2019 National EmPOWERED to Serve Business Accelerator™

2019 National EmPOWERED to Serve Business Accelerator™

(upbeat music) – The accelerator has been a
great eye-opening experience. It’s a chance to step back from yourself, step back from your organization, look at your goals and your
missions in a different light and to reflect on what
you’re really doing. – I never had a business background. I started a non-profit
because I was passionate about food justice, food insecurity. Honestly, I was frustrated because I was trying to find someone or that group of someones
who was responsible for this problem and who should
be doing something about it, but then I realized that I’m someone who wasn’t doing something about this. – This accelerator has
been tremendous for us. To come together with
multiple entrepreneur on the same issue and
I no longer feel alone. – [Jeremy] The Business
Accelerator through the American Heart
Association has taught me all the skills necessary to develop a sustainable organization. – Thank you so much,
American Heart Association. This opportunity has been wonderful. This money is gonna go towards developing the Sugex Watch and also
developing a solution that better fits the
lifestyles of diabetics. (upbeat music)

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