2019-10-30 (VOD) Starting a new community .Net Core project: Outspoken

2019-10-30 (VOD) Starting a new community .Net Core project: Outspoken

Bonjour hi welcome to this recorded
live session from twitch it will be a very long video that’s why I put
timestamp in the description so you could skip to the part that interests
you also if you want exactly when I’m
streaming go visit twitch.tv/fboucheros but for now let’s watch this
session let’s get started bonjour hi welcome to the stream I’m Frank Boucher
your host and for the next two hours we’ll be together starting a new project
I promised you a new project and I’m sorry I missed the two last stream I was
really busy and I will explain in a few second what I was doing but yeah so – I
promised you a new project so today we’re starting a new project and I need
your help to find a name because naming is hard yeah it’s super hard so super
pom super excited for me right now those two hours of kind of a break
taking time with you uh I have tons of work yeah I want to start a new project
I’m excited I think it’s a good idea it’s to give power back to you but not
that I add the power but I wanna I wanna have a way to communicate with you even
if like your I know what when I’m streaming live people are catching me
live it’s easy because you have the chat but for people who are watching on in
the archive on YouTube well I want to help YouTube to to reach out and build
your case so I don’t want to give too much right now so let’s go to the little
intro so let’s go and this view so I’m part of the live coder on Twitch this is
a group of 92 it’s crazy 92 streamer helping the community to learn streaming
and different technology mostly in English
there are some nothing English I am might that’s an opening here I might
stream in a close future we’ll do any do my sound check the sound check is past
but now I need to mute that laptop so I was saying in a near future we’ll do an
experiment where I will be streaming in French so if you know people who speak
French and would prefer history in French or if you would like it be sure
to follow the the channel I will let it know will tweet about it so you can find
me online on FB sharrows I’m on Twitter YouTube twitch have blog posts and stuff
like that what else so what’s coming for me super excited it will be my first
ignite and I’m going there as a presenter this is awesome so Microsoft
ignite is a big event it’s like how many hey hey I think he was twenty five
thousand hits yeah let’s hear I think there’s more than a thousand sessions
200 and on lab there’s tons of people it’s a huge event and I’m going
presenting there at Orlando and this is next week so I’m taking the plane Sunday
to fly to our Aldo to be ready fresh and have some fun over there so if you’re
going to Orlando at Microsoft ignite please please please please please let
me know tweet me if you see me come say hello
I will give you stickers I’m really looking forward to meet you
that’s one of my best pleasure in life so don’t be shy please please please and
yeah and when I was doing last week well I was rocking rocking it with my nuts a
dog demo not a dog workshop in Toronto thanks to you because you helped me
practice online it’s a the working dog workshop is a workshop I did few weeks
back slash month kind of an introduction to AI so the goal is to deploy a web
site and then without changing the code of that website using leveraging server
less so as your function and cognitive services hiding more feature inside that
website in this case is filtering pictures of dumb so I kept anything
anything that was not a dog was deleted so that was pretty cool I had a lot of
fun meet ton of really great people Tristan
a guy was just coming from I hope I’m not mistaking I think it was from New
Zealand like arrived two days before that medium super nice guy he will be
doing some activity in the Toronto so if you aren’t the GTA grand Toronto area
keep an eye on this guy because it will be awesome
and then a beginning of the week I was adding other event yesterday I was doing
a I had two events yesterday so Monday I was in a crush preferring everything and
you know there’s always little glitch so I had a bug in my demo so I needed to
work on that and stay focused so that’s why I decided to let go the stream but I
was thinking about you guys so today without further ado without any more
waiting working I’m solo line Frank drops I have framedrops get sick oh this is
crazy how about if I do that if our last connection I will get back
on lying in few seconds hello again I think it will be better this way kill
some process in the background whoa that was a lot of friendly
dropped frames hopefully it will be better hopefully we’ll be better so
let’s move back to disco this view xn okay so if you missed it I just did some
recap watch it watching it on on the archive okay so now before we get
started I want to explain the project and feel free to jump in and comment and
pitch your thoughts if it’s a good idea or not a good idea and I’m looking for a
kick-ass name someone suggests hi stream I think it’s very long but it could be
funny and then I’m still need to help to figure it out so the project the project
by itself is kind of very simple or I just need to show and tell is done and
announce oh yeah not wanting to do that first so before that because I will be
traveling a lot it will be difficult for me to my music is loud no it’s not loud
it’s me it’s for the better so I think it will
be super hard to keep a very steady schedule because I will be travelling
across the globe so sometime what used to be for me a morning stream might
became a middle day stream and I will be presenting so I was thinking maybe what
I could do is every Monday volley at every Monday I will have the new
schedule for the week set up under this page somewhere there’s a schedule I will
tweet out probably pinned the tweet also on Twitter if you’re watching if you
follow me on twitter if you don’t ever shows just display on top of the screen
f mashiro’s f Boucher OS on Twitter and I think for every week I will update the
schedule I will try to keep it as much as I can but if I need to move up or
move down timeslot for a stream I will do it that way and I will adjust the
configuration on the twitch page but every morning I think that not every
morning every Monday I will do that change I think it will help I may also
add the list of ignite on or my travel down below so if you think like that if
you think if you are close or going to one of those ignite event and I’m closer
to you then let me know and we’ll be able to check to be cool and a coffee I
have a beer I’ve just nice time together so the idea I can put my little eggs
