how I was able to do that or become that. And b) I have, I think it’s
82 thousand followers on Instagram now, and I get between 2,000 to 4,000
likes per image so again people are curious and want to know how I was able
to do that . And obviously I’m not the biggest Instagrammer out there but
I do do this full-time. Do, do, do. But before we get started
there is one thing that I need to ask and that is if – and only if – you enjoy
this video then please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and also comment
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Because without that I literally have no way of knowing that you guys enjoyed it
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this one just let me know by subscribing. Because
that way I’ll be aware of it and I’ll make more like it. Alright I’m gonna kick
this off with a little bit of a pep talk, because I know all of us on Instagram
could probably really use one. And here goes: if your likes are lower than ever,
if your engagement is dropping and decreasing it’s probably not your fault.
You’re probably not doing anything wrong at all. And the reason for it is that
back in June 2016 Instagram rolled out a new feature – the
non chronological feed. And what that did is it jumbled old and new photos
together and their mysterious algorithm now determines which photos show up
first on your feed. And that can be really bad for us little fish just
swimming around, saying “Please please notice us!” And another reason why people
are struggling on Instagram is the platform’s insane popularity. Every day
there are new people coming to Instagram, posting pictures some of which are
really stunning. So it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out. And according to
recent studies the average user of Instagram follows 822 other users so
you’re competing with 821 users for space in that
newsfeed that is now non chronological. So if you’re not getting many likes
obviously it’s very difficult for you to succeed and to show up there at all.
But as you’ve guessed by now my 25 tricks – are they’re not tricks they’re
genuine you know useful tips – are going to help you beat the algorithm. Alright
tip number one – and this is probably the most important one – is do not try to
cheat the system. I know this makes me sound like a bit of a downer but I
promise you that if you like, sorry, if you buy followers, if you buy likes, if you
play the whole follow unfollow game, it will bite you in the butt. And Instagram
is really cracking down on shady activity right now, so if you get caught
in that web you might have your account disabled or deleted. And it’s just
really not worth it. And even if you do succeed somehow by, you know, buying likes
and buying followers you will not feel good about yourself at the end of the
day. And other instagramers know their stuff and they will know that you did
that and nobody in the industry will respect you. So it’s just really not
worth that at all. My tip number two is improve your photography. And I know this
is probably not a very popular tip because it sounds so obvious. But
Instagram is such a visual platform that if your photos aren’t beautiful then
you’re probably never going to succeed. You really don’t need a bulky DSLR to
succeed on Instagram, even though that will help. You just need a smartphone and
a bit of understanding of how light works, how image composition works and
then just a little bit of knowledge about editing. And that’s really it. And
by the way for a lot of niches it’s really useful to include yourself in the
photo. So if you’re comfortable doing that, that will probably help you if
you’re a travel Instagrammer like me for example. Number three: develop a
consistent editing style. And this goes back to what we just discussed – you need
to learn more about image editing if you want to succeed on Instagram. And it’s
very very simple actually, you can do this in Lightroom if you have that
software on your computer but you can just do it on your smartphone. So you can
get these apps like VSCO cam or my favorite, A Color Story. And in these apps
you can save different presets so then you have this filter that feels very you
and you can just apply it to whatever image you put into that app. So that way you’ll get a very cohesive look that’s gonna look like a
real gallery. And that’s what people on Instagram really enjoy – it needs to have
your mark on it, your style. So you can decide whether that’s black and white
images or if that’s like soft and dreamy or if it’s very HDR. Which I
personally don’t like very much but some people really enjoy. So just decide what
your aesthetic is and you’ll grow into this. Don’t be you know afraid of
experimenting at the beginning. Number four – be an active Instagrammer and
what i mean by that is not just, you know, post everyday. What I really mean is
comment on other people’s pictures and interact with them. And you shouldn’t
just comment in a spammy fashion, just saying “lol great image” or whatever, seven
hearts or my favourite the poop emoji. Like what what do you think I’m gonna do
with that? Seriously. So yeah, leave well thought out, meaningful comments on
other people’s images and it will really help kick-start your progress on
Instagram. And I mean if you don’t enjoy using the platform then why even bother
trying to grow on there you know? Número cinco – interact with the right people
and what i mean by that is find people that are most likely to be interested in
the topics you’re interested in and that you’re posting about. So for example for
me I will target hashtags like #girlsvsglobe which is actually a
hashtag I created or #dametraveler. These are hashtags that a lot
of female travelers are using and they are the kind of people that will be
interested in my content. So figure out what those hashtags are for you and then
interact with people that are posting on those hashtags. Number six change your
profile picture. Now obviously this will not apply to everyone, some of you I’m
sure have amazing profile pictures. But if your picture doesn’t look great in
this size – like seriously Instagram why can’t we click on profile pictures? It’s
very frustrating. But you need to pick an image that represents who you are what
your Instagram is about, that looks very enticing so people want to click on your
profile and, yes, that looks great in this size. That’s it. Number seven: optimise
your bio. Your bio is the first thing that people see when they come to your
profile, aside from your images of course. And you really need it to represent who
you are and what you post on Instagram. So make it fun, make it memorable, make it
snappy. You know think of something creative but
just really make sure that it represents who you are and what you post about.
