2017 Profit Sharing Contribution

2017 Profit Sharing Contribution

Hello, this is Tonn Ostergard, CEO of Crete
Carrier. It’s just my pleasure to give you the weekly
update this week and share a little bit of information going on with the business. First of all, I’m very proud and excited to
announce that at the end of this year again we will be contributing $8 million to the
company profit sharing plan to the benefit of all of our employees, particularly all
of our great drivers out there. This is always gratifying to me to share the
fruits of the success of the organization with all of those that made it happen. Again, thank you. I also wanted to just let you know that it
is open enrollment for our health insurance is getting ready of occur. You can anticipate in the range of about a
3-4% increase in your premium contributions depending on the level of coverage you have. I think you would all agree that is a significant
lower cost than what probably most plans around the country are experiencing and again it’s
a reflection of our efforts to help manage our costs and provide all of you the very,
very best benefits that we can for you and your family. Those are two bits of great news that I wanted
to share with all of our drivers out there. Just from an overall general business standpoint,
boy we still continue to see our business very strong. I would tell you that there is some moderation
as business is getting back to a little bit more normal levels after the hurricanes have
subsided. Certainly after the Harvey and Irma hurricanes
in both… hitting both Gulf coasts as well as Florida that disrupted business and created
a significant amount of inbound into those markets. It still exists but it’s stabilized a lot
more. Now we are dealing with some of the challenges
with the wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, but just in general I would tell you our business
is very strong and I fully expect it to continue to be so. Probably downturn we will see is just right
there around Thanksgiving for a few days, and then it will pick right back up right
until Christmas. So between now and really the end of the year,
I think we’re going to see business very strong and we expect it in 2018 as well. So, thanks for all you do. I’m very proud of all of our drivers out there. Thanks for a good 2017 and our profit sharing
payment reflects our appreciation for your contributions to the year. Thanks again for all you do and be safe.

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