I said it hopefully will be not so much change but yeah I think otherwise I will
always be cancelling so I think it’s better to move it if you think it’s
better to just cancel it you know so the idea I walk I have a lot of requests on
YouTube some people reach out on Twitter on
YouTube by email by in person or even on Instagram like all the social media to
ask me hey I would like you to do a video on that on this on this on my
youtube channel called five minutes it’s YouTube / evros also but the name of the
channel is cloud five minutes so I thought it would be cool to have a
website where you could like you know when you’re creating an issue on github
and mark down whatever upload pictures and things like that so you can say I
would like you to explain a video where you deploy a website and blah blah blah
doing this give me a little bit of meat and then like you posted an typical
could vote and when it’s time for me to do a video then maybe I I need to I want
to do a specific thing because you know maybe I think it’s useful now and I need
to do it or something like that but those are times what I would I always do
is I check the comment the time I think this is the most wanted thing and I do
that so I thought like what if I had the tool where I could just pick whatever it
is and then like I put all the counters to zero but because you know like maybe
this week everything is about functions but broadly it was more about dotnet
core or a jazz creative or look something like that so
I want to keep the highest vote from from a our brief period kind of as a
second value like maybe grayed out so you could see like hey that hey bozo or
Michael Dooley how are you just explained my new project and I was
looking around I was pretty sure it well it already exists but it didn’t it
doesn’t and I think it could be useful for a bunch of streamer also for feature
or thing like I just want like a voting platform where people can create I
because I know on Tullio you could vote so you could create your stuff and
people are voting on that but I wanted to give the power to the user to create
those thoughts suggestion request feature requests whatever and then all
the community can vote on them and then at the end I I do it reset the counter
and we move on to a next session so I also I think it could be cool to do it
has I know with blazer on the website you can create a kind of a control so it
could be cool to have it so it could be easily added to any website or I don’t
know like maybe we could interact with it directly from the twitch API or slack
or I don’t know if it’s possible I don’t know I think discord as I’m assuming yes
this court must have some api’s so anyway so that was the the project for
me and I want to do it completely online completely open with you like want to
deploy it from github using the github action deploying in Azure because I like
a sure so I will use Azure identification I don’t I don’t want to
manage or that sufficient I just want some kind of ID so probably using social
media authentification like in animal you use git and like that’s good enough
for me something like that but I need to name so I thought just
using community as as the thing or you know Cove
community votes on community online vote someone suggests you shouldn’t main your
project I scream and find something for every letter so like the acronym of that
project is ice cream ice cream V but it’s a very long acronym sana
any thoughts let me know I’m not sure I think Connie vote is simple but we can
always rename it and and then like any feature requests like I should add in
that project what do you think what should we do
that’s your that’s your time guns I want you to collaborate also so what
else could be interesting you could be voting on that staying quiet let’s have some fun sorry see it was a light late event
yesterday so I’m a little bit tired so ice cream ice cream movie I think just
see if I come with acronyms so for the I could be internet right community Yee element another sequel that’s way too long ice cream so weights
itself I think community voters you see the name you know what it is I think it
will be that usually Michael Julie you have all the way very cooling with logos
and stuff octavo there’s plenty of but why octa online committee that’s fine
Michael Julie trying to find a name for my project and I know you always come
with like crazy like eight eight grape grapes
so I forgot I like that one a bunch of upset shocked about online community Grape Ape yeah that’s cool because
community vote this kind of Barham Oh developer Oh we’ll wait a few seconds
for you to have the ads let’s wait one two three one two three we’re
probably done with the ads by now so welcome aboard developer garage and with
your stream of of your with your raid of seven this is awesome welcome aboard
so I’m Frank Boucher I’m a cloud developer advocate and I’m just starting
a new project today so doing a good net core project well I think it will be
that net core probably blazer at the beginning at least for UI I want to
create a project where the community can create feature requests or like having
some requests and then the full committee can vote on it so I’m having a
YouTube I have not I’m having I have a YouTube channel and like some time
III want to know like what and the YouTube channel is to answer the
technical questions that people have so I think that feature for me will be very
useful and I think when you’re doing a project and you will have some kind of
an idea you know what people would like you to work on then having that thing
hosted on any website or anything or it could be integrated with discord when
you chat whatever I think could be cool so let me know what you think and right
now we’re looking for a name so let me know and uh developer garage I was your
stream what did you do what you were what you are streaming about today dig can you vote on it like you know I’m
unread it I know you can thumbs-up thumbs-down stuff but I want
to thing to be very positive so I don’t want other one comes up I don’t turn
down I don’t just want like you like the idea you would like to have it then you
you put your thumbs up or like you you raise your plus one let’s let’s say that
I plus one this this idea if you change your mind or you on a battery balance
your vote or anything we could just remove it so like your your put for or
you don’t vote for it that that’s that’s my my point I want the thing to be very
positive and feature requests oh what’s happening what’s happening well thanks
you for the following mission bookworms welcome welcome user voice maybe he is a voice I did Google a
little bit about it but I can’t find anything hey thank you for the following free
