2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Alex Cicconi-Kasper

2018 CCS Summer Undergraduate Fellowships: Alex Cicconi-Kasper

We’re researching next generation
cellular communications and I’m working with doctors Yukon Madof and
Dr. James Buckwalter. Cellular networks have gone from 3G to 4G to LTE, well
we’re now working on 5g. Essentially, the way 5g works is by using much higher
signal frequencies above 15 gigahertz as well as larger bandwidth to create
signal that’s roughly ten times faster than modern LTE. My role is to build
radio frequency hardware and implement matlab code from lima-bean forming for
the phased arrays that we use. This project is part of a larger project that
were working on Facebook and Qualcomm to bring this technology to the forefront
of the industry. I’d say the biggest effect it’s had is to really open my
mind to the ways that things can be innovated not only in cellular
communications but also in say feel like wireless transfer of energy. For people
to take the time and money to donate to someone they’ve never even met before
for a project that they don’t know much about is obviously philanthropic so I
appreciate it and I just like to take a moment to say thank you to my donors
for giving me this opportunity

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