Number eight: use all the hashtags. If somebody handed you 30 lottery tickets
today what would you do? Would you play three or four or would you use all
of them? Exactly. Now I’m not encouraging you to gamble but when it comes to
Instagram why would you shoot yourself in the foot and not give yourself every
opportunity to succeed? So use all thirty. And by the way there are trips tips tips
there are tricks and tips on how you can use 60 but don’t do that because if you
do that it will just render all of your hashtags invalid. Number nine: use the
right hashtags. Now this is where a little bit of research comes into play
but trust me the time spent doing that is really worth it. Because using the
right hashtags is one of the best ways right now to grow an Instagram. So I
really highly recommend you do research. And if you’re not sure how to find the
best hashtags then let me know in a comment below and
I will make a video on it. Number ten: geotag your images, because it will
really help you grow. Studies show that images with location
included can perform up to 79% better. So just do it. Number eleven:
experiment with captions. Skay so what I mean by that is don’t be afraid to make
your captions longer or shorter than usual. Just don’t be afraid to experiment
a little bit. There are no stats really about how caption length impacts your
engagement levels but from my personal experience if I write a really good
caption that really connects with people, if I ask them a great question, then I
will get so many more comments. And people really engage with me on like a
personal level – not just “engagement on the Internet”, but real engagement. They
really, you know, share their stories and it’s very very rewarding as well. So
think about your captions, don’t just like pop three emojis down – especially
the poop emoji. We’ve talked about this! No more poop emoji! Just kidding, I love
the poop emoji. Alright, come closer. Number twelve: include a call to action.
So we just touched on it now, but basically don’t be afraid to ask
questions in your captions. Even if you’re a small Instagrammer and
you’re kind of worried about not getting a response – just do it. And another way to
include a call to action is asking people to tag a friend or to… what else
could they do… I don’t know, you figure it out. Number
thirteen: tag other people in your images. Now you really don’t want to overdo this
because it will become very very annoying. But if there’s a feature
account that your photo is relevant to – for example you’re traveling through, I
don’t know, Italy and you’re in Venice. So you are gonna tag the Tourism Board of
Italy and a Venice. That’s totally fine and they will probably appreciate it and
they might repost your image so in that case it can be very useful. But I for
example get a lot of people tagging me and I don’t share other people’s images,
so that can get a little bit annoying. So don’t tag other Instagramers but do tag
feature counts. Number fourteen: stay on topic. I know this can be difficult for a
lot of people because as humans we are very multifaceted. We have very many
different varied interests. But on Instagram you really want to narrow it down
to two to three interests that you’re gonna be covering on your account.
And if there’s like one that’s completely incompatible with those just make a
different account. Honestly I know it can feel a little bit limiting but it’s
definitely worth it. Because if you suddenly start posting
photos of like your puppy… well no, puppies are fine. Puppies are fine but if you suddenly start sharing photos of sports cars but
up until then you’ve been sharing photos of your food and your puppy, then people
are gonna be really confused. And they might unfollow you. So it’s just not
worth doing. Number fifteen: work in big trending topics, because it can really
help other people discover your account. So for example, March 8th Women’s Day can
work that into your gallery. Or December 10th, Human Rights Day. Or my personal
favorite May 25th, International Towel Day. I will wait
while you google that. Actually, Google it after this video – pay attention.
But it’s amazing, it’s, it’s amazing. I love it. Number 16 – this getting difficult
now – keep a consistent schedule. So you can post once or twice or three times –
three times should probably be the cutoff – that’s totally fine. But post at
similar times every day so that your followers know what to expect and when
to expect your photos. So that they can already look forward to it and maybe go
to your account. So personally I only post once a day and I post around 9
pm UK time which I have found to be my optimal time. Which actually brings me to
number 17 which is: post at the right times. When it comes to determining
the right time to post you can just use logic. You know when do people use
Instagram? They use it in the morning, at work maybe around lunchtime and
before going to bed. That’s my personal experience anyway. But you can also get a
little more scientific about it and you can use data from services like Iconosquare
or the Instagram business profile. Which brings me to number 18: switch to a
business account. And I know this is a little bit controversial – a lot of people
think or, you know, assume that their engagement is gonna drop and some people
have experienced that. Personally when I switched to a business account I’m gonna
tell you what happened. You ready? Nothing. Nothing happened, nothing changed
at all when I switched to a business account. Except that now I have all these
stats and analytics at my fingertips. I’m able to, you know, determine when is the
best time for me to post, who my followers are, where they come from, how
old they are, what gender they are. Bassically it is very very very useful. So
I would highly recommend doing it. And also a new feature is that in your
Instagram Stories you can now include a link so people can swipe up and go
directly to that link, which has really helped me grow traffic to
my blog and also to my YouTube. So yay! Number 19 – 20 minus 1 – is listen to
those analytics. I have loads of blogger friends and Instagrammer friends who
have business accounts, they’ve paid for Iconosquare and then they just end up
doing whatever they want anyway. You need a little bit of discipline to
succeed on Instagram typically. Especially when you’re starting out.
