2017 Tri-State Consortium Conference Montage

2017 Tri-State Consortium Conference Montage

{Music playing while logo for Tri-State Consortium of Opportunity Programs comes onto the screen} {Images from the conference center, including a welcome sign, office team, Edith Corbin – conference chair and participants} {Harvey Kesselmen speaking} From conferences such as these are
critically important for the professionals who are responsible for
overseeing opportunity programs. It affords them to opportunity to number
one, socialize and network with one another, which is critically important to
building best practices, for getting folks to share some of the problems that
they all encounter on a college and university campus to come up with joint
ways in which to adjust those problems and also to feel a part of something
larger than the offices in which they spend their days, you know year after
year. {Tom speaking} My name is Tom Thomas and I’m Dean of University College at Wilkes
University in Pennsylvania. The Tri-State Conference is among the most important
professional development activities that we have, especially for higher education
opportunity programs, although I’m beginning to find this is a conference
that very much should be attended by other folks on campus, not just those who
work in higher education opportunity programs. People like deans who are in
positions where they’re making decisions but they don’t have all the information
they need and in addition to that you have faculty, I’ve seen many workshops
that I, as I said I think faculty need to hear this, if they are truly to
impact their institutions. {Enrique speaking} One of the beautiful things about being part of
this network is the fact that there’s so much hope and faith and this willingness
to fight and keep going for all of these students who really really need the
services in college to be successful. {Alexis Marie speaking} For new counselors, I encourage you to
come to the Tri-State Consortium because it’s just a great way to get not only
the best practices that you can, but a way to open your eyes to different
things that you may not have thought of, because we have, every now
and again there’s a tunnel vision that we fail to break out of and the
Tri-State Consortium challenges those ideals and allows us to open our mind to
other possibilities. {Shirley speaking} My name is Shirley De Peño, I’m the director of a CUNY college success initiative. One of the things about the Leadership Institute that I really enjoyed was
meeting different people and talking about different leadership styles. I
think while the presentations and the projects that we had students last day
was difficult because it was a lot to do in such a short amount of time, it really
models what we do at work in terms of having to pull things together rather quickly. I think at the end of the day when you’re able to pull something off
and you’re able to do it successfully, like we did today, you really appreciate
Institute’s like this, that allow you to work with people and allow you to grow
and to stretch and to come out of your comfort zone and to do just a really
good job that you can all be proud of. {Glenn speaking} Well we expanded the Institute to add a day to it. We did a few things to take them out of their comfort zone because
one of our premises is that leadership is dangerous and part of the danger of
stepping up is that you get exposed because you’re out of your comfort zone.
Our theme was adaptive leadership which means leadership is not based upon your position it’s a position you take. For keynotes and bonus expert interviews visit www.tri-stateconsortium.com. {Logo appears to end of video}

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