2018 SSHRC-CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition

2018 SSHRC-CIGI Post-Doctoral Fellowship Competition

The ILRP is looking for early-career scholars who have
an interest in research with policy implications. It could be in the section of international economic law,
international intellectual property rights law, international Indigenous law, or international environmental law. This is a great place to conduct research that
takes into account a wider variety of global issues. So, it’s an opportunity for you to gain further knowledge
and experience and expertise in the areas you have spent all these years studying and which by now you know so much about. This has been a great opportunity for me to conduct my research
and to connect with other people. It’s an awesome environment. There’s so many awesome
senior research fellows who you can gain expertise from,
or collaborate with. I encourage you to apply to the ILRP Post-Doc program,
and I hope to see you soon here.

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