Number 20: reply to your comments. At the beginning this should be fairly easy but
as you begin to grow it’ll become more and more difficult. So for example when
it comes to my account I get between say sixty to a hundred comments per image. And that is starting to feel a little unsustainable.
It’s becoming very difficult to reply to every single one of them but I still try
to. Eventually I try to reply to everyone. And I don’t really reply to comments
like “beautiful”, “love” anymore – you know things like that. Like one-word comments
I don’t bother with but if somebody took the time to leave a thoughtful comment
on your account then I think it’s only fair that you reply. Because that’s
what it’s about that’s, you know, the engagement and having a conversation. So
social media – keep it social. Number 21: use Instagram stories. So Instagram has
rolled out loads of different features over the years and they really really
want you to use them. So by using Instagram stories you’ll benefit in
several ways and here are two that I think are most important. So number one
you will get more recognition from your existing followers. They’re gonna see
your face as the first thing when they log into Instagram and the reason for
that is when you go to your feed up top there’s a whole row of different
people’s Stories. And if you keep yours recent then you might just be one of
those first, I think it’s five people, that they’re gonna see. So that’s really
really useful. And number two I think – I don’t have direct proof for this but I
think — the algorithm secretly favors people who are really active on
Instagram and who use all of its features. So by using Instagram Stories
you’re sending a signal to the algorithm that you should be ranking higher in the
newsfeed, in the feed whatever it’s called. So that’s something that’s worked
for me. Again I don’t know this is all hearsay because we don’t have access to
the exact data about the algorithm. But that’s something that’s worked for
me. And 22 – even better than Instagram Stories is Instagram live. So the reason
it’s better a) it’s because you know you’re having that direct conversation
with your followers. So that really helps them feel like they know you and that
really makes them invested in your account. But number two – and this is
really really cool – if you save your Instagram live and you show it for 24
hours, kind of in your Story, so you get two tabs so they can click Stories or
Live, you will I can guarantee that you’ll be one of the first people on anyone’s homepage. Because that’s how it’s
arranged – first the lives and then everybody else. So I really really highly
recommend you start doing Instagrams Live. I know it can be a little bit
daunting but it’s worth it. Number 23: post more videos. I don’t really do this
enough myself but I think it’s another feature that Instagram wants you to be
using. So posting videos can be a really good way to get to the top of that feed
and videos for a lot of people get more views than they would normally get likes.
For me that’s not really the case. I don’t know why, I think people hate my
videos. But yeah definitely give this whole video thing a try and see how it
goes. And let me know if it worked for you! Number 24 – we’re just one away from
finishing this video – is promote your Instagram on other social media networks.
It’s very self-explanatory, you know, drop a comment about your Instagram on
Facebook or on Twitter or… what else do people use? Vine? Not! Sorry that was mean.
Too soon? But yeah if you already have followers on another network then let
them know that you’re also on Instagram and that should bring a few of them over.
Don’t expect hundreds you know or thousands of people to come over. Because
I had a really big following on Facebook and on my blog and it was still a slow
trickle. But every little bit helps so I definitely recommend you do that. And
number 25, the final point that I want to make, is partner with your fellow
creators. I know people do this a lot here on YouTube but on Instagram people
aren’t really doing that very much and it’s a real shame because that is a
really really really great way to grow. Not just by being featured by feature
accounts but by directly one-on-one working with other Instagrammers that you
like and that you know, whose work you’re passionate about. I think this works
really well and I wish that more people did this. You can even do something very
simple like giving them a shout out in your Stories or whatever. It doesn’t have
to be a lot of work and it can be very effective. So I definitely recommend you
know getting in touch with other Instagrammers that are about the same
size as you or, you know, if you know someone who has a bigger following and
you’re already friends. Obviously don’t mooch off someone but if
you know someone then, you know, try and talk to them and make it worth their
while somehow. I don’t know, do their laundry. Whatever, you know, whatever
it takes because we all want to be famous on the Internet.
Which brings me to the very end of this video. Please please subscribe to my
channel if you enjoyed this one and I would really appreciate it if you also
commented below letting me know if this was helpful, if you have any other
Instagram tips things like that. And also give this video a thumbs up. And if you
subscribe and even if you don’t I really hope to see you next Friday because
that’s when I bring out new videos. Bye everyone!
Bye bye bye bye bye bye!

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