2017 Junior Fellows Summer Intern Program

2017 Junior Fellows Summer Intern Program

>>From the Library of
Congress in Washington, D.C. [ Music ]>>Amalia Castaneda:
My favorite part of being a Junior Fellow I think
is just access to the resource of the Library, from lectures, to
the people here at the Library, having the chance to pick the
brains of curators and specialists. And also sort of mingling
among other fellows that will also be specialists
in their field one day. So I think having access to that
network is my favorite part.>>Jessica Abbazio: My favorite part of being a Junior Fellow is
all the tours and the events that we’ve gotten to participate in. I really enjoyed the presentations
in the National Library Service for the Blind because of the impact. Meeting Dr. Carla Hayden
was probably the highlight of the entire experience.>>Justina Moloney: The
opportunity to get to work with Veterans’ Collections
every day, that’s really honestly the dream,
getting to do it 40 hours a week for ten weeks really
is something brand new.>>Julia Jimenez: One of
the things I got to find in the Manuscript Division was
one of the original court document from the Dred Scott case. It was in an unprocessed box
in the Montgomery Blair papers.>>Wister Hitt: The Prints and Photographs Division had some
absolutely stunning pictures, photographs, prints. And the coolest thing
I got to see was going through all the Supreme Court
portraits, group pictures, and shots, just as the progression of time you see the
difference in the Justices. That was really cool to see a visual
representation of change over time.>>Irene Lule: The coming here and seeing the challenges
facing the Library and how I, as a professional, can go and
help solve those challenges and contribute solutions
has been great for me. And so taking that experience and
going back to my home institution and growing professionally has
been really awesome and just to challenge myself in a
different area has been great.>>Justina Jimenez: I think that
this program really allowed me to expand what I knew, what
I thought that I could do, and learn new skills along the way.>>Zachary Sanders: You know,
I’ve lived in Washington for three years now and I’ve
known that the Library existed. Had my reader’s card
for a couple of years but just never really opened my
eyes to the depth of material that the library has and the level
of accessibility that there is.>>Jessica Abbazio: So I would
just advise future Junior Fellows to take advantage of everything
there is available in D.C. This is such a rich cultural area
that there’s so many things that you can learn, and do,
and see while you’re here. So absolutely try to do that.>>Amalia Castaneda: I’ll
be motivating more people from my institution to apply.>>Justina Moloney: Getting to
work at the Library of Congress and getting to always carry that
with me that I got to do what I love with collections that I love here. [ Music ]>>This has been a presentation
of the Library of Congress. Visit us at loc.gov.

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