ward freaking Warren I’m not sure I don’t want that thing to be selling
anything like elderly but yeah it’s just to you know hold on on on stuff I feel
like I’m yelling so I will skip that at some point
what’s the song point hmm that was something
let’s put just some chill today no no house music just chill where I am in the
chat it’s similar to yours of course uh I don’t know I want to create something
and I’m at the same point it’s also an exercise to have a project on my music
is loud BAM at least for me it’s love I play around I was having a weird
feedback with my speaker so I think I changed the volume and now like so just
six but it’s slotin here so it’s an excuse also to build a project and
having it automatically deploying like full CI CD deploy every time I want
people to work on that we wanna I want to learn from you like the best
practices or like I wanna do stuff showing stuff so it’s it’s a project I
want to work on that could be a tool for me like they say they’re the best
project are aways the project that helps you so I think it will help us so going
back to the stream where I was so okay so developer garage you aren’t
working on the OCI CD for your blazer at boy see you could definitely help me act
if I want to do that too I just messed around with blazer yet and
I want to do that and I think it could be cool to have the full community vote
or you know post I don’t like what could be a good name any names guys but put
names in the chat that will be very lovely and could be a funky acronym so
someone in my entourage has suggested should be ice cream V but then like she
could never come with something meaningful for every letter because ice
cream is a long name but yeah I want to do that and and blazer we could do it
has a control not a control component so let’s say for example right now if
you’re doing you’re going on cloud five calm then you arrive on my youtube
channel but I would like to have that website with the feed of YouTube and
maybe twitch and maybe those things and I see that you could be hosting very
easily that little thing by itself you’re just adding it and it will be
adding could be using like blob storage for like you know I won’t own that thing
like I don’t think it will be will turn crazy so I think could be very light in
the resources well you’re voting on in my case I want
to use it for like it could be different things so you could be that’s also I
think yeah we should we should be able to specify a category maybe and that
will be by the onion only for example for me what I would like to use that
tool is what my next video have in five minutes should be so should I show how
to deploy a website should I show to the bug a natural function should I show how
to these things I have a lot of requests about a how to unzip but you know
different not a zip files or R or 7-zip or something like that automatically
without code or something like that what should be the topic of my longer video
if I’m like you know what like once in a while I like to do a longer video like
20 minutes half an hour like what the purpose of that one should be or in the
game I’m developing what should be the next feature were working on I think you
could be interesting to have that hey thanks for the following developer
garage so yeah that’s that’s what I want to work on I think it could be useful
and like I said it’s also adding the size like you know like different Fritz
did this core wiki there’s plenty of wiki that exists but it was a practice
to you know apply a new tech and different things it’s also a way to to
learn and and at the end I will have something we will have something very
useful and I think it could be also usable by others you know I see Michael
Julie you’re working on a project good behavior what what’s my next
project should it be should it be an IOT or something and then like I pitch oh
you should do the IOT project and maybe I do you know it’s come schema so maybe
markdown whatever like explaining my case and put it there and people vote
and then at the end you pick but you decide if you know you pick exactly that
or at the end you you have the control but you have the feeling what’s your I
like the but the name is already taken but the user voice yeah so maybe could
be user vote no what am I looking at making similar free product that
couldn’t run inside a component apart hey Brett Miller ID how are you so we have free kind word hey Frank
and you follower here welcome what are you looking at user voice for what kind
of all I just explained okay perfect I think I think the project now outspoken that could be cool outspoken I like it feed me isn’t it isn’t it strange
feed me Michael Julie I feel like it it’s a double or maybe it’s me feel like
it’s could be an appropriate Anna unappropriate double sense yeah okay so right now I would say my I like like
Feeny because it’s short I would say the unspoken but then I don’t want to steal
anything like did you already create yeah Frank Biggs butter need of
attaching that or no not own any Frank I don’t I want that thing to be used by
other people so I don’t want it cloud-related that on my name or
anything I just wanted like if you want to use it but you can you’re not stuck
with anything or anything can I do a poll it’s a new project I’m starting and
it’s just to vote on stuff I know like for example on Tulio I could create
different things and then say hey guys go vote on what’s the next topic of my
YouTube video or the next feature will be working on on the game but I want the
users to be creating those feature requests or video requests or things
like that I don’t want to play to door feel like a
Poldark well far like in my mind what I wanted
power bi and oh they do that if you do I think in their committee I forgot where
it is ideas and power bi see like you can create your own stuff say I would
like to have that feature in RBI and then people vote on like something like
that but you know our way and I want to do it with a CI CD from get a full open
source and like today I want like if it’s possible I would like even today to
be able to deploy right away something it will be unfinished it will be empty
but you know I want that thing to be alive and it will be you know so we’ll
live the the process of deploying keeping new version and stuff like that
so I really want that thing to be alive and progress right away and I want
people to get into PRS koel on it like it’s a community project for the
community and I will at the end I will as soon as I can in fact I want to use
it and I want to use it for all my YouTube followers and twitch and like
other things although for it mean things okay yes like user voice but free and I
want to do it so we can play then with since a lot of
