2018 Northeast Health Equity Consortium Summit

2018 Northeast Health Equity Consortium Summit

– Where someone lives, where
they work, where they play, where they pray, all of
those things have impacts on the quality of life
and their longevity. (light music) – Health equity is the
most basic thing for any human being to
be able to thrive and to be the best they can be. – When we talk about these
issues, we talk it from a very clinical
perspective often times, “hey, eat your diet, get tested, do this, do that, exercise,” but a lot of times issues
around cardiovascular health, neurological health, are
actually products of the lived environment and lived
experiences of individuals, particularly individuals
in marginalized groups. – So we’re having
our first summit. The “Realizing Health
Equity: Walking the Talk” and essentially the conference,
it’s just an opportunity for us to be thought leaders,
community stakeholders, who have an interest
in health equity. – So I think ‘walking
the talk’ to me means rolling up your sleeves, getting out there,
pounding the pavement, learning about these
problems first hand. Making them your own problems so you feel kind of fired up
to address them yourselves. – The Upper East Side is one of the wealthiest
neighborhoods in the country and its right next
to East Harlem. Literally next to each other, which is one of the
poorest neighborhoods. Why is it that we can live
literally down the block from one another and
not know who we are and that’s the nature of
the separation we feel, the hyper segregation
in our country. – I think any institution
or association or health provider that
says at some juncture, we need to be more honest
about why a large number of our communities are
getting poor outcomes. When they’re honest I
think they can’t go wrong. – I think its really important
for people to get out there. Get out of their comfort zone and get to where
the problems are. The American Heart
Association is certainly major but they’re in every
single neighborhood. – So it’s really a
wonderful collaboration between the American Heart
Association, the research institutions, and the
community organizations to bring about this. Being with people
who care very much. White folks, black
folks, Asian folks, Hispanic folks, we
are here together. This is our journey together and we will just
keep moving forward. (light music)

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