2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Youssef Sibih

2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Youssef Sibih

This summer, I’ve been working in Dr. Stephen Fisher’s Retinal Cell Biology Lab in the Neuroscience Research Institute. And basically what I have been working on is using intermediate electron voltage tomography to study cone photo receptor cells, which are the primary cells affected by age-related macular degeneration one of the world-wide leading causes of blindness today. This Summer Fellowship especially gave me the opportunity to work full-time this summer and commit all my time and dedication to the projects that I’ve been working on. I can say without a doubt it has been an amazing experience. It definitely pushed me to my limits and out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot. I now have the time to commit 40 hours a week into the projects that I’ve been working on. By doing so, it taught me a lot more about my project and a lot more about what I can do and a better understanding of how I should approach different problems that I run into. I can’t thank the donors enough, especially the family that supported me. The sole purpose of this fellowship was to commit my time and effor into a project that I love doing and teaches me a lot about what I want to work on in the future. The fact that they can support me to doing something I love and enjoy, gives me a lot of insight on what different fellowships like this could for people.

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