people know user voice we could also play with user vote I think you can do
how can I do it so let’s say in a tuck tree here can I
do let me I think I can do a pole oh cool great balls action and user who use your vote any last
suggestion before we close the votes so I’m starting the poll we’ll give you a
minute or so so vote one for feed me so you should do
vote one for for this one aboard to or avoid the bowl at the vote three there
whoops keep our treat there it is where is it there it’s time to vote thank you for a vote developer garage outspoken okay so too far outspoken okay
okay that’s cool that’s cool let’s wait a little bit let’s still wait
a little bit I think you know what that’s let’s spice things
a little bit I think I like the Michael Julie are you with with the feed me well
thanks for the following empty auntie aware that’s a funny name
auntie aware welcome aboard so it’s still time to vote so if you
want to vote we’re looking for a name for our new project that is very similar
to a user voice where you vote on stuff so vote one if you like the name feed me
a vote too in the chat for help spoken and vote three for the user vote playing
on the name user voice user vote but I think I think you use I hear you I hear
you I think where it will be going with the outspoken that’s cool I like it
Oh last ten seconds ten nine eight six seven
I spoke seven six five three two one close the poll and the result is big big
winner and conquer ganya hot spoken thank you for your help
so did you all read that took the get up project who yay Congrats Congrats congratulation to
you sir and feel free to collaborate that’s awesome so yeah so we we start
already cool so uh you know what let’s start by the stuff I never do let’s go
right away in the indie where is it inside the ink to add community stuff
let’s add a license MIT license yeah yeah yeah that’s cool excellent so now we had a license we
don’t even have a readme but we have a license look real voting platform
managed by the community feature voting platform request voting platform does it
make sense of the above you’re not helping me dude cool
a Dharini of course unspoken all that sex hi so Michael Julie can I expect a logo by
tomorrow or Friday cool I have that and I should have not
no that’sthat’s come on : control – control – one more shot oh and I will put right away you know
what what I will do I know I didn’t do I didn’t mention it I need to mention it
Michael Julie this weekend I was I didn’t watch Christian enough Ustream
but I thought about you because I add all contributor to my project and that
thing is awesome so cool so right now I have it – two of my project but I want
to add it to all the projects so this one definitely also doing it so I want
to show you stuff so for example in in my dog not a dog workshop I had it the
contributors so right now don’t wanna spoil it too much contributing so here
in contributing I have the all contributor reference will open that
page to show that that after and what it does it does this so when you contribute
now you see your avatar with your picture and the kind of trim that
contribution you did so here’s simon did it helped me on
documentation you know doing some grammar because you probably notice
english is not my first language so it’s been worse when i’m writing it yes it’s
possible so now by just adding a comment say hey in fact let me show you so it’s
it’s here all contributors and you can install it on has an app on get up or
even on a CLI but since my project was that net i didn’t add the CI add the app
so here is very cool and yeah one on a PR or something like that or a comment
you just say hey i’ll contributor add let’s say Michael Julie so I will
definitely had you sir to a developer garage you will have a shout out for
finding the name that’s for sure I don’t know how to so you specify let me show you so here
for example you say a I’ll contributor so because how can she be cur become a
user please had and then then we’ll be developer garage for and then you have
multiple things you could add design and thing like that and go with the emoji
key so we have all of those or even like for a question tag example or bunch of
stuff you could add like so ideas I don’t know if there’s one for a name but project management like it there’s tons
so when you contribute then you have your stuff and I know Michael Julie is
also using it in this project and it’s awesome like it’s so cool just do that
when someone do a PR if you like it you had a comment in your PR and it it
create another PR to add this contributor and it’s just give exposure
to people so I thought it was awesome and you know what let’s let’s add it
right away to this project first thing we’ll add it back into the
project so you will even see how to install it guys
so I want to go and the no that’s not where I wanna go I have too many options
so I’ll continue dirt about overview that’s what I want installation install
the get up thing in my repo and I will need to do my password so we’ll go in
secret mode guys and I could should cut the sound and
everything github what’s my password I don’t know my
password I use a thing now I’m in let’s go back no let’s go back here way back
yes so I just typed my password and now I’m
here so this is how you had application in your github it will need a readwrite
access and then you could say I’ll request URI or you can set a quick bus 3
so here I’ve already added to a few and now wall added to unspoken I really like
that name who’s doing the logo next stream come
with all like any time just feel free to drop some logo doesn’t need to be
Michael Julie this guy is busy apparently or you
pretend to be busy and I’m having fun with Michael Jolie
because that’s what we do I’m like Michael Julie and I know he
knows did I click Oh see out put on out to manage the to do I’m using most of
the time I’m using my glue boards so from get crackin I make it ambassador oh
when I was planning to wear the t-shirt today but I completely forgot I have
some vaccine this morning so here I have a Popeye is that the English is it pop I
like the the strong man when you eat spinach so yeah I received bunch of
three vaccines today so I’ve kind of feel unlucky she the nurse picked that
arm and not my heart right arm well yeah so um I use most of
the time I use get crackin a glow board and it’s a free tool and if you want you
could do like her friends that is not here today but copper birdy even a
Nintendo switch because of its because when you use my referral call RIF prayer when you use my referral code it give
the tool is free so you don’t need to do it what it gives you is a chance to win
a Nintendo switch so every quarter I think get crackin do a draw for a
