2019 ASEF Fellows in Slovenia

So why are you guys here? – Vacation – Travel backpacking – Visiting family I think we should get off the road. – What? Get off the road, quick! I wanna be home. I wanna be here. I’m here in Slovenia to learn
more about medically related topics before I start my
degree in medicine at Northeas Ohio
Medical University. My extracurriculars
all involve music, here in Ljubljana
I will be working for Wudisban Records
under Emkej and this is the first
opportunity I’ve got to work in the industry
so I’m really excited. I’m a visual creative,
I decided to take the leap of faith and do the internship
here to work in a studio and be able to expand
my knowledge in the realm of
post production. This is my first time
visiting Slovenia, so I’m very excited
to take it all in. Can’t wait to explore all the
natural beauty that Slovenia has to offer,
Mt. Triglav looks beautiful and I’m really looking
forward to trying all the food. I’ve been to Slovenia twice
and the first time I came here was because of my family
and the reason I came back was because I wanted to become more
in touch with my culture. It’s something I want to bring back
to the United States, I want to bring to my
profession, and my career, it’s the beauty and
the feeling of embrace and being
at home here. I want to learn more of the language
and hopefully have a full conversation in Slovenian by
the end of the summer and my favorite place
in Slovenia is Bled or anywhere where there’s
a mountain or an old castle. At my internship I’m really
looking forward to gaining hands on experience, starting to make a
positive impact and reaffirming my
passion for science. I’ve truly learned more
in the last few weeks than I’ve learned in a long time. My short term goals include
discovering my calling and establishing purpose
as well as building my confidence. I would like to be
in a medical residency training to be a dermatologist. In the future I want to work
in the music industry, listening to music is
always something I’ve been extremely passionate about,
so being able to care deeply about my work in that world
would be great. In five years I see myself
with a clearer direction, likely pursuing higher education in either chemical
engineering or medicine. I see myself doing creative work
on a professional scale. I dream that one day
I’d be able to say that I made significant headway in
solving the problems currently faced by humanity as well as having a large positive
impact on the lives of others. The hope is to continue
to better my skill set to be the man I’m supposed to be So I think you have some secrets, why are you here? – I’m here because of that and despite all, I will definitely
come back to Slovenia.

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