2020 Dems’ tax plans would cost 413,000 jobs: Study

2020 Dems’ tax plans would cost 413,000 jobs: Study

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  1. Fox news always want tax cuts for the rich and corporations protect the rich the lower middle class needs the break we need new roads and bridge and the investments like we had in the 1950s and 1960s

  2. Trump tax cuts got us a 1 trillion dollar deficit with no recession the gop loves debt and spending but hate it when the democrats are in office

  3. We need to fix the deficit by taxing the people who can afford it the rich had a good run from 1980s until now their income had went up so much the lower income went down from the same time

  4. So Warren keeps her job with all the entitlements but 413,000 Americans citizens MUST lose their JOBS i see ? i pity those who support democrats you will lose your job ???

  5. You don't have to be an economics professor to realize that taking money out of the pockets of average Americans and giving it to the government is going to stifle the economy. Plus, any corporate and business tax increases are going to passed on to the consumer in higher prices, thus decreasing disposable income even further.

  6. 400000 Americans would lose their job and 400,000 illegals would take them over immediately that's the Democratic way

  7. Democratic Party is unscrupulous means for power, trampling on the law, creating hatred, corrupt and dirty, and using socialist false slogans to deceive the voters' interest groups. Democrats tell you that a socialist government that’s big enough to give you everything you want. In fact, a government that's big enough to take away everything you’ve got!!!

  8. 413,000 people can lose their jobs. As long as the dem's get there free government hand outs paid for by the other hard working people. They just don't care about working in the first place.

  9. The most favorable thing that can be said of President Trump’s 2017 tax cut — whose cost is reckoned at roughly $1.5 trillion over a decade — is that it disappointed. A harsher but perhaps more accurate judgment is that it flopped. It didn’t perform as advertised. This is not just a verdict on the past; it’s also a warning for the future. Companies received sizable tax relief but didn’t invest most of it. Large amounts went to dividends and share buybacks. Indeed, in the third quarter of 2019, business investment in machinery, computers, buildings and factories dropped at a 3 percent annual rate. Trump Tax Cuts Failed to Do Anything But Give Rich People Money. People who own businesses and other sources of concentrated wealth will have a lot more money, and the federal budget will have less. Trump spent $2 trillion in deficit-financed tax cuts for the rich to get us basically the same growth rate we had before he took office (1.9%.)

  10. The economy was booming with jfk johnson bill clinton with much higher taxes then we have today fox news need to learn their facts and history

  11. The gop destroyed this country with trickle down economics lies from the 1980s which created this big mess of the poor getting poorer and the rich owns everything

  12. Don't worry, none of this is going to happen. Trump was cleared of Bribery ect. a little while ago. He still isn't going anywhere.

  13. Remember when the Democrat Party actually fought for American workers? Losing 430,000 jobs means nothing any more to the Dems because their new "cause celebre" is open borders. All those millions of illegals who continue to pore into our country will be voting Dem and that is all that matters to Pelosi, Schumer and company.

  14. Update New CNN Poll: The ghost of Karl Marx 44%, Joseph Stalin Mustache incased in a Carbonite Mold 33%, The 500ft Golden Statue of Mao 13%, A Pedophile 9% and AOC at 1% and she’s not even running.

  15. The reason why china is beating the usa is that china isn't in the middle east doing endless wars and giving tax cuts for their rich they are doing the investments that their people needs like updating their bus systems and their education while our country is still doing tax cuts for the rich not doing investments we need

  16. Just remember for all the hospitals in the USA. If you take away private insurance companies. The doors and at least 35% of the hospitals would close that's how their doors stay open. Look at all those jobs gone. That's not County all of the other jobs that will go away Millennials he won't need York College tuition you won't have a job to go to.

  17. they don't care about America having jobs they don't care about America being successful these are communist socialist scumbag pieces of trash the Democratic party isn't liberal and they don't love America their scum-sucking communist socialist liars corrupt thieves and traitors to this country that's what they are

  18. That is one of the reasons why some big corporate companies have closed down for good and others have shipped over seas and or have cut down wages because of the high taxes that these companies could not afford to pay these high taxes and their employees at the same time. Plus this is one of the reason why millions of people who are unemployed and who are behind on their college payments for these college graduates having a hard time getting the jobs they have studied for because their is no hiring positions and also the reasons theirs alot of high crime and destroyed neighborhoods and welfare for unemployed or low paying jobs.

  19. Hike those corporate taxes and the companies that President Trump got to come back and the ones that stayed in the US will be gone again. Along with all those jobs. I'd vote for Charles Manson before I'd vote for a useless Democrat.

  20. If for some HORRIBLE turn of events should happen and a Democrat gets elected in 202 .The FIRST thing that should be done is SEiZE all the Congressional bank accounts and use that money to pay for All THE Free-Gees THAT THEY WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE .


  22. The democrats wouldn’t care if it cost 3 million jobs as long as it was “fair”. They are sick people. Unhappy Utopia seeking fools.

  23. Pocohontas is insane..she thinks she's great..sooooo delusional..dem so not surprising but she takes it to another level..absolutley brainderad delusional..embarrassingly so..the sooner she disappears from media the better.

  24. Having listened to some of these so called policies from the Democrats, I can only conclude that they all believe money literally grows on trees.

  25. most democrats and democrat supporters have no clue about the numbers. They just want gold plated mansions with no realistic way to get gold plated mansions. They just know they want one.

  26. I'm afraid when Trump wins 2020 how these dems are going to take it! They've been battling, having fits and full of hate and anger since 2016 how much further are they going to go?

  27. Democrats need to take some economics courses and not the failed Marxists socialist ones. The are so ignorant. I think the intentionally want America to fail.

  28. Democrats wanna live like Hugo Chavez while the people of Venezuela eat from garbage cans he's eating high quality steak

  29. Anything the Democrats do, will bring a path of Destruction their socialist not Democrats, and socialism has a history of killing more than a hundred million people oh, that the whole socialist idea is extremely dangerous and that's what happened to Venezuela so if you want to see what your future looks like look at Venezuela

  30. That's because of Democrats do not have any plans or agenda but to raise taxes allow open borders get free healthcare to illegal aliens with our tax dollars any one of these Democrat socialist dreamers running for office now their plans will break America. They want bigger government Donald Trump would like less government just look what the government has done to our school systems they taking out God they taking out the Pledge of Allegiance and they taking out discipline what is that telling you

  31. The queen had YouTube turn off comments for Epstein of course his list was really long not only the prince and Clinton we're on the list many more Democrats are on the list and they will do anything to keep this covered up shame on ABC for not airing the story years ago they had photos of Clinton and the prince with these underage girls the truth will set you free or in some cases to prison

  32. Remember, Super Wealthy will find their way out from paying Pocahontas tax. Its us that will have to pick up her Socialist Welfare tab

  33. Democrat wanted America to be communism’s government systems for Americans taxpayers and dictatorship powerful politicians leadership for themselves with their rules to control all……

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