Nintendo switch it gives you a chance to win one and also me so I’m super happy I
went also a Nintendo switch this is fantastic and it’s the legendary
Nintendo switch with all the colors of get crackin and if you go and buy the
pro version and for students if you there are students and in on the stream
it’s super cheap and then for me it gives me points and with the points I
can buy swag and what I do with the swag is that I’d give it back to the
community so when I do events or events eventually I will do also a draw on the
stream or my youtube channel right now I’m pretty close to 4k but I think when
I will reach 5k of a subscriber on YouTube of will do something special so
anyway so that’s that’s the tool used most of thank for my two deuces is this
thing so I have public board so for example if we
my other project blind 2021 that’s the board the board is public so you can see
it and that show you what I’m working on so thank you for following 0 X 986 Popeye Popeyes
yes migrate migrate hang Blish yeah I wonder if copper Bertie receive as his
Nintendo switch because he told me it was still at the custom but it was close
to him last week he’s in in England nothing yeah so wound will add the the
but but I think it’s already done isn’t it then we should create a board Onix no
it I think it’s exciting to create a project you know putting things together
and stuff like that it’s cool so it’s already there now what we need is to add
the template the configuration here I need to add a new file so what I will do
is I will just copy what I add an other repository to save me time because I
need I know I struggle a little bit with it at the beginning what you need to do
is to add this file here I’ll contributor source but of course like
without the so let’s say a row like that so create a new file I’ll call it dot
all a contributor s rc4 source right so here create a new file that will be our
file the information will be this year and of
course I will remove the sky and even me remove myself because I didn’t
contribute yet so what it does is right now it’s define a project so image size
will be under a pixel the line how many contributors on a line will be
seven that step the generation of that grid will be skipped on CI so it’s true
by default it’s true project name you should totally change it so it outspoken
spoken spoken FB shake it repo bla bla bla so that’s cool so there it is
boom we’re getting there okay what else why not so we need I need
I need to add contributing yep so I need to go an insight into the community cut
a cut of conduct where is it so you can find the team a big thing of
1/8 which arose on Twitter and if I can write it correctly it will be better
cool and will come it that directly creating and kind of come do it there it is
excellent excellent we’re getting there we’re getting there so what’s next I
think it’s a contributing guideline to dating so let’s see what I happen not a
dog contributing I think I think that’s good should just
change or outspoken there is it gets twice here also is how many change
although I remove this because think it’s looking good I’m Sam
so exciting can you trust I didn’t take any coffee today guys
can you yeah I did it I think it’s one of those time when you’re so tired at
your past tired and like you just feel like so energy full of energy adding that’s cool like usually I had
those things like when the project is mostly done I’m happy to do it like
first thing I feel like I’m doing things right issue template and pull request template smugly boy feature
request who use that anybody use that for now all don’t want use this anything
else that’s cool that’s cool excellent so now we did so much a new project I’ll spoken I like the name I hate that okay hi so how do you
pronounce your name now that melon knowledge not a knowledge I hate having
to fit my into a feature template myself well I want to do that to help I heard
that you know it’s it’s if people are not used to get up like that
but I’m open like well we’ll leave it like this and if I see like that it’s
very hard to follow them ohana that’s the beauty of get up isn’t it oh it’s a Dutch name doesn’t doesn’t
look like Dutch yeah okay so cool so now we have this without any code so now let’s put some
feature and some milestone and everything I need to find an image for
outspoken because I need backgrounds and stuff like this how it’s spoken so yeah
let’s create and that’s also a thing with I don’t I don’t wanna like I’m
preaching so much cool I like that too I’m sorry guys this is I received no
money for that hey thanks for the following major it’s very appreciated so
many new friends today like this is cool I like it
this is cool unspoken there it is so new board so that’s the issue we
don’t have any issue here we will pay that to do or create in progress and we will create the done right so now Indy to do what do we want
speech Aryan stuff and things like it so right now it’s kind of a brain dump I
just wanna I don’t like it’s mostly those notes that I had prepared we need
some we need we need some kind of authentication I’m assuming right so I
think when I will be creating the project I should use that and I think
any social media like I don’t manage user
I just want user to be authenticated so like I know that it’s always the same
person when it comes to the when it use the control or the the outspoken
platform so user identification and it’s been a while since I use the
social media transportation so that would be cool see out these days it’s
integrated I think it’s pretty easy but it’s been a while so I think it’s been
I’m tempted to say ten years since I did use like a log in with Twitter or
whatever and the user attempts occasion social authentication so see now what’s
cool is I could do like all that as an enhancement and on also that this is right now what you speak no no good
night lost it my clock is my clock is not going well
it’s still five minute before going live so I think can’t get me so I have new
batteries well like feel like I’m always changing those batteries adding user
identification I said so console good enough I want to put at least the
enhancements I think it’s it will be done at the project creation so that’s
why I don’t put help required because I think when I will be creating the
project it will be done oh it needs a I means also should I
I think there’s a way to do it because I would like right now maybe you don’t
know I’m on Linux right now and I love being in Linux but that’s a VM
yeah pretty yeah I did that in the past I use a command to have identification
created with dotnet using a visual zoo code but I keep using the big visual so
I know some people were requesting that like honestly that I use the big visuals
