2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Sophie Nebeker

2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Sophie Nebeker

I’ve been doing art for a long time And I’ve also had this like interest in science and biology in the natural world and I find that a lot of my art is inspired by these natural shapes and forms and the processes that create them. There was four weeks at the beginning of the summer and I worked with a grad student her name is Kate Colhane and the Hillary Young’s lab. So I went up in the field with her and we would measure stream hydrology morphology and collect a lot of bugs. So I have been distilling what feelings and words come to mind when I’m like out there and interacting with these things and then hopefully we’re gonna try to make some kind of form based off of those feelings. So I want to be able to make something visual something you can approach that’s beautiful and also be understanding and like learning something about the environment that we live in and I really like sculpture because it utilizes like an emotional component. Instead of just like reading a textbook or like even looking at a painting or something, you’re like you’re confronted physically with this object. With this fellowship, I can explore whatever I want. My creative desires have no limit that’s a really amazing and liberating feeling because you know as an artist and a maker You’re not having constantly people be like held let me help you. Like let me give you this so you can make art because I feel like the arts aren’t hugely supported. So that’s a really really awesome when individuals can be that support for this kind of intellectual and creative projects

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