2017 Data Impact Fellows

2017 Data Impact Fellows

Data Impact is so important for us because
there is so much data out there but it’s really about getting people to use the data in an
effective way in order to make the impact that we want to see in policy areas, government
departments etc My name’s Dr Dharmi Kapadia and I’m a research
associate at the ESRC centre on dynamics of ethnicity.
My name is Bram Vanhoutte and I’m a research fellow in sociology at the University of Manchester.
I’m Rachel Oldroyd from the University of Leeds. I’m a part-time teaching fellow in
the School of Geography and I’m also a part-time PhD researcher in the consumer data research
centre. These are leading experts in their research
fields and we want them to use this data that we have within the UK Data Service to make
that impact accessible to the wider public. My research looks at Polish post-accession
migration. I look at the influence of the acquisition
of information through the Internet for voting behaviour.
What’s exciting about the UK Data Service Data Impact Fellows is that they all come
from different institutions. They are all studying and researching different subjects
and they all have very exciting projects going on. I’m looking at how natural environments impact human well being. My research focuses on how different life paths result in different outcomes. To me impact means changing the lives or real people out on the street. So I’ve tried to build
this into my research designs to constantly engage with the local Polish communities in
Greater Manchester to see whether this research matters to them and how I can address a need
that’s vital to their community. To get data, first of all, is not that difficult.
To get good data though, is hard. I think it’s particularly important that we
think about how this research can be used to benefit people. Today’s been fab, it’s been great meeting the other fellows and really inspiring actually. It’s been great to hear more about what the other fellows think about impact, how we can
use the UK Data Service and how they will support us in increasing the impact of our

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