you’re like visuals UID I mean I always call it the big one okay so we want them user to be able to
create and create how we call that ideas requests should it be different I don’t
think it’s different I think it’s an idea like you pitch an idea and it will
be used or not or whatever and that’s also an enhancement so at the card here
and then we wanna save save ideas in some data store I don’t know I was
thinking storage maybe it storages because stars is dish is cheap maybe
it’s not the best one announcement I think here will say help want it and I
will change my thing sale idea it’s all like this is more like how can
I like this is a questions I want people to answer
do I have their questions some people are like what what what bid
that debt what would you use this is hard this is so hard
too many Sybil I don’t know okay so I wanted people to get authenticated
create things save things over like vote right that was the full purpose of the
editing so I user can add is vote and idea what do you mean that an IJ get up
Google bit Booker get luck Twitter I should save those things like save the I
save the ideas and get up like if it’s a website like I mean I would say that
doing like PR or a push and get or maybe my my questions not clear them what do you mean yeah for the outside I said social media
under the typo here yeah like I don’t want to manage a user
I just want to be the user to be authenticated I think it’s a checkbox
when you create the the project I think when you’re doing it from a command
point of view like the dotnet Newton what I have so have the door I will get
back to you guys I’m sorry oh boy oh boy oh boy sorry about that
getting back here I’m sorry sorry about that some winter tires because here in
Canada he’s Canada winter is coming big time uh where are
we where authentication okay yeah we’re just hiding this so this is done this is
done I should have done an ads I didn’t do any ads yet you do that are you
saying I don’t know if you’re still there a developer garage or even Michael
Julie do you dot X key do you play ads during your streams I
think playing hats will will eventually make that when people are jumping in
like I’m assuming developer garage when you were eight at the beginning you had
the ABS so I think if I play ads enough then people when they join they
they won’t have it did you have that and ads are you playing ads on your channel
question no are you planning to do it I feel I feel guilty but at the same time
like if it’s like a let’s well you know while I’m doing that boring thing let’s
do an ad of 30 seconds and like you you know nothing is happening you’re not
missing anything and then like every time you join you don’t have the ads and
I like it you don’t I saw frits doing that and I thought was
smart I did a couple of time but I don’t know if it makes it different for you I
tried then when I download the the video to put on my archive I don’t see that
it’s all alike it’s really like just on stream oh yeah
that would be interesting also I want so let’s put that so when I I want to wait
to save idea music can create ideas you can have can vote wanna save the votes I cannot just save the total vote I need
to save the votes of the users and kind of the toll because someone can remove
this bonus follow me to think about that because yeah so the lover Garrosh thing like I
thought I thought about it but I’m Korean II don’t think any breaks
so wouldn’t need to think about when I’m streaming is appropriate yeah so some me
I try to when I’m in the middle and I’m always looking bad but I should stop
because this clock is not good I usually try in the middle and most of the time
that’s when eventually you have like a long-running task let’s say you’re
deploying or compiling or something that is a little bit long and I just do like
it 30 seconds that’s how I did it like I think I did too twice or maybe three
times just not sure I will need to think that but let’s say
I need to save the vote I will just put that way so save the votes in the
description let’s add more context at description come on save the user vote by idea so you cannot vote does it make
sense to invoke things or when you vote you vote and then it’s luck but then I
still need to I don’t think it will be a heart that much harder to let you unload
because if I block you I mean I remember that you vote on that thing so I think I
will need to have some kind of you vote on those and also every time you vote I
will do like a +1 to the total votes of the idea I think that’s how it will work
save the vote by ID so user can unfold not sure that’s how you spell it but
that’s how I’m doing it and save total of votes for a specific
idea hey cover birdie you missed everything dude where were you
I need to restart I need to restart I was talking about you this desert here
was buzzing tingling did you receive your package dude still have the custom come on I got mine I got mine on Friday yeah super stoked
it’s definitely the legendary Nintendo switch so for those who were not there
copper birdie here oh and I should do this also cop already when I meant into
switch because use my referral links so the present is not from me is from get
crackin they’d be fantastic to to a team that does this to this way Frank
the other way otherwise always the reverse so yeah so I can tease him
because he still doesn’t have his Nintendo switch and I do yeah hey there
you go duh born a preemie D mister franca it’s
going well it’s going well a little bit tired I had two events yesterday and I’m
mix of excited and what’s the good word for that
it’s ignite next week yeah I never been to ignite Microsoft
ignite the big event and my first ignite I will be presenting two talks and I was
looking to the poll it’s like two thousand people registered to attend to
my presentation so it’s kind of my biggest audience yet so I’m super chill
I’m so happy to have people like and I’m really looking forward again to meet
some of my subscribers follower people who read my blog like whatever like just
exchange with the people and that’s why I start streaming right to get in touch
with people so I like super trill excited about that yeah it’s just
nervous scared maybe a little it’s big right Tempe and
after that it’s a after that it’s the tour so it’s ignite
the torso the tour this year does 30 cities around the globe
so from Orlando mine the the major event ignite is that Orlando in Florida in
America and then in US and then from there I will fly directly to Paris so I
will be in Paris I know I’m going to meet up I should do that like yeah I
should plug that thing right I forgot I was someone tweeted today well yeah
wait it’s in French sorry about that but it’s on the eleven twelve of
