2018 Fellowship Reception

2018 Fellowship Reception

So tonight we’re gonna hear from three students and they’re gonna share their stories. My acceptance into Stanford’s Graduate School of Education was more than acceptance for just me but one that was celebrated by my entire community and your fellowship allowed me to show them that some dreams every once in a while can come true. Tonight is a celebration of two groups that draw from a deep sense of responsibility both by those who provide the resources to enable the students to go forward and by the students who are dedicating their lives to improving education and all that it promises. I always felt very appreciative of a Stanford education. This has been a really wonderful year and you’ve been there since I came in June and it really has been wonderful and just such a life-changing experience. Thank you so much for helping to bring together such an outstanding group of future teachers and for allowing me to be part of it. Please know your support is fueling a powerhouse of educators for making waves in the coming years so stay tuned, thank you. The support that the donors bring helps transform the experience of the students and their families. It shows confidence in the work that the Graduate School of Education does to improve all lives through learning, teaching and discovery. When we set up this foundation we try to give to students who are first in their generation to go to college just like our father was. When I first came to Stanford I didn’t really know what it meant to be funded or what it meant to have a fellowship as Marian mentioned I am the first person in my family to go to college and definitely the first person to get a PhD so barely understood what I was getting myself in to. The greatest reward for me has been getting to know Tamara and being really excited to hear about all the wonderful things she’s been able to do since she started at Stanford and really how these different experiences have helped her to decide what she was going to do in her career. I am forever grateful to the Stanford Graduate School of Education and the generous donors present here today who have made all of this possible for me and for so many of us here. Thank you for believing in the power of education and thank you for believing in us.

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