2017 Brave New Fellowship Recruitment Video • BRAVE NEW FILMS

2017 Brave New Fellowship Recruitment Video • BRAVE NEW FILMS

I became interested in the brave new
films fellowship because of the work that brave new films does on social
justice issues and using video and documentaries short videos as a way to
communicate what’s going on in society brave new films is a social justice
organization that uses film to make a positive change in the world and I
wanted to be in that kind of space with people who were not only activists but
also artists it offers a unique opportunity to marry filmmaking and
social justice you get to work with a ton of amazingly talented people and you
know you get to learn the ins and outs of a non-profit which is something that
not everyone has experience in this is a really good way to bridge both social
justice and media and I wanted to be a part of that you get a chance to meet
other people other people in the industry who come here and kind of give
talks and talk about their work or what they’ve done before and just being able
to interact with all these people in the industry that in itself is also a good
reason to to want to come to this fellowship every month someone in the industry
comes as a guest speaker and talks about their experience of how they got into
the industry they provide advice to the fellows and the interns the number one
adjective I would use to describe someone who is the perfect fit for the
fellowship program would be passionate and whether you’re passionate about
filmmaking or social justice you should really really care deeply about what you
do and feel committed to it not only when you’re here at work but also in
your day to day life I think the best fit for the Fellows Program would be
someone who is very self-directed who can take on a lot of tasks and move
seamlessly through them and be able to take on different possibilities someone
that does want to do social justice and that has social justice as part of their
life and it’s important to them and someone that also wants to be creative
and have a lot of ideas people should definitely apply to be a fellow because
you learn a lot I mean you’re in a different space with different people
doing different things that maybe you haven’t done before it’s a really good
opportunity to learn a lot more from so many different folks that are in
different fields and different areas

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