November it’s a meet-up the dev talk knit and we’ll be doing a dark docker
container dotnet the point a website kind of thing so I’m looking forward to
go there and meet like the the French people over there my bunch of friends
over there I don’t do much in French these days but I used to do a lot more
so that’s exciting no no no no no no I’m not doing the 30
steps I’m still doing a lot of steps so I want they call it polymath so I will
be involved in two tracks learning patent we call them learning path is a
group of session that help you to get certified if you want to do a
certification so I will be involved in the building apps learning path and in
the migration one and I have one session just like that in the fundamentals
talking about battery functions and uh and yeah and I do ten cities so let’s
see a lot right ten cities so yeah I’m going to Beijing going to Zurich I’m
going to Bangalore like a bunch of very exotic and cool
I’m going to Toronto so if you’re closer to Toronto we’ll be happy to see you
there I think we should specifically okay so I
think we’re doing this it’s definitely a lot of time zones it’s
crazy I will be like and that’s why I mentioned at the beginning so I think
starting on Monday because I will be traveling a lot I like usually let’s say
fret right not for me it’s in the middle like it’s at the end of the business
hours and for me it’s always like yeah you know what it’s quite a lot of
meeting so I I stream and Friday usually for me I see then in the morning but
because I will be travelling in luck a lot
maybe those stream will ends in the middle of the night or why I’m talking
or something like that what I would like to keep my streams on I’ll really have a
lot of trouble publishing YouTube videos but stream I think it’s easier because
you just get there and you work while the YouTube videos there’s a lot of lot
of preparation and then like you focus to do and I prefer when I do my video
montage of my big screen just not the laptop so I think I will continue to
stream so I think every Monday I will publish on Twitter and on the twitch
channel just down below that’s the new schedule of the week I will try to keep
it as close as possible but I will just move the part that make no sense based
on the time zone where I am and I probably I will put the the dates where
I’m traveling with where I’m traveling so if it’s a this nation that is closest
to you then you could you know ping me and we’ll have a chat face-to-face Celeron that’s that’s good that’s good
enough right label it’s an enhancement everything is
an immense billet right now I didn’t create milestones yeah I think I think it makes sense like
I don’t wanna cancel all the streams but I know I know how do I say never saving
the offside hear update description how long I want to continue and I think like
if I’m doing that it’s kind of committing to be there present for you
so I think here yeah I need to do that so create ideas is definitely part of
the first version first kind of real release save ideas doesn’t make any
sense if you cannot we don’t say so I think everything we just did is also
part of the milestone did I miss the yeah she got going so far yeah there’s
nothing like but there’s yeah there’s the like ignite a tall window that is on
East Coast order than that I think it’s because Washington is not Washington
DC’s not is is on the it’s not East Coast really so it doesn’t match
there’s Toronto but that’s still up if you’re Chicago it’s like what four hours no that’s not targeting like Chicago I
know where it is approximately so America or East is ish is the poor lendo
this product Florida Toronto but that’s Canada it’s still not like it’s already
not anymore in US but it’s in English and it’s like you could see winter
because it’s in general you could see a real winter but though I think you have
a good winter in Chicago at least that’s what they say movies because I never
i’ve been once to Chicago but there was what like for two days or something like
that and although I was Detroit was not Chicago I never been to Chicago yeah Oh Dallas whoa south max there’s
something all like let’s up look should I put marked the page Microsoft ignite
the tour so there’s Washington DC Chicago oh you
were saying Chicago is the closest and then I tell you we’re saying like you’re
living Chicago okay so the closest to where you live is Chicago you’re in
Dallas oh now I mix it sorry sorry I just I’m bad reading in jagan all there’s a few of those I’m not going to
Chicago going to Beijing I’m going to Mumbai Bangalore iris Mina no Mina pride
Kopernik sorry yeah we’re looking for going to Berlin but and Stockholm I
think I do and Santo Paulo is that closer to you
no I think it’s a Chicago right anyway so that’s the unit let’s paste it in the
chat if you are looking to know what’s the city closest to you you could do
that and I will do it again a little shout out to mr. a developer garage who
raid us earlier thanks to you mr. have tons of new friends and I’m really happy mine either
I’m not going though but no no everything everywhere I think it’s in
English and I think for you I forgot where was it’s one of the location I’m
not doing but they mentioned they will have probably translator and stuff like
that to help the local people to understand but present our presentation
will be done in English and in fact all the presentation right now we are
heavily changing those I won’t share yet where it is but everything will be in
get up so all the presentation the video is everything the link to the
presentation we won’t put the video in github but because we want to keep the
repository kind light ish what else do we honor as a feature and
not sure what have and I’m fine too I think like we should stop now I have a
few features I have enough to get started
save I’m wondering should I do it using the
big visual studio I think it should I could try to do it with the identity
forgot what it is but I want a blazer so I think it’s yeah
I think I will need to do it with the yeah it’s the blazer template and I’m
not sure the blazer template will be the first page please your attacks
occasionally zation with usual Zuko oh cool
see and now identification what do I need to pass and the draw single or
multi are windows apparently have been summoned somewhere
else I’m not even sure if I am up to date for the quiet now
Wow someone is in fire but you know what let’s let’s let’s try
it so that’s opener time y’all doing let’s let’s have some fun so I will play
look hold for now let’s do a deck net new and we’ll do all
like first I’m pretty sure I don’t have the last framework so we’ll need to
install that yeah so now I don’t wanna I don’t to do that with you guys I will be
boring would you like that net new and I think I can do this to see the templates Oh laser server so it’s an old version yeah that’s bull he does not murder in
two three so I’ll come is it the name of the the template
blazer server I thought was a maybe it’s that so I could do nothing it knew then
a blazer server and then but what should I use and they should use Twitter more common that’s why I need to create an app in github there are some reading there because I thought like social and two goods all user account so I had
that individuals use core identity well you know what
let’s try it and see what it does I’m not planning to do anyway the real
one right now we’re just experimenting so next time we’ll we’ll be ready let’s
call it how spoken outspoken one because we’re just trying on the next dream I will update all my
mice my stuff and I would like to stay on Linux what do you think or would
prefer to add me on Visual Studio IDE the big idea let me know ok it’s already
done see what he did and if I try to run it I fixed that the other day action open externally for about how I fixed that thing last
time let’s do a duct net build first ding you know okay Oh excellent we’re like pill on track
apparently but like Facebook Google for now but I think it would like to
advocate up what do you think that would be cool right we’ll add this and
reference so I know I need to read that and we should totally do a few things
here so before we go here we should do while we’re working on this thing
all right the next thing also I want to put is I want this thing to be public so
I will put I don’t have any background yet oh I couldn’t put the background my
please kind of it spooky Oh like that one for a
Halloween team look good so we’ll do that and then I wanna do or is it again
security visibility I want that thing to be public right so now it is public the
board is public yes I want to see it public so now the app is public hey Ren Blaine geek how are you happy to
see you here man it’s been a while or just getting started in a new project
called help spoken as a whole clone the repo oh I was not saying like you were not
following me I was telling like I’m sorry I didn’t pump you I think I learnt
a little bit on your your stream d’art day but it was for like I knew I had
like 10 or 15 minutes so I didn’t say anything all the time
Oh TBD gamer also is there hey yellow hello I didn’t my soundcheck alone
mister you are not there so like a big boy is soundcheck without you so I will
just I’m good huh okay so let’s put just here
I’ll just put I want to go back in my here I think
that down I’ll add this to the page contributing
thing the globe born it’s here I can remove this video I don’t have any video
blah blah blah blah blah that’s cool and I need this right and that’s cause our light to create branch just like this but this stuff uh hey hey hey good job
okay yeah as he talks myself and shoo me completely
what were you sick rambling eek did you say anything
oh I’m sorry good evening how are you sorry TBD I completely missed that I’m
sorry I see you now in the chat like no like I miss your message like if ever
guys if you if ever you you you think I’m ignoring you I’m not if you want my
attention you should have on the other side of the screen over there far far
away you should have a button and you can play some sums to get my attention
eventually I will play with a but like all the other streamer like Fitz
Michael Jolie and so you could have a comments but for now you should have few
sounds for like I know there’s one with money but there’s one for free that you
could use the gay and I think I could change also make a little bit more
available for free No
ducks search for public-private identity information okay now I stuck my type to endure people
okay pay the poll requests create a pool requests yeah cool so now let’s try it
so let’s say I wanna know first first thing first I wanna search what’s your developer garage are you
still there what’s your getup thing do the same
thing let’s try it assuming it’s you you know if it’s the same guy developer
garage should sit is it him no it’s not the same Mumbai India oh yeah Oh easy in the live color how common step to completing that with
our twitch yeah well now it’s swinging myself so she’s
wrong it’s deaf garage because he found the name of our project mr. mister you should definitely update
your status okay so that’s cool def garage then it is so now I do this
here and I say hey how come creepy tors add this dude for ideas is it honest you found the name what do
you use what could be a good contribution thing
when you find a name I want to put it this thing here it’s a question bug no
business code content design ideas I think it’s cool
you found the name so it’s plural though so bla bla bla bla ads for ideas boom merge to pull requests confirm the merge that’s cool so now let’s go the other
poll requests one see you mr. brendlin geek so antsy this is how can happens to
you guys like now this guy will be on the team confirm the merge and now if we
go in code look at that 8 I’ll come no it didn’t work why it’s not working I’m master yes yes
let’s go hose comments yeah show me show me okay like what
show me the files okay so I had it but why doesn’t show you no change like he’s here but why did not take the
ring me we need that MD bring me that MD I forget anything we need to fix that on the next one so
we’ll put down that to do we’ll put that on it to do so to do and we’ll also put
that on our board as a issue so bored that one issue at a card in Deary me
that’s a bargain if anyone an idea you can help me so
help on it cool hide card accept so that’s cool
that’s cool that’s cool I think we will go raid mister can I
rate them little more take a can it’s all let’s play the music let’s go back
in this mode the big mode so I was an awesome stream thank you for garage oh
let’s put the music so sounds music and I should cut the music because to music
is too much so thank you for the rain garage developer garage thank you for
all the new followers super cool thank you
I’m looking forward to see you on Friday I will be working again on the developer
game so I start a text-based adventure game that I keep only for the Friday so
watch in the description down below when I’m streaming in your time zone for me
it’s in the morning yeah so planning to do a tech space adventure game and
eventually when we’ll get there we’ll have some AI in it so I’m pretty I think
a lot of fun these days creating new projects I’m looking forward to see you
there and yeah so right now we’ll go raid mr. Leno lane or BR so let’s start
this and uh yeah have a great day have a go and see you
on Friday buh-bye yeah you

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